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It's kinda random too. Last summer on a lark I started a channel where I was calling IRS phone scammers. I worked feverishly on it for a couple of months, made about 30 videos. When I got to 10 subscribers I was pretty happy. When I got to monetization level I was really happy. Then Youtube went through this whole monetization rework and I stopped earning money while it was being reviewed.

Long story short, I haven't uploaded a video in many months, still get 4-5 new subscribers a day (currently at around 1400). Youtube is just weird.


Here is my quandary: The current district I am serving in is small and quite literally dying. They have the lowest pay of all local districts and even if I stay there another ten years my salary will only continue to shrink in comparison to what I would be making at the other two nearby districts. Obviously, I want to get into one of those other districts. Not only do they pay more (one of them MUCH more) but they are also closer to home and have budgets that allow them to invest in technology and school improvement. The school district I am currently in can barely pay the bills.

Four days from now will be contract signing day at my current district. Both of the better-paying districts just posted new openings in my license area. If I apply for and get one of those jobs, there is a very real chance that I would need to resign from my current position one or two days into the current school year. Obviously, it would cause a huge headache for the school I am currently assigned to, having to replace me at the beginning of the school year after being in the classroom less than a handful of days. I imagine that my bridges into the particular district would be permanently burned. On the other hand, at a bare minimum it would mean a $2000 - $5000 a year raise depending on which district I go into.

Has anyone else been in a similar position and if so, what did you do or what happened?


That's called breaching a contract and you better know your rights and what's in your contract/CBA before doing thst.

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Thanks for replying. I am going to do a little digging. Right now it looks like the district I am working in has a master contract that just expired last month and stipulates that it will not be extended by oral agreement. Not sure if that means that the contract they will want me to sign on Wednesday will be binding or not. I assume you are not a lawyer so you don't have to answer :)

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Yea wtf, how do they have 100k subs. Like 100k people like those dumb ass videos enough to sub?! Mind blowing.

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My channel had it's monetization (ability to earn money from ads) shut off because I used a picture of Nelson Muntz from the Simpsons in one of my thumbnails. It's nice to know that I can replace that with a picture of me beating my daughter and everything will be fine again.

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It is a best of three which is another way of saying the first person to win 2 games wins the match. Since you have three decks (but one gets banned) that means you have two decks you are actually playing with and you have to win a game with each of those decks to win the match.

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No those rounds are best of 3 (or worded another way, first to 2 wins).

So let’s say you bring a Druid, Warlock, and Paladin.

He bans Warlock

You pick Druid game 1 and win

Now you must play Paladin 2nd game, if you win then you won the match with that guy, if you lose you play a final third game, again with Paladin.

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Ahh thanks!

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People probably read the title and assumed big dairy (is that a thing???) funded it.

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Is big dairy a thing? Let me tell you a story.

About 11 years ago there was a recipe contest in our local electric coop's monthly magazine. The contest was sponsored by some dairy association or another, can't remember the exact name, but they were national, not regional.

Anyway, my wife's recipe gets selected as a finalist. So we and 8 other couples from Indiana are given hotel rooms in Indianapolis to stay in for one night so they can have their bake off the next day. The night before the contest, the dairy association reps (3 of them) take all of the finalists (16 people) to a restaurant in Indianapolis where the bill ran around $40 - $50 per couple.

After the contest (my wife didn't win) the organizers asks us how far we drove and I told him 120 miles and he hands me a check for $120 to cover my GAS. Back then, I could have filled my car for $25.00 easily.

So when an organization that merely represents dairy farmers can dump around ten grand to hold a macaroni and cheese recipe contest, I would say that big dairy is a thing.

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Just to give you an idea. In Korea their ping is 8 or around there. It obviously depends on location but I've heard EUW is around like 30. NA can vary a lot both due to the poor internet infrastructure and the size of the region but the pros are playing at 60ish in LA.

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Wow I get 50 in Indiana lol.

I get 16 in Indiana.

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I live in the country though. The ONLY internet available here is either 4G via TMobile or a community ISP which has a max up speed of 3 megs and 1.5 down. So I have to use my TMobile data plan as my Internet. So considering I have to tether a cell phone to a mid-range computer and still get better pings than the pros is pretty sad.

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My god, the hunt for more profits is mind blowing.

