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akiba305 3,465 points

At&t. At the time, they were the only internet provider near me (live in a rural area.) I then found a new home, and since I was still under contract, I took my internet service with me. once I'd learned that the local cable company had faster internet for the same price I decided to jump ship. Trying to get out of a contract with them was like pulling teeth.

GameVoid 1 point

A long time ago when smartphones were starting to become a thing, I had a phone that was technically a smartphone, but a crappy one even back then. I never used it for internet or anything because it was a flip phone with like a postage stamp sized screen but since it had a "browser" on it, AT&T still considered in a smart phone.

Anyway, they add a data plan to my line without my consent. I call them up and have them cancel it. Repeat this process every month for almost a year where they add a data plan to my account that I never wanted, never needed, couldn't even really use if I had one.

Also, any time I went into an AT&T store for even a minor issue it was always a 2 hour ordeal.

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Ruckus293 174 points

Sort of. Wages have grown, just not as much as they should. Owner of a trucking company, I have a little background in these matters. The industry is in a rut because of a lack of drivers which one would assume would mean wages would go up, however there are some major factors affecting this:

1) shippers aren’t willing to pay the additional money. Trucking is an extremely small margin industry, companies cannot eat a wage increase, we’re looking at profits in the low single digits. Until a company driver can make $75k comfortably without running HARD then this will never change. It’s a societal issue; are you willing to pay more for all of the goods you use daily so that a truck driver can make a better wage? In our day of cheap deals and Amazon etc the market has already decided.

2) quality of drivers. There are a lot of good drivers out there, but there are a lot of bad ones too, and since truck driving isn’t exclusive like other trades (apprenticeships that weed out the slackers and train the survivors) it is up to the hiring company to take a risk when hiring.

3) low ballers. There are companies out there that will lowball large contracts. Which isn’t sustainable for them, but if you’re competing on lanes you have to be willing to play ball. There is more nuance to this as far as freight contracts work, but that’s for another day. Hopefully switching to Electronic Logs will wipe most of these companies out. They used to be able to run 2 logbooks (which was still illegal) that allowed them to run longer hours and better schedules, but nothing gets past the ELD’s.

4) it’s not sexy. Other trades you can begin right out of high school or in BOCES, for trucking to run interstate you need to be 21. This means someone has to give up on another path before pursuing a driving job. There is no allure to driving. The industry desperately needs another Smokey and the Bandit.

There is some hope. Safety has increased exponentially. Electronic logs make sure you aren’t running drivers ragged, trucks are getting safer (proximity sensors, abs, traction control, disk brakes). Companies are working smarter and putting an emphasis on driver development (at least we are and I know I’m not alone). Training is a regular occurrence and veterans take rookies under their wing for an extended period. There’s also an transformation on the atmosphere, our biggest competition is the driver market, we try do do everything we can to ensure their comfort that’s within reason, such as new trucks (average fleet age is 17 months), great home time (2 night during the week plus weekends), and a strong support network back at hq on a personal and professional level.

GameVoid 1 point

Are you saying that the number of truck drivers went up because of the Smokey and the Bandit movie? That would be interesting if true.

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HarpoMarks 2,182 points

This works with a spouse too

GameVoid 16 points

Woke up early one morning to play Ultima Online for an hour or so before having to go work while wife was still in bed.

Went to a dungeon that is usually crawling with Player Killers, figured it would be less dangerous due to the early hours.

Three minutes into the dungeon get jumped by a PK gang and die.

Spend the rest of my bonus gaming time walking my ghost back to town.

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SnazzyRo 78 points

Considering trees don’t grow like this but from the tips upward, this makes more sense tbh

GameVoid 17 points

About 15 years ago, my daughter put her little blue toy riding car into the branches of a pine tree in our back yard. At the time, it was about 2 foot off the ground.

Today, the car is still in the branches, but approximately 8 feet off the ground.

This is a pine tree if that makes any difference.

SnazzyRo 13 points

Was it on the tip of the branch? Trees grow from the tips of branches because that’s where the shoot apical meristem is located. If the car was nailed to the trunk of the tree it wouldn’t be expected to move, but from the branches it grows outwards

GameVoid 0 points

No, it is right up against the trunk.

ScorpionSamurai 1 point

I had a similar bug playing Kayn in practice tool, had to do the same fix. Hopefully they'll fix it.

GameVoid 1 point

Wound up having to do the full repair option through the client (not hextech tool). Took about 20 minutes but it seems to have fixed it.

