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Gato1980 commented on a post in r/television
NavinRNorton 4 points

Can we all stop saying "reboot?" It's continuation.

Gato1980 1 point

Same thing with movies, too... If the same actors are playing the same roles from previous films, it's a sequel. If new actors are playing the roles, it's a reboot. Jurassic World is a sequel, Spider-Man Homecoming is a reboot.

Gato1980 6 points

Blythe Danner and Sara Rue, too... that's awesome... Blythe Danner always cracked me up as Will's mom.

peniscurve 4 points

The fucking MOTW that was the wasp monster or whatever, and was filmed like an episode of COPS gave me nightmares as a kid. Have any episodes been as good as that one? - The intro was great though, if this was really it.

Gato1980 2 points

That was one of the episodes Vince Gilligan wrote. His are my favorite.

Gato1980 commented on a post in r/television
xxxblindxxx 25 points

id say 35% of the episode but for 45 mins thats not that bad for an intro. could have been damn worse for a cw hero show. im excited for what they do next and tobias seems like a mad mama jama

Gato1980 9 points

It was a lot better than any of the other CW shows, IMO. The acting alone was leagues better. Plus, I'm glad it's not part of the Arrowverse and has a brand new showrunner.

Parenegade 1 point

It is part of the Arrowverse in the same way Supergirl is. They just aren't on the same Earth (like Supergirl).

Gato1980 1 point

No, it's separate:

Black Lightning's executive producer Salim Akil, producer Greg Berlanti, and even CW president Mark Pedowitz have all been very clear that Black Lightning is a show apart from the network's popular Arrowverse of programs, and there's at least one very important reason why. In short, everyone wants Black Lightning to stand on its own.


Gato1980 commented on a post in r/television
liteagle 78 points

Ya fuck AMC, it took 1 season for them to totally kill the full potential this show had and turned it into a 2 star melodrama with occasional zombie fights.

Gato1980 43 points

I just rewatched season 1, and it was like watching a completely different series.

Gato1980 commented on a post in r/television
rocker2014 164 points

Eastbound was great, Vice Principals was great, can't wait for whatever this is!

Gato1980 3 points

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the film he made called 'The Foot Fist Way'... It's the movie that Will Ferrel saw and decided to distribute through his production company and was Danny McBride's first big break. It's hilarious.

GavinGunhold 138 points

We set these stories in these mundane suburban areas with these characters who see their own story as something of epic proportions. When people set their sights high, it allows them to have their heart broken as well, so that enables us to fuck with the genre a little, make people laugh and feel sad. Jody and I are getting ready to do another show for HBO now – this is sort of our misunderstood angry man trilogy: Vice Principals, Eastbound and now we have this third one we're going to shoot next year. It's very much inspired by British comedy and Seventies cinema, these character pieces where they wouldn't wrap themselves up in neat bows – like the ending of Five Easy Pieces.

Gato1980 10 points

Just make sure you save room for all the fiiiixin's.

Gato1980 commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Gato1980 6 points

Serious question: What is their current stance on gay people?

djhoen 3 points

The official policy is that if you are gay and act on it, you are labeled as an apostate and will likely be excommunicated. Children of gay people are not allowed to be baptized or even given an official church "name and blessing".

Gay people who haven't acted on their urges have to either marry someone of the opposite gender or live a life of celibacy.

And Mormons blame all of the LGBT youth suicides on Utah's high altitude...

Gato1980 1 point

Oh man, that is heartbreaking.

MediaShare2000 6 points

I got news for you. If you thought season 2 was bad wait till ya set your peepers on season 3. They really put this show on the fast track to utterly unwatchable.

Gato1980 2 points

I was wondering why there was no mention on any of Aaron Paul's social media today about the premiere, since he's usually very consistent about promoting the show... maybe this is the reason why.

Gato1980 commented on a post in r/television
Gato1980 1 point

That's so awesome... I never noticed that. Also, is that Young Sheldon?

Fire_Otter 3 points

No it’s Eddie Murphy..

Oh you mean the other video? -Yes I believe it is ;)

Gato1980 1 point

Hahaha that was really funny :)

Gato1980 commented on a post in r/movies
Gato1980 3 points

Technically, the newspaper clippings are from the opening scene of Red Dragon. They never appeared in Silence of the Lambs.

turtle_flu 29 points

I decided to watch the hannibal movies as a whole recently. Watched hannibal last night. The ending was certainly interesting.

Gato1980 1 point

I've never watched Hannibal Rising... how does it compare to the others?

Gato1980 commented on a post in r/movies
Gato1980 82 points

I really wish Woody Harrelson was getting some recognition for this film. The first time I watched it, Sam Rockwell blew me away... I thought he was absolutely incredible. Then, I watched it a second time a couple nights ago, and Woody Harrelson stood out to me so much more, for some reason. I really hope Rockwell gets more praise and awards, but I hope Woody gets a nod or two as well.

rand0mm0nster 16 points

The scene with the letter. I did not see that coming.

Gato1980 6 points

It really surprised me watching it the first time, but when I watched it the second time and knew what was happening, I turned into a blubbering mess. It was a totally different experience.

Gato1980 commented on a post in r/television
Gato1980 193 points

By the time they find a network, write a script for a whole series, hire a cast, producers and directors, there will be so much more shit that's happened, that no one will care about anything in that book, let alone the fact that every aspect of entertainment will be even more saturated with Trump and the White House than it already is. I personally am at the point where I cringe if I even hear anything related to politics forced into current television shows. I think I've heard the term "fake news" thrown into about 4 different shows (sitcoms and dramas) I've watched just this past week. And I've all but stopped watching any late night programs because that's literally the only thing they talk about. Please just stop... it's really annoying at this point, and no one wants it anymore.

Gato1980 commented on a post in r/movies
datdudebdub 147 points

Its funny you post this because after watching Nocturnal Animals I thought fuck Shannon looks old as hell (I know it was the role but still) and I couldn't believe how young he is.

Also PSA Nocturnal Animals is awesome, and Shannon is the best part by far.

Gato1980 1 point

Yes... he and Aaron Taylor-Johnson really made that film for me.

Gato1980 commented on a post in r/television
magikarpcatcher 112 points

Pompeo's new pact will have her earning more than $20 million a year — $575,000 per episode, along with a seven-figure signing bonus and two full backend equity points on the series, estimated to bring in another $6 million to $7 million. She also will get a producing fee plus backend on this spring's Grey's spinoff

Gato1980 29 points

It's nuts to think that Kaley Cuoco makes nearly the same annual amount on TBBT for a show that she has no producer credits, bonuses, backend points, or spinoff fees, plus the show is only about 18 minutes in total per week.

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