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This is, truly, the American way. Corporations have an expectation from their shareholders to make as much money as possible, anyway possible. You look at companies like Warner Brothers for instance. People complain about them adding microtransactions and loot boxes to a game because it ruins the game experience. WB shareholders don't care about the experience. They expect the game to be made so that it maximizes profit, not fun. Ideally fun would be the driver of profit, but we know that is not always the case. If WB can make 20 million off a shitty game that gets 5/10 review score or 19 million off a game that gets 10/10, they will go with the first one since it makes more money.

I am not defending it, but it is a grossly simplified way of looking at capitalist economies.

The first time I installed League I had never played a MOBA before and got through the first few tutorials and decided the game was way too confusing.

A year or so later I started playing again and loved it though it took me forever to master even the basics like using keys to cast abilities instead of clicking lol.

I 80% believe that those types of posts and stories that are brought up are part of a secret campaign to keep the teaching profession looking like a joke so that the government can keep salaries low.

I've climbed from 22 to 20 with this deck, pro circuit here I come!

Seriously though, just got back into Hearthstone was looking for decks to get back into the game. Found this one, disenchanted a bunch of stuff to make it happen, been having fun! Took me a few games to get into the swing of things again but then I started rolling right along.

Klinger tried really hard to get his section 8 discharge by making people think he's crazy. He would occasionally crossdress and such. So he's a princess damnit.

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Honestly though, when he started eating the jeep he should have been discharged.

This guy is an "educator", and to me that is a dangerous word. Why do we allow people with almost zero experience in our profession to tell us that we are doing it wrong? Or give us advice?

Do Cops allow this? Doctors?

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I don't think he has been an educator for a while. He just keeps rewriting the same books with slightly different wording and speaking around the country to teachers who would rather be back in class.


The reason listed is "duplication" but all of my videos are simply me making phone calls to IRS and tech support scammers. All of the pictures in my videos are stock photos I purchased from CanStockPhoto and other places.

The only thing I can THINK might be a problem is on one of my videos I have a picture of a Simpsons character as the thumbnail. On another video I have a picture of the original Pac Man screen.

If it would simply put a little icon next to which videos were a problem, that would be okay. But now I have to make those two tiny changes, wait 30 days to reapply, then wait god knows how many more months before if I correctly guessed what they think is duplicate material?

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Are you American?

I am asking because I am also 6 foot tall and 49 years of age and my starting weight was 257 (10 pounds more than you) but my pants size is 44 while yours was only 36. Maybe if you are from a different country where they use the sensible metric system maybe that explains it.

If not, would you say that your weight was the result of mostly sugar or just overeating/sedentary life in general. I know that for me it was almost entirely due to sugar dependency so I am wondering if my waist is larger than yours because of sugar alone.

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Basically, kids were beating up staff, and special services director didn't give a rip. So, they got better jobs.

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Every parent should be required to watch that documentary on Amazon called "Am I Broken?" Maybe when a parent sees that for some teachers, having a child spit in their face over and over again, assault them, swear at them or worse is just a Tuesday for that teacher, people will start to wake up.

Is there a good curriculum for this? Am homeschool mom teaching life skills.

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There are curriculum for it but they are probably expensive and geared toward special ed classrooms.

Here is the document that Indiana uses to guide what kids in a life skills curriculum should be working on. As you can see, it is written as a continuum, meaning that under oral care it might start off with barely being able to swallow and then move up to being able to eat independently. It also has things like the ability to use the library, mail a letter, etc.

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People call it a fad diet but when I look for articles/videos on the Internet they are several years old now. I don't hear anyone talking about Atkins or The Zone or even Weight Watchers much anymore.

All I know is that there is a woman I sometimes work with. She had a host of medical issues and one day she started posting on FB about how her doctor was taking off of this med and that med. Eventually she was off all but one of her medications because her body had returned to normal because of the Keto diet.

After that, I dug into the science, reading Good Calories, Bad Calories and using my university access to read the actual journal articles relating to Keto, not some blurb in USA Today or a spot on Dr. Oz. I would watch youtube videos opposing Keto and then look for the science to back up the skeptics claims, which were almost always misrepresented - like the guy who very seriously stated that Keto causes kidney stones in children (in children!). After looking at the study he quoted, it was children who were already on a specific epilepsy medicine known to cause kidney stones and the study was done to see if Keto would lessen the occurence of them (it didn't, btw, but it didn't increase them either).