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PinkiePie90 30 points

In Ohio, you're not even considered an educator after you get your degree. You're a "Resident Educator." What does this mean? It means you have to do the exact same projects and assessments that you did in college, along with having a full time job. For four more years.

"That's great that you got your license. Now prove you earned it."

I just did, in college! Are we the only state that pulls this bullcrap?

GameVoid 7 points

Well, based on some of the teacher prep programs out there, this is not a terrible idea in some cases.

elevenhats11 143 points

I can definitely say this is part of why I’m leaving. I’m no longer treated like an educated professional who has my students’ best interests at heart. Everything is second guessed, shot down, or not listened to at all. The last few years more and more autonomy and freedom to teach has been taken away. Our every move is watched and recorded on a clipboard. Daily we are told that everything we do is wrong if we don’t follow the exact plan of some admin or curriculum writer that sits in an office dictating what education should look like.

GameVoid 16 points

And on the other hand (me), I see an administrator in my room twice a year. Once during my planned eval and once during my unplanned eval. The other 178 days of the year we could be watching movies all day and no one would say a peep.

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GameVoid 6 points

Before I got hired, every interviewer (women too) mentioned that it would be nice to have another man around the building. How much it actually played into me getting hired, I can't say. However, when making the circuit I was usually the only male applicant, so if nothing else it will make you stand out a bit from the pool.

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GameVoid 3 points

My dad plays a lot of those adventure games they sell at WalMart. They are in the software section, usually have 3-4 games on each disk, and are pretty casual. My dad is 84 and he can complete most of them. He likes them enough to have a large stack of disks laying around.

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greenvortex 135 points

This is the secret to popularity. I had a friend in college we called "Jesus" because he was so ludicrously popular. I watched him carefully so I could copy him. This was essentially his secret. He made everyone feel special.

GameVoid 2 points

My ex-wife had a friend who was like that. He would throw parties and make EVERY person at the party feel super welcome. Naturally, his parties grew enormous and everyone loved him.

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GameVoid 6,286 points

Diphenhydramine HCL is an antihistamine that you probably know as "Benadryll".

Store brand "Allergy Relief" medications with the same active ingredient are 1/10th the price.

On top of that, the same drug is also sold as a "non-addictive sleep aid" since it gets you drowsy. If you buy it as a sleep aid, it is more expensive, even if it is a store brand. So if you want it as an allergy med OR a sleep aid, buy the store brand allergy relief bottle.

Zzzquil is just the liquid form of the medicine and is almost 25x more expensive per dose.

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HilariousMax 3,823 points

Bill Burr has a style where he'll tell you 95% of the joke and then let you fill in the rest while he shrugs and nods as he gets exactly the reaction he was looking for. Then he'll continue on expounding on it.

God I love this man.

GameVoid 152 points

I can listen to his bits about his girlfriend buying a Pit Bull while he was out of town and his bit about the movie Freedom over and over again.

brandonsamd6 4 points


GameVoid 2 points

They're going to steal all the paddles!

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USSS 4 points

Mix it with the Adobe Photoshop for audio app they demoed at Max 2016 and it'll get extra creepy

GameVoid 4 points

RadioLab did an episode about that an (at least in 2016) it wasn't nearly as simple as some people make it out to be. The demo that had been put on was a heavily controlled situation that was not representative of what an average end user could accomplish.

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GameVoid 1 point

Right now I have this recurring scenario where a large army is about to attack a city. They will arrive in about 10 days. A small group of archers/rangers is sent out to delay the army as much as possible by harassing them along the way. The different ways they do that and how effective it might be are all different scenarios I play out in my head.

Usually fall asleep long before the army gets to the city.

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zaftigzebra 17 points

I enjoy getting to know my students and talking about their lives, as long as it appropriate. Yesterday a student was telling me about how he gets to slaughter a pig this weekend because he is turning 13. That's not exactly something I'm interested in, but I was happy to see how proud and excited he was!

(I teach in Indiana, so that statement isn't nearly as weird as it might seem)

GameVoid 2 points

I remember showing up for subbing once at one of our rural Indiana schools and EVERY sixth grader was in camo cause it was the first day of deer season and they were heading out to the woods after school.

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ThreatxSignal 1,298 points

I really agree with the removal of mana consumables from klepto. As much as I miss those cute little blue pots, there was a reason they were removed in the first place. Mana sustain makes for a very stagnant early game. That, plus the fact that just about every champ who benefits from klepto rushes sheen, which is bought even sooner due to all the extra gold from klepto, basically turns them from mana users into resourceless champs.

GameVoid 1 point

I cry every time I play Soraka. I miss feeding mana to my ADC for the first 15 minutes of the game.

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