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What a load. What shit the bed did the Liberals do? The only whining I've heard was about privatizing Hydro One. That's about it.

The economy was strong, unemployment was at record lows, they moved a variety of initiatives with widespread popular support like the sex ed curriculum update. They didn't "shit the bed" - what happened was conservatives spewed out a pile of bullshit garbage about them and people ate it up.

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The power plant scandal was another. I need to find some people more conservative than my current friend group to really hear what they thought. In any case if Doug keeps it up we’ll be swinging left next time.

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Do you think Ford getting sued for cancelling the green energy contracts will end up being cheaper than the gas plant?

That's going to cost a fortune not just in damages, but also lawyer's fees to the province. And we have nothing to show for it in the end.

I would rather a natural gas plant get cancelled than a bunch of clean energy.

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Uuughhhh can we just change who represents us in all parties with engineers, doctors, and philosophers who think little of having more money?

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Unfortunately one of them just dated bad guys and went along with a lot of shit she knew better than to do, but didn’t want to upset him.

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Oooof...human folly gets real too fast.

Wow IRL minecraft takes too much time.

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No comrade...


the Soviet anthem starts to get louder after Iosif Jugashvilli said these words

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“Who the fuck is Josif Stalin?” asked Joseph Stalin.

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Positive comment about the post Downvoted

Reddit is a mysterious place.

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Fortunately it looks like it balanced out.

The language used is rough, but the intention is good

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Something something the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Having said that I doubt the true OP of this post is on the road to hell here.

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You didn't respond, you just downvoted me and ignored me. I'll repeat the question: "So you don't have to play the game, or know how the game mechanics work or anything, but you can still say it's a bad game?" I seriously just want an answer, I'm not mad at you or anything. This is not bait.

Edit: yeah, that's exactly what I thought. Pathetic.

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How’d you conclude that they didn’t play the first 10 hours?

What would be the electric equivalent of rolling coal? Turning your entire back seat into a giant plasma lamp?

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The future sounds amazing!

Banish 10 face-up Pendulum Monsters from your Extra Deck, draw 2 cards.

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I’ll take it.

I love how lighthearted this is (for the Bertstrip universe anyway).

Original Poster628 points · 3 days ago

I could hardly believe it when I found out.

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Are you Dunkey? Your style really reads like him (I mean this as a huge compliment).

I don’t think you understand how people hide their money. Most foreign accounts used for hiding money aren’t under a person’s name. They belong to shell corporations that in turn belong to a long list of other shell corporations opened in countries like Panama, Caymans and channel islands like Guernsey. Many of these places don’t even have public records of shareholders, and simply list legal firms as representatives/officers/board members. Consequently it’s literally impossible to know who owns these bank accounts. Those who have accounts in their own name are just the tip of the iceberg and are low hanging fruit.

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Yeah, and to add to the complications most people who have the accounts in their names are actually using them properly in our government’s eyes - so even out of the low hanging fruit the CRA has to really work to determine who’s legit & and those who should’ve never tried to hide their money in the first place.

Well it was definitely advertised as a more mainstream movie instead of the arthouse film it was. Although I'm not sure what percentage of the budget was her casting.

I'm not really saying that any of her movies were projected to be blockbusters just that the notion that her name on the film will increase ticket sales I think tends to fall flatter than expected. And then her salary as a projection of that assessment.

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I loved Mother, but yeah, that was ‘t going to be a summer blockbuster. ):

Headline should be: "Man survives without internet for a week - spends his time hiking and eating bees"

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Fuck I’ll take a Twitter please - don’t want to end up like that man.

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Haha, decided to avoid honey cause to much sugar and went for the bees instead

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He might actually make it if he keeps that dedication.

For the world to look at an go “wow”.

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I stopped after reading the first line of the title. Because, you know, that in itself should be well understood by Canadians by now.

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Yeah, I love to harp on income taxes but honestly that title had my eyebrows going all sorts of directions. How could they honestly say that, even if you factor in property taxes & shit.

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It is the mid-12th century, and you are a young knight, a bachelor. You have little more than your arms and horses, the baron who raised you in his household having no need for another knight in his retinue. Instead, you must seek out a new patron and try to make your way in life through stipendiary service or success in a tournament. Fortunately for you, the king is at war with a neighbor, and one of the great counts was recruiting more men to his household as you were passing through his lands. He has assigned you to a conroi under one of his loyal barons - a man too poor to be able to field the twenty or thirty who make up the smallest battlefield unit.

