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Today i boiled an orange. It was really good actually! Really sweet!

I have seen a wet elephant before and it was not obsidian black, something is fucky here.

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Different types of elephant maybe

I'm unfamiliar with that phrasing, "capable to meet the eye".

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It reminds me of translating latin to English in school. Sounds really weird and formal

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This is really stressing me out for some reason

Hey I just threw a sign.

Guess I'm in a gang now.

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But did you do it in a courtroom after beating up an innocent old man?

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Oh please.

Let's not pretend there weren't a whole bunch of regular citizens who claimed to be upset about the deficit and taxes and all that nonsense when Obama was president and then suddenly don't give a fuck anymore now that Trump is president.

They didn't need Koch dollars to be hypocrites. They would have done it for free.

Reddit keeps trying to pin all this shit on a few bad actors. Kochs, Mercers, whatever super wealthy people we can identify. They aren't mind-controlling people. You can't dump 100 billion into funding a mass suicide movement and expect people to join. People don't join things just because they have money. They join things because they like the idea. People liked the Tea Party. The Tea Party produced many candidates who ousted establishment Republicans backed by big money.

Trying to lay this all at the feet of a few billionaires is part of the reason we're in this mess. You and other redditors refuse to see/admit that this is a societal problem in which 40-50% of Americans are just that dumb.

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Yeah but they needed koch money to organize in such a massive way

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Why don't you just drink hot water to trick your stomach into thinking its full of food?

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Wait does this actually work?

Sadly I’ve never had the pleasure of eating a perogi

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Frozen food isle at the grocey store probs has them

At any point, an asteroid could hit the earth and wipe out all life. Do you really want to regret not eating that mother fucking delicious chocolate chip cookie ice cream?

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Thats a dangerous game friendo

Ain't no party like a boat on international waters party!

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Aint no party like scranton party cuz a scranton party dont stop

Yes! Glad someone else recognized her.

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Seriously??? This is a really niche meme...

I can't decide if this was made by one of the glorious artists among the Majority Report audience or if it's from a member of Old Man Racist Nation.

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Its probably something a majority report fan made as a joke... i hope

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Tumblr is not really known for being antifeminists. Neither does Reddit I think

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Reddit has some very prominant areas where they are very outspokenly against feminism/"SJW's"

9gag and 4chan in a nutshell

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not all nazis were antisemites, though of course many were.

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I guess it depends on what you mean by nazi. Im pretty sure all the actual party members were anti semitic. Maybe some of the soldiers werent but they were definitely complacent.

Should I put a yellow Judan star on my username?

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casually implying that Trump supporters on Reddit are akin to Jews in Nazi Germany

boo hoo T_D boo hoo your feelings no one cares.

fight me irl pussi

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Interesting fact: Gladiators very rarely died in the arena because they were essentially expensive athletes, and no one wants to spend a ton of money training an athlete to have them die in a fight (they also weren't generally slaves, they were there of their own volition). The whole idea that they were trained to kill, or forced to fight where they didn't want to, and kill/spare the losing party with the motion of a thumbs up or a thumbs down, was essentially created by Hollywood. In reality, gladiators lived very full, well paid-for lives.

Next on interesting facts: The people who built the pyramids weren't slaves, and honestly, would you trust slaves to build something that grand for you, and not booby trap it?

Edit: Dropped a word, have since picked it up and put it back.

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Source for your claim that gladiators werent slaves and rarely died????

idk, in my experience a skeptic would probably say "I wonder if there's a correlation between race and IQ? Identity politics suck!"

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Maybe a member of the youtube "skeptic" community would say that but they arent really good skeptics

Nah it is a stereotype

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Its not an actual sterotype though, its just a caricature of what feminists supposedly think

All stereotypes are caricatures

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No my point is that the stereotype that men are rapists is not an actual stereotype. The real stereotype is that certain people think that feminists think that is a stereotype.

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The Lightening McQueen crocks flair completes this.

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