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pork_sausage 2 points

The pulp art on this video to go along with this cut is so perfect, even though it makes zero sense to the context of the song genre. I imagine something more like this when I hear this track.

Edited: to make sense

Funky--Monk 3 points

Cool photo! i'll use a similar theme for one of my videos this week

pork_sausage 1 point

I love all your videos man. You got all the deep cuts that make me go down the rabbit hole and discover new shit i've never heard of. I would love to see what imagery you would match up with a cut like Brian Bennett "Solatice" or some more obvious stuff like "125th St. Congress".

Dope shit dude. Keep em comin.

Funky--Monk 1 point

Killer Track! Definitely posting solatice soon

acordapt 2 points

Thanks for sharing, that's relaxing asf. Do you know some similar artists to Matthew?

Funky--Monk 3 points
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