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Sounds hateful maybe they should be banned.

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I'm about to visit America... Reddit isn't helping me feel excited about this

Just go to a big coastal city and you'll never see any of those types

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get president trump.

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I love this nonsense. NYC reeks of piss and costs a fortune to do anything. SF is packed with homeless. There's literally shit and needles all over the city. Nobody but apple and Google engineers can afford rent. These are the smart people who know how to live better than everyone else.

It was there the other day.

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It's obnoxious to google up now that the sex allegations are front page. But his time on the Ken Starr team involved a host of ethics violations, his time in the Bush Admin was riddled with Constitutional violations, and his time on the bench as an appeallate judge involved a number of highly questionable rulings and statements.

Considering this guy is supposed to replace Kennedy, a staunch 4th and 5th amendment defender, this sort of thing

At his 2006 confirmation hearing, Senator Dick Durbin and I asked about his knowledge of several Bush-era scandals, including warrantless wiretapping, torture and detainee treatment. Judge Kavanaugh testified that he had no knowledge of such issues until he read about them in the newspaper. But a year after his confirmation, press reports indicated that he had participated in a heated discussion in the White House over the legality of detainee policies.

is deeply troubling.

It's just not troubling enough to stale his nomination, because it doesn't involve a naked woman.

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Press reports indicated? As in there's no proof. You say checkered like the guy is a meth dealer then your proof is the weakest blather ever.

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They had nothing on the guy until now.

Not actually true. But I won't bother arguing with a Kavanaugh die-hard.

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If it's not true tell me what the truth is. You had the time to type that's not true but no time to post the correct fact that backs it up.

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The economy is good but my pay didn't tripple. Must mean conservatives are stupid. That's quite a hot take from a lazy idiot.

Stop using DDG. Use startpage. It's not as convenient as ddg's !bangs and the image search is terrible but it also wasn't set up by a guy whose last gig was an offshoot of collecting/posting people's email addresses.

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People can't do something good after doing something bad? DDG works really well. I don't care what "the guy" did. It would be pretty ironic for a trans person to suggest that people can't change.

Why would it? Physical changes and mental changes aren't comparable. But anyway, I don't see any definitive proof it is as privacy focused as it claims it is and it not being fully open source is at best either sketchy or lazy.

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Go google White American Family. Then search the image results for any other search engine. That's enough reason to use anything else. DDG works that's why I use it.

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Forcing a trans person to suffer through puberty is dangerous and immoral. She has just as much a right to HRT as she does a flu vaccine.

Trans=/=homosexual. Many of us are heterosexual.

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How exactly do you suffer through puberty? It's puberty not the Vietnam war.

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Well if you're a dude, image how you'd feel if you suddenly grew a vagina or something, or your balls vanished or whatever? That's what puberty to a trans kid feels like.

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If the natural life cycle of your anatomy is horrifying you should probably start therapy.

It's just a fetish get over it.

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To start off you’re wrong. According to a 2017 Gallup poll 64% of Americans support gay marriage. That number is continually going up.

Hillary and her husband are known for telling people what they want to hear. They were opposed to gay marriage when the public was. As perception shifted they were more open about supporting it. I think it’s foolish to argue a dyed in the wool liberal doesn’t support gay marriage. But whatever man.

And opposing gay marriage is most certainly rooted in feeling that gays are unworthy and “wrong”. And that is ultimately rooted in contempt bordering on hatred.

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Thanks for reminding me why I didn't vote for that spineless slime ball.

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This is just bizarre. Hillary was an extreme advocate for gays during her campaign. I didn’t vote for her for other reasons, but it’s idiotic to pretend she’s anti gay.

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Even SNL was making fun of her. She read the same canned marriage is between a man and a woman speech right until her presidential campaign.

She opposed gay marriage until the party told her not to.

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Moderator of r/RightwingLGBT, speaking officiallyOriginal Poster17 points · 2 days ago

Are you getting the band back together?

Prager did a YouTube video about the difference between a leftist and a liberal.

Did they gas all the hot ones? Was she all that was left?

So give me a million bucks and go live in s one bedroom apartment with five people Jim. If it's so damned good then you go first.

Twenty bi teen sounds like a pornhub video title.

Let's compete to see who can get banned from a DNC event the fastest.

Is it too early to congratulate the winners?

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If you're already on a watch list you have to compete for style points in the championship bracket.

This is a mostly manufactured battleground for leftists. Keep in mind for every time you hear about trans issues this is a population that's .0001 of people being magnified a million times by leftists. They invented a civil rights battle ground to fight over.

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It’s higher than that among kids because they’re so impressionable. Unfortunately.

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Yes nobody is yet admitting that it's inflated by leftist propaganda. They're telling all boys their masculinity is toxic and then pretending they don't underetsnd why boys are becoming trans women at drastically increasing rates.

Love those stupid autoplay videos.

The Hill is the worst when it comes to ads, freaking brutal

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They only seem to play when I'm sitting somewhere I don't want my phone blaring noise.

Duck duck go is a great search engine. Microsoft and Libreoffice make office document software. Apple makes a good phone OS.

Google is a giant advertising company. Do what you can to not use their products if you don't like the companies actions.

White power?

Masculine norms shifted for me when I accepted being bi. I'm still a masculine guy but I don't care about "looking masculine". I don't care if something I do seems non masculine to someone else.

I've used them both and didn't like either.

Just a reminder to use Duck Duck Go for search. It's getting better every day and they don't skew your results.

I just tell people I don't want to hear about their damned politics. If they want to have a beer and talk politics one on one fine. If a group is out doing something why tolerate one idiot that won't shut up about politics. Tell them to knock it off a d quit being that wierdo that can't stop talking about politics.

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