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Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/apple
Jyrpsi 52 points

Yes it is. Even the first iPhone came with a charging dock. And Macbooks used to come with microfiber cloths and an extension cord for the charger.

Gasifiedgap [score hidden]

That extension cord is a lifesaver. It amazes me they don’t come with them now.

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/iphone
-xenomorph- 35 points

Her stare tho..

Gasifiedgap 17 points

There is something creepy about the fake, sterile Apple world represented here.

Gasifiedgap 2 points

This is like what would happen if robots tried to imitate how humans act.

diegoNT 1 point

I remember watching a few season 1 episodes when they were on tv and I can honestly say the show didn't do much for me.

A few years later I started catching episodes from season 5 and 6 on tv and fell in love with the show, it was like an all new show.

Started collecting the season dvds when I found them, but brought them out of sequence. Seasons 7 and 8 are a small drop in quality, but you love the characters by then. When I finally got season 1 I was dissapointed in how bad it was, it definitely felt like the show I remember not liking in the early 2000s. Season 2 gets better, but for me it's season 3 when the show hits it's strides.

Gasifiedgap 1 point

That’s quite an interesting view. I find season 1 good, but not great. Certainly not compared to how strong the shows reputation is

invesDOGE8er 4 points

Others seem to be saying season one should have you hooked, but I don’t know if that’s the case for a total newcomer. There’s a lot of slapstick-y stuff in season 1 that gets toned down a lot by season 2. I would give it halfway through season 2 and if you don’t love it, there might be something wrong with you.

Gasifiedgap 1 point

Thanks for that opinion. It seems decent and I find the characters likable, but it’s just not that relatable yet.

People saying it’s as enjoyable as the office makes me want to press on

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/betterCallSaul
TellThat2TheCovenant 32 points

Way I see it, we're lucky enough to see something as high quality as this in short doses than we are mediocrity in large doses.

Gasifiedgap 6 points

Indeed. Ive been watching through Ozark season 2 in which the episodes are 60-85 minutes long. Its getting a bit of a chore.

Having said that I do think that Better Call Saul is dragging out the content a bit.

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/apple
Gomma 42 points

That's like 10 years in fanboyears. People on iPhone X are already rationalizing their upgrade to XS, claiming their $1200+ purchase will last them at least 5 years.

Gasifiedgap 3 points

I wonder if this is apples strategy. They do seem to be going hard after longevity of the iPhone lately, but maybe the plan is to use that as a selling point knowing that most people will upgrade every 2 years anyway

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/cars
Airazz 44 points

YouTube didn't force anything, uploaders choose to make their videos longer to get as much revenue as possible.

Gasifiedgap 42 points

Not just revenue, the key word is watchtime. Minutes watched and engagement defines how much traffic YouTube drives to your videos

There is a reason Doug has started a second YouTube channel so his shorter videos don’t impact his watchtime averages on the main

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/cars
Black_Gold_ 9 points

Spend some time looking at the videos in r/roadcam

You can be a 100% aware and perfect driver, and all it takes is some dumb ass to permanently fuck your car and potentially your life.

Also it depends if were talking about a 1990 car or a 1999 car, the 90s saw a good amount of improvement through out the decade, but most 90s cars still have atrocious safety standards.

Gasifiedgap 1 point

I’m actually surprised crashes are so infrequent considering the standard of drivers out there.

iamthiswhatis12 3 points

Commuter buys a new car every 10 years lets say (most likely 5-7 but 10 would be average)

average new car is 20k

maintenance would be 3-5k over that span if it's not a lemon

sell that car for 5-7k after 10 years

thats a loss of 13-15k over 10 years, 1300-1500 a year loss and then spend another 20k on a new car after that. im doing quick math but it's pretty dumb and wasteful.

Gasifiedgap 6 points

I find older cars are less locked to waste too as for instance you can upgrade the headunit / speakers. I recently updated to a carplay headunit and now have all of the modern car functions.

But the one area they lack is safety. That itself is a fairly big selling point.

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Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/australia
jimmythemini 8 points

Or they've considered the pros and cons, weighed up the relative risks and decided that having a transferable electronic health record is a good idea based on their circumstances.

VierreASMR 44 points

I bet there's a far larger population who don't even know what it is.

Gasifiedgap 15 points

Yeah it seems kind of odd my grandparents who don’t even own a computer or smart phone will now have this

Gasifiedgap 9 points

I’ve spoken to a few people about this and they said

“I never go to the doctor, so I don’t care”.

Fair enough I guess

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/Android
AlenF 25 points

Just get a Mi A1/A2 in that case. Still amazing value and it's with stock Android

Gasifiedgap 31 points

Are they free of any spyware? Or do you still need to root them

AlenF 23 points

I use a Mi A1, it only has two extra apps - Feedback and Remote (for the IR blaster), otherwise it's clean

Gasifiedgap 14 points

What about backdoor spyware? Not surface level apps

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/h3h3productions
Gasifiedgap 228 points

I feel their heart still won't really be in h3h3 in future. You know when you're exhausted and can't get the motivation to do something, and you say "i just need to get back in the rhythm" but it never happens? It just feels more and more like pushing a heavy rock uphill. Then you start to do it less and less and think an actual break will help, but the motivation doesn't return.

