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-6 points · 3 days ago

So the fuck what if they know where I am? They provide me relevant information constantly because of it.

Transparency is nice but if ya know ya know, just ask pushhh.

Im shocked the Asus 302 and Samsung Pro havent been a top priority. They were two of the most popular chromebooks out there

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Wayyyy fewer of those models have sold because of their expense and recent release.

More people use R11s than S Pros/Plus, 302s, Pixelbooks combined.

More love. Less greed. No cheetos in office.

Oops I thought this was about the hamster from Overwatch.

PUBG Mobile is more fun than Fortnite on PC. They're also not gonna make it Samsung- exclusive for more than 14 days.

Move to somewhere in the USA near a Chick-Fil-A! It will bring you eternal joy!

I'm not a fan of HP's anything lately. I've had better luck with Asus and Acer. Samsung's Chromebooks are great too.

Do you see Kanye a lot? I hear he likes Jackson and Holes.

Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

I’ve seen him around. He and I both love a particular restaurant here, and I run into him there from time to time.

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What is his favorite thing on the menu? Macaroni and Yeez?


13 points · 2 months ago

As you approach the speed of light, time for you relative to a stationary observer slows down. At the speed of light it stops so you arrive at your destination instantly (to you). Of course nothing with mass can travel at the speed of light, so it's impossible to experience this.

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Aliens can travel at C, and they have mass. It has to be possible.

How do we let the Chinese Gov sweep this under the rug while we know it to be a travesty? Is there truly no justice?

Wow, life must be great for people who can afford nice clothes and coffee and aren't completely fucking stuck. I'm so motivated.

-23 points · 2 months ago

Smoked meat causes cancer. Damn tasty tho.

Somewhere in between Rayman and Banjo Kazooie they should have made this motherfucker a game.

10.6k points · 2 months ago

Don't rape. If you have unimaginable wealth and power, still don't rape.

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241 points · 2 months ago

Not to detract, definitely don't rape people but:

Nothing like this would be happening to him if he weren't famous.

Plenty of filthy rich people rape, etc, and get away with it because they aren't in the public eye. Unimaginable wealth absolutely allows people to get away with all sorts of terrible things as long as he/she is careful.

I suggest we not speak as if this problem is solved. We got Cosby and Weinstein. There are thousands more to get...

to be fair, it's not happening to him because he's famous, it's happening because his victims are famous. And I'm glad they are. This was a great way to shock the public into action. Now fewer of those filthy rich assholes are getting away with shit because of all the victims of Weinstein and his ilk spoke out. Their stories have normalized something positive.

That's maybe a thing we can bear in mind next time some dipshit on the internet says "why can't they just stick to acting". Because celebrity can be used to help people. The fact that everyone listens to them can, in fact, be a good thing. People on Reddit like to demonize celebrity worship, but if nobody gave a crap about Alyssa Milano or Rose McGowan of Ashley Judd then this guy would still be raping young actresses.

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Absolutely. It's truly excellent that they leveraged that attention for justice.

What I really wanted to elaborate was my observation that this "Spring of Predators brought to Justice" seems to only apply to very recognizable people, currently. There are plenty unrecognizable people who are being hurt and exploited and we need 1. Not to forget about them. And 2. To develop a better system of dealing with this ongoing crisis.

Dad is a state trooper.

He said it’s just not worth the paperwork for stoners. They’re very rarely doing anything to endanger others/themselves, and walking around being giggly and annoying isn’t a crime. A group any larger than 2/3 isn’t worth wrangling, and very rarely will a small group call any attention to themselves, anyway.

He’s pulled people over and discovered weed on them before, instead of ticketing them he just had them crumble and scatter the weed on the side of the road. You lose money/the weed, he doesn’t need to write a ticket, it all works out.

Edit to add: he agreed with cops at concerts. They’re there for fights, drinking, and hard drugs. Easier charges, actual danger.

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Props to your dad for being understanding. Ive seen state troopers opt to ruin lives because someone had a gram in the car/on their person's.

Comment deleted3 months ago

Good points, but the Nestle thing is a poor example... Nestle sorta does have chocolate slave water baby factories.

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