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new york media about to castrate the darnold

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If anyone, blame Crowell. Guy scored a TD wiped the ball with his ass and threw it to the crowd. I may be overreacting but that had to get into the heads of the Cleveland players in some way.

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Not trying to overreact here, but Baker Mayfield may be the greatest quarterback of all time.

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It's a real shame they traded away their HOF wide receiving counterpart a few days back

Giants. Can't do it on my phones app. But I meant no disrespect, that second half was just as exciting as the Green Bay where Rodgers went down and back in. I only hope the best for Mayfield

Nice try, Josh. I’m not dropping him.

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God damnit Brandon, I still don't understand why you don't think Samaje Perine for Tarik Cohen is fair

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Younger family member recording their grandparents???

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It isn't. What really is bad for you is being still for long periods of time. The human body was designed to be moving almost constantly. There are very few movements or positions that are actually harmful to you, but being stationary for too long strains muscles and tissues and that's what develops into painful injuries or ailments. Sitting on your butt and slouching all day makes use of some muscles but neglects other and that develops into an imbalance.

Source: physiotherapy student.

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So you're saying my friends shouldn't be making fun of me for being weird and standing up when I play fortnite?

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Please do not equate these two together. The origins of the term India traces back thousands of years. Whole different ball game

That's why I said it creates confusion!!!

PS: I'm Indian

PS²: I'm "Indian" Indian

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What confusion? My joke clearly made reference to the Louisiana purchase. Contextual clues should be more than enough to distinguish who I was making reference to.

I highly doubt someone read that and thought, "wait, how did people an ocean away in Asia, somehow lose in a land trade between a European country and America?"

Lol in your first reply, you say you believe both terms native Americans and Indians are stupid as the residing people before arrival of euros never called themselves that. Here, I mistook your "ignorance" of both the terms as you're relating Indians of India with native Americans in the same sentence. You see, it creates confusion. That prompted my reply,

The name India wasn't given to Indians by the people living there either.

If you really don't understand where I'm coming from, then leave it. You're not worth my time. And I get the "for the context" part.

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Ahhh, I think I get where you're coming from. Do you mean that here, when I said,

Becuase I see native Americans on the same level of ignorance as Indians.

You mistook my use of Indian for those living in the country of India as opposed to the "American" Indian I was referring to.

If that's the case, yep, shit is confusing. Because I was writing with a narrow scope, the nation of India was not on my mind, but now that I'm rereading it with the context in my mind, it does come off confusing.

My bad man.

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Friends these days... lmao

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Lol. It's tinder bro. They were never friends and chances are (based on the context), they've never met.

This is a conversation between two people that was only initiated because they saw five pictures of each other and thought about smashing.

I'm talking about those friends who take your phone without permission and start talking about vegans to a random person on tinder lol, it happens everytime

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Ooohhh... True. I see that now

Hot Chubb Time Machine

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How perfect. A time machine is almost necessary for chubb to be roster-able

Lol. Better than when I find a post here to something on Amazon and after further research learning that it's not a deal

Absolutely do this.

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He might do it after I sent him the video of Flash catchin balls with the Pats today...

The guy is speculating. Irregardless of how big of a fan the dude is, this is clearly a one-sided trade that won't be given any thought to.

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Trade Lamar Miller and Emmanuel Sanders for AJ Green?

EDIT: 12-team standard. I’ve got Zeke and Conner at RB, Davante and Sanders at WR, Tevin Coleman at FLEX. Bench is Corey Davis, Baldwin, Goodwin, Godwin, Kerryon, Carson and Miller.

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Nah, roll with who you got. You're thinking too much

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82 points · 2 days ago

You guys were top 5-7 last year and added a premier edge player. Not a huge surprise they’re still performing.

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And Roquan Smith looked beastly last night. Week 12 is going to be a nightmare against my giants

No, he didn't. The Seahawks were specifically leaving him unblocked and his nose was where it was suppose to be, but he wasn't finishing plays.

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37 points · 1 day ago

The top three answers here are the epitome of this sub

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Well, that's because it's fantasy football. Some people choose to call themselves 'experts' but frankly, none of us know what the fuck is actually going on.

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because their WRs are suspect at best, carr is suspect at best, i figure a big man over the middle is what they need. i'm in on cook right now. would like to see 6 catches next couple weeks to confirm that

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because their WRs are suspect at best

You better hide this before the Cooper owners see it

There's always ad cards and joker's you can usually use. But its very interesting.

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Dare I say, mildly interesting?

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It was low-key like the exact opposite of a crusade...

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Eh. Was it really that different though?

Martin Luther's 95 thesis set off the chain of events that ultimately, just like the crusades, lead to revolts and massacres, most notably, the most destructive conflict in European history before the holocaust, littered with horrors like the St Barthelomew Day massacre

The only difference that I see is that Luther did not have the intentions for violence to break out for the sake of religion.

2 points · 2 days ago

So the principles of the events don't matter, it's the fact they caused conflict? That's like saying Jesus and Hitler are almost the same person... actually you did almost exactly that but with Martin Luther and Hitler. Almost every big event in history can be linked to people ultimately dying, that is a very low bar to reach, although I recognize how big the conflict was to other events by comparison, death is just too much of a broad theme in history to say they are alike because they caused it.

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All I'm saying is that you called the protestant reformation the exact opposite of crusades. The historical differences between the two are not as large as you made it seem, albeit my general statement.

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But after it's read, aren't the hands than washed and clean?

All of human existence is within that table

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So the flat earthers were right?

Can't have soldiers using a safe substance like cannabis that has never killed anyone & has a safer lethal dose level than water. Better shame them as they commit atrocities in our name & drive them towards fucking heroin.

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Lol. You ever see the videos of the young soldiers smoking weed out of a shotgun?

I know the gun is unloaded and it's safe, but as someone who's been raised my whole life to have respect for gun safety, I can't help but feel nervous everytime I see it

Wasn't it moon-sized, though?

And I'd say the engineer that designed a weapon that can obliterate a planet would probably think ahead and install a hella fast transportation system..

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And unlike a planet where you can only move around on the surface, cutting directly through the Death Star is an option and cuts down the distance needed to travel.

In fairness. We’re rapidly driving polar bears extinct with global warming.

I’d be shocked if Mammoths have a strong shelf life.

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I'm pretty sure there is this giant freezer the size of a football stadium in Saudi Arabia that's used exclusively as a skiing mountain.

They'll find a way

Hell no brother, we don’t want your 5th round picks

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Jokes on y'all since the conditions for the pick would probably require 8000 receiving yards and if not met having the pick returned

Last week, went up against the guy with Greg Olsen. He's rocking Kittle now.

This week, went against the dude who had Walker. He's rolling with Jared Cook.

206 points · 2 days ago

That could be a throwaway negotiation point that they don't really expect to get. It's their version of "starting high" and something their willing to give up so they can meet in the middle.

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Ahhh, like the classic Leonard Fournette for Alfred Blue trades that I've been getting in fantasy

Dare I say it? News for my fellow Howard owners ...

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2 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

Well, I won by 6 ~pints~ points with Wilson, Howard and the Chichago D in my roster so I was pretty happy.

I guess this is what the cherry on top tastes like

Edit- beer in the mind, beer on the thumbs... Gotta love $5 pitchers with wings and MNF

I won by .6 with CHI D and Burton. That last SEA TD gave me unnecessary stress

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That shovel pass to Burton in the first half was beautiful. Just like the Seattle defense, I didn't know what was going on until after the play finshed.

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