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As someone who has always had what I'd call functional anxiety (it doesn't cripple me functionally) the best thing for it is facing your fears. If something gives you panic attacks, do it over and over and over until your body gets used to it. Thats all that works. The second you start avoiding something it just gets worse and worse.

How do these work? Is it just future medical history, or will doctors upload the last 20 years of history they have on you to it?

No, it's only got current and future details (although your GP will create a health summary for you with your current conditions in it). The only exception I think is MBS item and PBS data, up to 2 years' worth of history.

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I think this will cause more detriment than benefit for customers. I like the idea of being able to see a new doctor with a clean slate, it wipes out any biases they may have about your condition.

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Lots of bad advice in here.

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It’s just advice on both spectrums

I see three advices generally

1) go to HR and get his story in first 2) do nothing to not create a bad situation 3) talk to her and apologize

Three seems the worst option, as there isn’t anything to apologize for

Totally just my opinion, but I think baby boomers and the generation before that do have strong ideas that they are always right about everything. Working at Fast food the amount of times that baby boomers and people slightly older than them complain about service and food compared to the younger generations has to be at least 10 times greater. Furthermore, I'm a lowly near minimum wage worker and the things they complain about are generally stuff completely out of my control and they fail to understand that sometimes. Just yesterday I had some lady ream me for a couple minutes about why the AC doesnt work and it's so hot in the restaurant. This was when it was high 90s outside and we had atleast 60 other people inside a small fast food building where doors are constantly opening. Anyhow, just my opinion.

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Indeed. I find them to be the more racist and sexist generation too. Young people are generally fairly open.

I hate the generation debate, it's so dumb, just another form of tribalism from people who'd act exact the same way the others do if they were on the other side of the debate.

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If young people had all of the wealth and owned all of the property they'd do exactly the same thing.

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65 points · 2 days ago

"I was torn between a BMW and a Hyundai but went with the Koreans cause it has front wheel drive!" said no one ever.

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For most people, FWD is superior to RWD. Its not to enthusiasts, but snap oversteer in the wet isn't fun and most regular people would have no idea what to do when it happens.

5 points · 1 day ago

Not to mention most people don't know which way their power's going. Met a girl once who was confused that her 328xi wasn't a SUV unlike her friend's X3.

Even so, I'd rather have a well-sorted FWD car than a sloppy RWD one. Looking at you, current gen 3 series.

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Most people don't have the faintest idea about it. its actually quite scary too how easy the rear end of a car can slide on greasy roads after its been raining. I had it happen to me the other week and I wasn't driving at all fast. Being caught out by that stuff isn't fun.

27 points · 1 day ago

This was a good watch. I know Hoovie isn't as popular on Reddit as he was, but I can't help but be excited for him and his TV show. It was also cool to see the Wizard's shop upgrade. And all the cool cars that we're not supposed to know about yet! I saw an old Series I Jaguar XJ of some sort, a Honda CR-V, a Porsche 944, and a couple others that caught my eye.

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Original Poster11 points · 1 day ago

He's good, because I feel he has a variety of content and mixes it up a bit. Just like I enjoy doug's videos, but I find the exact same format for every review with 15 minutes of interior quirks doesn't particularly appeal to me as much anymore. It was fun originally, but not every car's interior is that interesting.

Original Poster55 points · 2 days ago

The time and financial commitment of this fleet is unreal when you see it like that.

It makes me wonder how Jay Leno affords to maintain his fleet, that aren't made up largely of priceless collectibles. You never really think of how much damage sitting does to cars.

In Australia it would cost near 50k a year just to keep all these cars registered and insured.

It amazes me how little trouble americans get in for these speeds. I once got caught doing 31kmh which is 19mph over the limit in Australia. Empty freeway, late at night. Got the book thrown at me. Thats instant license loss, a huge fine etc. These cops in America don't seem to care when people do 30-40 over even.

I wouldn't advise going to bars and clubs by yourself unless you're particularly outgoing or charming. Unless, of course, you don't mind just hanging out and drinking by yourself most of the time. In my experience, people are caught up in their own business/friend groups and aren't exactly trying to make friends.

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Indeed. It’s terrible, you won’t meet new people and will just sit there alone


[Discussion] At what price point do diminishing returns kick in with watches?

You find this in most fields, that beyond a certain point you pay a lot more for fairly small, often barely noticeable benefits. A $1000 computer is much faster than a $500 one, but a $2000 computer isn't that much faster than a $1000 computer etc.

Sort of the same with watch quality, if you go from $50 to $150 you can really notice the difference.

I typically skip over all the discussion about interior button location and font to get to the driving bit. Boy was I disappointed here.