I know that tone in their voice, its how I've felt about past jobs and projects. Hell, even relationships.

ZenMoon 55 points

That was my line of thinking too. This video just reminded me of their last update video where Ethan also said he was depressed and would make more videos again soon, etc.. I feel like it's extremely hard for him to keep up with it now. Kind of losing hope for their channel to ever actually be active again. But regardless, more videos or not, I just hope he is moving forward on the road to recovery.

Gasifiedgap 8 points

I don’t mind really. Comedy is hard and very situational. Just like I used to love Jeremy clarkson but now I can’t stand his outdated ranting.

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/australia
beefstockcube 53 points

Depends on your city.

And what you are after buying. An apartment? Nope.

Large block of land on a train line less than 60 minute commute to the cbd? Pull the trigger.

Gasifiedgap 69 points

Jesus, 60 minute commute.

In my city (Brisbane) a 60 minute commute by train is the Gold Coast.

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/AskMen
CharlieZX 1,830 points

I had a crush on a girl in my class, and I wanted her to find me attractive (shallow and not sustainable long-term, I know). So one day I said "Imma lose 24 Kg (53 lbs) during the summer so when we go back to school I'll be at a healthy weight for my height".

I'm 173 cm/5'8". I went from 99 Kg/218 lbs (BMI 32.7) to 74.7 Kg/165 lbs (BMI 25) in 98 days. Lost too fast, but I was motivated as fuck.

When school started, everyone congratulated me on the weight loss... except her. Her only comment on my weight was "why did you lose weight? You were fine before". Ouch.

Gasifiedgap 13 points

Now segue that weight loss into weight training to build a better body.

Losing weight/getting fit for a girl to like you is the best motivation, it rarely works, but you'll then have the benefits of a nice body to meet other people.

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/cars
09Customx 328 points

Some people are pathological liars. Guy in my auto shop class tried to convince us his dad has a C4 Corvette with a twin Turbo Viper engine that runs 8’s and is street legal.

Saw his house one day, his dad has a rusted non-running C4 rotting in the driveway lol

Gasifiedgap 105 points

I find it curious the lies often have some basis in reality. Just extreme exaggerations.

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/cars
Gasifiedgap 89 points

Im not really surprised. The Golf IS the beetle. When it was introduced it was just a Beetle with a different shape and its evolved from there.

runoono 3 points

you mean the current beetle is a golf?

Gasifiedgap 1 point

No. The first gen golf was just the new beetle.

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Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/apple
CFGX 38 points

Most likely a choice based on what dimensions of LCD panel was most economical from a manufacturing standpoint.

Gasifiedgap 17 points

Consumers also like large phones. This is the 'mainstream' size now.

I think that while most tech heads will cry about the resolution, 90% of the public won't really notice as anything above 300ppi is still strong. The increase in battery life from the slightly lower screen will be a hit with the general public.

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/apple
blueskyfire 430 points

Anyone calling 64gb “anemic” is being a jackass. 16Gb was unacceptable but 64gb is absolutely appropriate as a baseline.

Gasifiedgap 11 points

The 16gb was just a cash grab. But it’s good Apple give us 64gb base now as at least I don’t have to opt for the next storage tier.

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/apple
IThinkThings 166 points

Which is why I never understood the "wow this year's iPhone isn't worth the upgrade from last year.."

Of course its not. If you have last year's iPhone, you might think 2 years from now is worth it and probably 3 years from now. But one year? No, why would it ever be worth it?

Gasifiedgap 67 points

“I’m keeping my X”! Posts. No shit, a 1 year old flagship isn’t outdated now

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/iphone
hzfan 2 points

It's the near bezelless LCD display. That thing is expensive.

Gasifiedgap 1 point

Is that a significant cost? Even cheaper android phones now have them

SilentPede 61 points

Probably the direction I’m going with the new ‘budget’ model iPhone is $749. Lame.

Gasifiedgap 4 points

Extremely disappointed with the budget model. I thought it was actually going to be a slightly more affordable entry level point, but nope. The bizarre low (for 2018) resolution screen along with the price point increase is just absurd.

Why exactly is it more expensive? At least if it had a 400+ PPI screen you could somewhat justify it.

Gasifiedgap commented on a post in r/apple
Drawerpull 480 points

Yeah I saw that and was expecting new airpods or something. Interesting

Gasifiedgap 134 points

Theyre probably waiting for airpower to be ready that supports wireless charging of the airpods case.

They can't release new airpods claiming a feature of it charging with air power if air power doesn't exist.

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