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I'd take Shuri over Riri any day of the week.

im really excited for delta 13. love me some space horror.

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I am. And i thought the exact same thing. I’d like to have Claremont sign it before doing so. Hopefully I can find a convention that he’s at this year.

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check out celestial comics in las vegas nv. i sent them my uxm 261 to have him sign it. he will be at the comic con revolution in ontario california may 19th - 20.

i personally vouch for sharon that runs the cgc signature side of things. im really impressed by the communication and transparency you get from their service.

congrats. this is my comic book goal this year. im selling some graded and signed books as well as saving some money up to afford a good copy.

i am not happy with illidge. his time at cbr really soured me. all he did was bemoan how racist dc and marvel were and constantly played the victim card.

Honestly they still got over on you

Paid 150$ for my 9.6 which is at CGC now getting that yellow label for Claremonts sig. I can't wait to get it back.

Congrats I know how it's feels to get this book. After years of putting off paying the high price I paid an even bigger high price.

It's just a recolor. Variant covers are a ridiculous rip-off in the first place, but this is ridiculous!

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

It's a virgin cover. Notice it lacks the title. I mainly agree with you. The variant cover gimmick has gone to epic proportions. But I'm a huge DD fan and had to get them. The virgin was only 20$ and I bet if I wanted to could sell it for twice as much or More on eBay.

But if “us people” hadn’t constantly and consistently kept complaining/providing feedback, Nothing would ever have been done and The game would’ve gone it’s entire life cycle being shit

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You had no way of knowing any significant changes like this would happen and you knowingly bought it in a shit condition. So all you did was feed the beast. I bet it wasn't your complaining it was all the people that dropped it and didn't buy Dlc.

Cod is a disposable franchise. All that energy and time and money for a yearly iteration. What sad pathetic gamer you are. Most rational people speak with their wallet and don't buy shit pelroducts. But you want a gold star for buying it and "getting it changed" when it won't mean a damn thing by next November. Great use of your time. Get some standards.

Lol. You are a sad strange little man and you have my pity. (Buzz light year 1995)

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Says the sheeple that buy broken games.

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Every time a patch comes out I have to delete another game off the ps4.

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External hard drive


I bought W3 back last year when it was cheap on ps4. Been playing off and on the last week played quiet a bit. Just a few questions for you vets

  1. The main story is at the point I go back to the crows perch to get the ugly baby. How much of the main story is left?

  2. I'm currently at level 22 and outside of qwent quests I've completed all quests normal and witcher except for those on skellig. Will the remaining ones get me to level 30 and above?

  3. If not what can I do to earn more experience?

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

I did notice some of the most recent quests were dolling out 500+ xp. It seemed it was due to them being more involved. Not that escort the shoe maker/assination plot man back to his carriage.

Congrats but outside of the asm 361 I don't see anything worth stabbing.

Also mark bagely will be at east coast con next month could have waited and got it signed and graded.

I plan on doing that and selling my copy. Going into my giant sized x-men 1 fund.

I sent my X-O #1 1990 copy to get signed by Jim and Crow #1 by Image, cover by McFarlane signed by J. O'Barr.

Waiting for them to come back.

You have a short future as a serial killer.

Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein. It's the story by Marry Shelley but illustrated by the master of macabre. Beautiful work. Personally I think it his Magnus Opus.

Camping on shipment is a valid tactic to control the spawns. Much better than the all over the map spawning if everyone is running around. Downside is the grenade spam.

This is an inspirational thread.

I can imagine the elation you must have felt.

-4 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

And that’s why I avoid shipment. And a downvote. Salty bunch.

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Noob tubes are great for the shipment as well.


ALL GOLD! Just finished minutes ago! Past record was 7:09.349, today 6:55.012! The relief is real, the satisfaction of accomplishment is REAL!

I almost had it last night but failed to practice the last section before the right turn into the white flag. I got up this morning 2 hours early to try it again.

I practiced all the individual sections all week long in my spare time until I could consistently get under the required time to get gold. Then tried the full track to test my track knowledge even if I didnt win. I was more concerned with stringing together consistent track segments. I took someones advice from this sub and went with -5 on the brakes and -2 on the abs.



"I did something half the subreddit has already done easily, please praise me!"

That's what you sound like.

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Original Poster0 points · 4 months ago

Well it's a hard course and yes I did want to share my success and encourage others that may not have beaten it yet. And what do I get in response from this jackass? A fucking lecture over a single choice of words. Lord forbid I chose another analogy like slay the beast or something similar. My eyes almost fell out of my sockets I rolled them so hard.

I correct people in order to help everyone improve their spelling and grammar. This includes not only the person who made the error, but others who read it. I understand that many such as yourself see it as a selfish act on my part, but that's not my intent.

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I bet you are a buzz kill at parties and relegated to talking to plants and rubbing one off at night because the girls don't find your personality attractive. Get a life Mr English.

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26 points · 4 months ago

I'm sure the insurance companies will have a say so in making sure this is not passed.

They better fix one man army. That was total shit.

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