273 points · 7 days ago

I forgot they existed after they left youtube.

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I thought I'd miss their stuff, as I used to watch their videos a lot. But as soon as they put everything behind a paywall I just unsubscribed and within a week didn't even care. Its actually surprising to me how fast I stopped caring about their content as I was a fan for years.

306 points · 7 days ago

Yep, new reddit looks lie absolute shit imo

Source: Using right now

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Why aren’t people more vocal about this? No one likes it, yet as a whole we seem to just be accepting it.

21 points · 7 days ago

You really notice how crap Australia’s internet connectivity is when you move overseas. I went from 100mb/1.5mb cable limited to 300GB for $100 a month in Brisbane, to 1000mb/1000mb unlimited for $75 in London. Hopefully Australia sorts its shit out soon. Not holding my breath.

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Telstra now give us 110/5.

It’s not perfect, but fuck it’s not too bad. I feel sorry for the rest of the country having to deal with their garbage.

24 points · 8 days ago

whats scary is my computer has a very similar setup and similar if not same specs. but lol at the asking price

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You see on YouTube people overseas getting cheap stuff on Craigslist. But in my experience it’s just all incredibly optimistic priced stuff

11 points · 8 days ago

sometime it's already obsolete when the car is out

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Due to these things having to last, they're typically not cutting edge. They have to go through a lot of R&D so by the time they're released they are often behind whats current in tablets. A tablet is a device that you might get 3-4 years out of but thats far far less time than a car has to last.


Is there such thing as a physical remote control for an iPhone?

I'd like to mount a little remote in my car to skip track when using spotify playlists while driving. It only has to be super basic, next track, previous track.

I'm not sure how something would even work, bluetooth maybe?

It looks like this will do what you want.

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Original Poster3 points · 8 days ago

Perfect, thanks a lot. Exactly what I was after.

3500 miles, what a fucking waste. Its hard to even consider it a car, it just sits there. Cars are meant to be driven.

Yeah and lots of people put a lot of work and a lot of money into non-classic cars and they still drive them like bats out of hell.

Classic cars are not relatively fast and not that maneuverable, they’re put together as a piece of art and are displayed that way imo.

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For the best most likely. Huge power with no safety provisions or electronic aids.

For the type of price you hear of them going in the states, being $100-200 new, I think its perfectly viable.

Its a 6S performance wise and the 6S is still a very usable phone. In regular use not that far behind the 8. iOS12 for once seems to be going to make that better not worse, so there is a bit of room left.

I think most true car enthusiasts can appreciate a great car for its given purpose. Not everything has the purpose of being super fast or a performance car. Nor does everyone want/need that. A car enthusiast should be able to appreciate a good car even if its not what they would personally buy.

I call BS on this one. Looks like they put here in there backwards.

When my mother talks about how she is proud of me to either me or others, she always mentions that I'm so analytical (I work in IT/software), and my brother is the creative one (he has a 30-sub Youtube channel about politics).

She says it in a way that she's heavily implying that I'm incapable of any creative pursuits, and my big bro is the one who will actually go places with his ideas.

Thing is, what I basically sink nearly all of my free time into is developing my own video games, and she knows this. I know she's proud of us both, and that she's trying to compliment what she thinks our strengths are, but it's soul crushing to hear her imply that I can't be creative, when my life goals right now are creative ones.

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I wouldn't take this alone as a slight. If you're the successful one she can't attribute all positive statements to you, that would just come across as rude.

It’s amazing how complex the styling of cars has gotten. I’m not saying it’s better, but the amount of manufacturing detail is unreal

2 points · 8 days ago

And it’s amazing how big they’ve become. Here we have a Prelude dwarfed by a Civic. As far as styling goes... I think most can agree that too many cars these days are horribly over styled. The new Civic Type R is a prime example of that. I’d own one today were it not for the fact that it looks like a caricature.

I miss my Prelude.

Btw... is that Silver or Nordic Mist? Can’t tell from the pic.

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Yeah the size different is unreal. The civic was meant to be a small car!

It’s like most cars have moved up an entire size category in the past decade.

You hear of them adding 3cm in length per model and wonder why? No wonder they’ve gradually gotten bigger and bigger

1 point · 8 days ago

To be honest I wouldn’t recommend MacBook 12 to anyone. I’m using Apple laptops for a decade and haven’t seen before a machine made by Apple which restricts you so much. It doesn’t have enough power it doesn’t have enough connectivity screen is small. Go for MacBook Pro 13 it’s the only viable option if you want both mobility and performance. I personally switched to MacBook Pro 15 and happy.

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Especially when the MacBook Pro 13 inch is the same price. Just buy that instead

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