The two armies face each other across an open field that gently slopes up towards the enemy, with perhaps four bow shots separating the two armies. On the right is a deep river that you don't think you can ford, while to the left is a steep wooded hill that would make a flanking attack difficult. The enemy, not wanting to give up their position, are stationary, lines of spearmen and archers in front of their knights, while yours is still advancing, the knights slowly pulling away from the infantry as they amble forward at a steady pace.

You are one of fifteen bachelors sent to fight for the baron, and one of three chosen to fight in the front line of the conroi alongside the baron. You earned this by fighting a mock duel with the other bachelors in order to chose those who could best bear the brunt of the enemy attack. Glancing up, you see the baron's small gonfanon flapping in the wind, its bright colours signalling the location of the baron and the rallying point for this unit. Further down the line is the count with his much larger banner, and your conroi is supposed to come to it when the trumpets sound after the charge. All along the line, banners and gonfanons can be clearly seen, and even you have a small pennon attached to the tip of your lance.

The conroi are all tightly compact bodies, each man riding almost knee to knee. There are only six inches between you and the man on either side of you, and this is universal down the line. There are three thousand knights and squires present in your army, and when they are formed up together the line is almost a mile long. Behind these are the older squires and grooms holding spare horses and then behind them the infantry are formed, ready to act as a shield for you if the worst occurs and you must flee the field of battle and regroup for another charge.

Trumpets blare and the army slowly halts, the line advancing more on the edges than in the center, but it is still mostly straight. You lick your lips nervously as the enemy knights come forward through gaps in their lines of infantry. They intend to make a fight of it. This is both the most exciting and most terrifying day of your life, and you're not sure whether you're about to throw up all over the man next to you.

The charge is sounded.

It does not begin, as you thought as a boy, with a frenzied gallop towards the enemy. Instead, the horses are urged first to a walk, and then a trot. You are a hundred yards from the enemy when you hear the trumpets sounding the increase to canter.

This is it, you think, palms feeling sweaty as you prepare to couch your lance. You have been holding it at your stirrup, and now you go to bring it up and down into position. You have done this thousands of time in practice and know how it should go. A sudden jolt upwards of the hand, arm and body while the lance falls down from the shoulder. Keep the arm clear, and gently steady the butt against the chest as it comes down. Trap the butt between the elbow and the body, keeping it high on the chest and straight, so the weight of the lance can be borne by the body and breathing is easy. Finally, let the full weight of the lance rest on your palm, firm your feet in the stirrups and tighten your legs on the saddle to raise you above the motion of the horse.

There are other instructions, but you cannot remember them in the heat of the moment. It matters little, because you are entirely unable to carry them out.

Six inches between horses is not much, and the faster a horse runs, the more space between is needed. Somewhere along the line, one horse bumps into another, which side steps into another and so on. A wave builds, forcing men and horses together and lifting some men - horse and all - entirely off the ground for several yards. All is chaos, and you cannot get the lance into the correct position. Indeed, you nearly drop it as you and your horse are slammed to one side. Somewhere horses have broken their legs and men have smashed their knees together and others have fallen but will get up again afterwards.

The enemy, more experienced, allowed gaps in their formation for just this occurrence, but now they find themselves faced with a solid mass of horseflesh that they cannot easily penetrate. They slow as you speed up, and then some turn and flee. Others in your line are pulling up sharply, seeing a wall of horses moving deliberately towards them and fearing the same thing as the enemy fears: are true collision of horse an man, where most are injured and die.

And then the charge is sounded. There is relief as gaps open up in your line where conroi have turned and fled. You are able to finally get your lance into position and you charge with murderous intent at your enemy. They had slowed to a stop and turned, but are now accelerating to a gallop. You are faster, and you catch one square in the back. He had had the presence of mind to sling his shield on his back, and so the blow is not as bad as it could be, but it is still a terrible shock.

