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heavyblossoms 12 points

Dad is a state trooper.

He said it’s just not worth the paperwork for stoners. They’re very rarely doing anything to endanger others/themselves, and walking around being giggly and annoying isn’t a crime. A group any larger than 2/3 isn’t worth wrangling, and very rarely will a small group call any attention to themselves, anyway.

He’s pulled people over and discovered weed on them before, instead of ticketing them he just had them crumble and scatter the weed on the side of the road. You lose money/the weed, he doesn’t need to write a ticket, it all works out.

Edit to add: he agreed with cops at concerts. They’re there for fights, drinking, and hard drugs. Easier charges, actual danger.

Futtermax 2 points

Props to your dad for being understanding. Ive seen state troopers opt to ruin lives because someone had a gram in the car/on their person's.

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Futtermax 40 points

My friend convinced me to try Tinder. I immediately found my wife.

Her friend had just convinced her to do the same.

Octillio 3 points

Was this a pina colada situation?

Futtermax 1 point

I suppose so lol. But she doesn't like coconuts so I eat all the coconut goods.

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Futtermax 0 points

I've been using CloudReady for years and I love it. Neverware just acquired Flint OS too, another Chromium project.

I recommend!

Chromebooks have SSD storage and will be noticeably faster than any device you "hodgepodge" into a Chromebook, though. (Unless you happen to have a spare laptop that also has SSD storage.)

Also note that Chromebooks now support Android Applications, but CloudReady does not!

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corvus_curiosum 11 points

E = mc2

For a single hydrogen atom m = 1.67e-27 kg The speed of light c = 3e8 m/s

E = 1.5e-10 J

For reference a gallon of gasoline contains about 1.22e8 J, so significantly more, but atoms are also really tiny. There are 6.02e23 hydrogen atoms in a gram.

If we use a full gram (of anything, it's all the same in this case)

E= 0.001 kg * (3e8)2

E= 9e13 J or about 700,000 gallons of gasoline, enough to drive a decently efficient car 14,000,000 miles, about halfway to Mars, which would take 20 years of driving all day and night at 75 mph.

TLDR a gram could fuel your car for your entire life.

Futtermax 1 point

Serious question- I'm definitely missing something.

How, if these atoms have such little energy, is a nuclear warhead able to produce such a large explosion?

Is it creating a chain reaction? Splitting up a lot of uranium at once? It doesn't make sense to me that something that can barely move a fruit fly can make a city explode.

Thanks in advance for your potential answer!

space_keeper 7 points

He's explained roughly how much mass-energy there is in a gram of stuff. Nuclear fission warheads contain several kilograms of uranium.

1 atom -> slightly moving a dead fruit fly

1 kilogram -> ~1023 atoms. Ten thousand billion billion fruit flies.

The process in a fission warhead isn't totally efficient (not even close), but it does release a large portion of that energy in a very short amount of time (unlike the moderated process in a nuclear reactor, which releases the energy over a longer period).

Futtermax 1 point

Excellent! Thanks for your time!

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