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You know, health care is a multi-billion dollar business and keto means fewer sick people for them.

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Not to mention the wheat industry. I saw that there is a documentary on Youtube called "The War On Wheat". I wonder what it could possibly be about?


1 - I have a dozen or so things in my backpack at the moment that seem to be targeted at people who actually have played the game for a while. Upgrade stones, event stones that reference NPCs and things that are completely foreign to me, etc. Is there someplace I can stash them until I actually know what they are or should I just sell them?

2 - One of the guides I watched on Youtube said that the game doesn't really start until level 50, but there are dozens of quests in my log that are outside of the main track that are also sub level 50. Should I just stick to the main track quests or is it okay to just run around looking for other stuff to do than please that stupid black cloud?

3 - Speaking of quests. Last night I was trying to do an inventory expansion quest for Clio. It took me a while to realize that I had to do the "Basic Fishing" quest before I could do the quest for Clio. However, I could not find the Basic Fishing quest anywhere in my quest journal thingy. Luckily I was able to find it by just talking to every NPC I could spot. Are some quests not visible in the quest tracker window? It also sometimes tells me I can't filter quests until level 20, why is that?

4 - The conversation mini game. Is that super important? I have been able to increase Amity levels without too much effort. Does it get harder later on?


1: Most cities have a storage and the questline should introduce you to the first two. For the Lahn seal event items though, you want to turn them in this week as you will be able to later. Right click ont eh item and click "NPC location" then get whatever and sell on the market or store (Armor stones for 2 or Scrolls for 50 are preferred)

2: The game doesn't start until 56 because your character "awakens" and gameplay changes. However, play at your own pace, and enjoy. There is nothing wrong with doing quests sub-50. Others may have different advice here but I say that if you are enjoying the quests, do them!

3: Dev design decision, if you're below 20 it's not hard to get to 20. Just play at your own pace

4: Early on, no and avoid it. Different NPCs are harder not based on level or even area. I say avoid for now because it gets easier the more "knowledge" you gain in the game which gives you more options inside the game so I recommend avoiding it until 56.

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Thanks so much!

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Highest mention of Factorio. I mean I've launched numerous rockets but played +2000 hours

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I want to play this but it never goes on sale :(

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That’s a shame. I guess everyone reacts differently to it. I got none of that. I also saw tons of reviews on amazon talking about a plastic type taste which I also didn’t get.

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Reminds me of how artificial sweeteners taste to me. All of my friends say that they can't tell a difference between Coke, Diet Coke, or Coke Zero, but when I used to drink them, the artificial ones all left a metallic aftertaste in my mouth.

Was at 256 and I am not at ~236. 200 seems so far away but unlike with some other things I have tried in the past, I am pretty sure I can make it. The last time I got down to 230 I was running every day.

Now I am almost back to 230 with no exercise. Even though I am not exercising I am still more active in general though. We were cleaning out the PTO closet at school last week and I was lifting and carrying stuff for almost 6 hours straight and I didn't really get all that tired, just annoyed really. Two months ago I could not have worked for so long.


Purchased through Steam yesterday, downloaded over night.

Launch game for first time had me register as a new user. When I did that it sat there for a while and then disappeared.

Launch game again, the Black Desert Online title shows up with the little shadow thingy going back and forth underneath of it. This goes on for about a minute then the game client launches and the first two seconds of some sort of movie plays and then the game just disappears. This is all it does now.

I verified files, checked all the VC++ stuff, updated drivers, etc. Basically did all of the stuff on their Zendesk page. That did not help.

Cannot connect to official site either. It says Connection Reset. Everything else on the Internet is fine.

So is the game just down at the moment or is it something else? All of the server status pages I looked at said it was up, but like I said, I cannot connect to the OFFICIAL forums for troubleshooting because they all say Connection Reset when I try to visit them.

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What region are you in? Are you running win7? It almost sounds like a dns issue

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North America, Windows 7.

