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Frank_Sandbeans commented on a post in r/television
spidletonTspidles 81 points

Agreed, that might have paved the way for lawyer's to risk a little more up front. But the parent company of this rag looks to have reasonably deep pockets. Unfortunately Aziz probably doesn't have backing like Hogan. When a billionaire decides to bankroll your lawsuit to play out a proxy war, you can take down something like Gawker, if not you're risking airing a lot more dirty laundry, and possibly bankrupting yourself in the process.

Frank_Sandbeans 2 points

Good points. Also, the minority owner of the parent company of Babe is Newscorp, which has some VERY deep pockets. Not to mention, that while Aziz might have a case for defamation, the PR backlash that would come along with a lawsuit would only make things significantly worse for him. This is a no-win situation, unfortunately. Best just ride it out.

Gnsweetprince -41 points

Yes yes it is. Of course this post would climb up on reddit. Every libtard is so eager to stick it to trump so they are quick to jump on circle jerks like this thinking they are actually resisting or doing something to hurt him lol

Frank_Sandbeans 18 points

What a hateful little comment.

Frank_Sandbeans commented on a post in r/Jeep
vgullotta -12 points

He shouldn't have tried towing it with the owner sitting in the driver's seat, as that is for sure illegal in any state... I think this was staged.

Frank_Sandbeans 21 points

Nah, this is Lincoln Towing in Chicago. They'll tow anything, anytime, anywhere, legal or not. They illegally towed a moving truck last week.

Frank_Sandbeans commented on a post in r/Music
Photonomicron 40 points

You probably would like more Outlaw Country than you realise. The stuff on country radio today has less to do with country music than hard rock radio has to do with country music.

Frank_Sandbeans 10 points
Frank_Sandbeans commented on a post in r/Birmingham
Frank_Sandbeans 39 points

Unless criminal charges are filed, this asshole will never drop out the senate race. He's proved twice before that he has no regard for authority, what most would deem morally right, or the law itself.

Frank_Sandbeans commented on a post in r/movies
Bad_Opinions_ 281 points

I can't even work myself up the confidence to get to the nice weather bit, let alone the dick out later and jack it bit.

Frank_Sandbeans 9 points

Being famous breeds a level of confidence and/or lack of self-awareness most of us could never even grasp. This might include, but is not limited to, whipping your hog out in front of women you just met.

Frank_Sandbeans commented on a post in r/malelivingspace
sheeeeeez 2 points

yep. can't find a cool looking one I like though.

Frank_Sandbeans 2 points
theworldisntbad 7 points

Looks like you can still order it though.


Frank_Sandbeans 3 points

That's a bingo! Edit: Keep an eye on the price, which they occasionally drop. I copped mine for $199 in May.

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