Your lance is nine feet of ash, thinner at the tip than at the butt, but even there thicker than most spears. The point is a foot and a half of iron and steel, triangular, broad and well sharpened. It splits the wood and leather of the shield and breaks one link of the knight's hauberk, but is stopped from fully penetrating by the others. The impacts forces you against the high rear of your saddle, and you feel as though the lance might snap, just as the knight loses his seat. You have trained in this so long that the decision to release the lance isn't even a conscious one - you are moving too fast for it to be conscious. It is embedded too much in the shield for you to have held onto it anyway, and so you release the butt and flick it quickly to the ground so that the man behind you won't be hampered by the shaft.

Now you are among the fleeing knights and you draw your sword. All around you your fellow knights are doing the same. You strike out time and time again, blocked by shields or lances held backwards over the shoulder or the sheer unpredictability of melee. You think you knock a knight off his horse with a blow to the helmet that numbs your hand, and you're sure a miss-timed stroke that nearly caused you to fall from the saddle cut deeply into the neck of a horse. Whose, you're not sure.

And then you are clear, and there is no enemy in front of you but the infantry. You look around, trying to see where the danger is, and your eye catches the banner of the baron who leads your conroi. Slowly, you come back from that terrible adrenaline filled place where all you can see is the narrow space in front of your face. You see other members of your conroi, scattered now by the charge, coming together at the banner. You move in that direction as you hear the count's trumpet sound the rally. You are certain that this must have been a great victory, with many men slain, but when you look behind you, you see the enemy reforming as well, hardly looking to have been touched. You realise now that their shields and armour protected them from the worst of the damage and that spare lances are a long way off. This next charge will be with swords.

For all the excitement and danger, it has been less than two minutes since the charge began. As you reform, you find see that some have kept their lances. Most were in the rear rank and didn't manage to squeeze into the front rank after the first rout of the enemy began, but some - the very best jousters - have managed to unhorse their opponents without breaking their lances. One terrified bachelor, no older than you, even holds the stump of a broken lance as though ready to couch it again. Perhaps in all the chaos he never realised that it broke at the first impact.

And then you are moving again. Not against the enemy knights directly in front of you, who haven't quite formed up yet, but against an already formed body to your left who are charging a chaotic accumulation of allied knights that are entirely unprepared. The goal, you realise, is to hit them in the flank and break their charge. This, you realise, is how the battle will be fought from now on. Tournaments, what you have always thought of as games, are truly less lethal battles in miniature. what you have learned there will now be applied. You swallow bile, hoping that you've learned your lesson well, because all you can feel now is the terror of dying and yet, at the same time, a strange kind of exhilaration.

The next charge begins.

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This was an excellent read! Fuck I can’t believe we made it even this far!

He won the primary, not the election, and is up against an incumbent so he'll probably lose. And apparently nobody really knew about his comments until after the election.

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And apparently nobody really knew about his comments until after the election.

Well this definitely changes things if it’s actually the case.

Edit: and in that case there’s a huge question about how much research the people who voted for him are doing on the candidates.

Thats an oddly accurate observation, im still debating if i wish i was there

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I feel like I’d need to try this at least once to determine whether I like it.

169 points · 6 days ago

Or, you know, the school a mile down Mass Ave.—MIT.

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I think they’re low-key scared of MIT.

Here's a clip of Benedict Cumberbatch doing the Smaug motion-capture; crawling and dragging himself along the floor, throwing his head back, spit flying from his mouth, yelling ridiculous things in a padded grey skinsuit.

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That was an incredible performance though. I was too blown away by how into it he was to even really care about everything, including how hilarious them hovering that microphone in front of his face is.

Literally having no education. In some aspects they’re like children

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I feel sorry for them in a way, they are obviously trying and people on the internet are pointing and staring because they didn't get the chance to learn this stuff as kids

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Culture shock is a thing. It’s a little jarring to see just how far from “the future” some of our species are - and honestly it makes me happy that we’re living in an increasingly connected world, since eventually it will have to help accelerate growth in less developed parts of our world (and I’m willing to bet that the 21st century is starting to bring small, but significant change across the world already). Also this really helps highlight how important it is to have access to this stuff here at home. I found myself really appreciating how much parks & public spaces designed for kids actually help us.

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I don’t understand why people get angry over shit like this. You don’t even need a straw. The great thing about mouths is that they were designed for you to drink stuff without needing the assistance of any tools.

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Yeah honestly. Straws were convenient and all, but I celebrated the bans.


I haven't been for a while, but I was craving some yesterday and planning on going this afternoon. Shit.

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They brought them back bro - the fries have ascended back into the Kingdom.

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