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Ok lets try some quick test to see if its your dns. Open windows command prompt. (windows key + R and type cmd). Once command prompt opens type:


You should get something like:

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=75ms TTL=116

Reply from bytes=32 time=71ms TTL=116

Reply from bytes=32 time=68ms TTL=116

Reply from bytes=32 time=70ms TTL=116

Ping statistics for

Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

Minimum = 68ms, Maximum = 75ms, Average = 71ms

After that do a trace route of the IP


This will do a trace route from your pc to the BDO servers. I believe that IP is for everyone and not just me. Im hoping someone can chime in but this will be a good trouble shooting start.

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Everything started working about an hour after I sent in a support ticket to them. Now I just have to figure out this confusing game :)

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Been on Keto for a month or so now, started IF on Monday.

Yesterday I logged on to the Internet and started reading all my favorite sites and suddenly realized that I wasn't wearing my glasses. I went and got a book, it was still difficult, but I could read it without my glasses. I got in some brighter light and then could read it much better. An hour ago I went to the mailbox and got the paper. Read most of the front page before realizing once again that I DID NOT HAVE MY GLASSES ON.

So last month, reading any print book size or smaller I HAD to have my glasses. Now I can read pretty well without them. I don't need them for general web browsing now at all, and a game I was considering quitting playing (Star Trek Online) cause of the font size is now pretty okay, even without glasses.

After looking around on the web, vision improvements can occur in Keto diets. So glad it did cause my eyesight has been getting steadily worse over the past two years. At first I didn't mind cause I look pretty good in glasses but recently I have been pretty bummed about how I HAD to have my glasses all the time. Now I don't! I still need them for super fine print like on the side of my allergy medicine bottle, but maybe that will get better too.

Note - My vision loss started 6 years ago, I wasn't born with bad vision.


What kind of vision loss are you experiencing?

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Just old age I am assuming. I turned 44 and one day I couldn't read the labels on some medicine bottles. I got prescribed some readers and they were good for a couple of years and then I went back and my vision had gotten a little worse. It's only near stuff, I can see far away just fine, etc. I never had an actual eye doctor tell me it was anything other than just aging.

I did see this from an eye doctor on another forum:

"Tightening glucose control often leads to a reversal of the hyperopic (longsighted) or myopic (shortsighted) shift attributed to the change in lens shape as a result of elevated blood glucose. Whether you experience this as an improvement depends on your starting point.

Eg If you start already slightly longsighted and undergo a longsighted shift as a result of elevated blood glucose, then experience a shortsighted reversal as a result of tightened glucose control, you will experience this as an improvement in both your distance and reading unaided distance vision.

However, if you start already slightly shortsighted and undergo the same longsighted shift as a result of elevated blood glucose as above, then experience the same shortsighted reversal as a result of tightened glucose control as above, you will experience this as a worsening of your unaideddistance vision, but an improvement in your unaided reading vision.

More permutations exist if you consider that the initial refractive shift due to elevated glucose is not always a longsighted one as in the above examples, it can also be a shortsighted shift."


Okay, yes, I am a bronze/silver player. But I still play dozens of games of League a month, mainly support. While I really enjoy the game, it does get stale when everyone gets settled into a certain way of playing the game. So I like it when someone or something comes along and shakes things up, the more the better.

Like, if tomorrow someone was discussing how all of a sudden two junglers was not only viable but rolling over people playing the "correct" way I would be over the moon with such a big change. But from what I have seen on here, if that were to happen everyone would be crying for riot to "fix" it.

Changes in eSports related games are why I like these games. I don't watch NBA because it's always the same handful of players who go out and score a bajillion points each game. Watching the same player win week after week is not interesting to me. I like Cloud 9, but if Cloud 9 won almost every game by playing the same style every game, I wouldn't enjoy watching them any more.

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It's calories. Yes sugar plays a huge role, but at the core of weight loss is calories in/out.

It takes 3,500 calories to gain 1 pound. Unless there's a a world shattering discovery like finding out the earth isn't flat, that's just science.

500 calories of bread everyday = lose weight 3,500 calories on keto = gain weight

Keto does make you eat less, and limiting sugar does help you burn more fat faster. It would be very hard for me to eat 3,500 on keto, but very easy on a typical American diet.

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That's been the real eye opener for me. On Keto I eat sooo much less cause I am simply not as hungry. Pre-keto I could eat a 1000 calorie meal and be hungry again in less than 2 hours. Now I go 18 hours at a time without eating and it's no big deal.

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