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Stjerneklar 3,810 points

i'll never forget the panic i felt before i found out what actually happened because the girl who told the rest of us just said "new york was bombed" or something. 15 year old me thought the nukes where airborne.

edit: i was at a sort of boarding school and we went straight up to the A/V room to watch the news.... kinda fucked up but it was a relief when we found out what had actually happened.

and this was in denmark

Geek_Charming 18 points

I was leaving my high school library where I got the tail end of my history teacher saying something about us all 'being a part of history' followed by some kid in the hall running around shouting 'we're going to war', followed by my accounting teacher explaining to us that it was important for suspects to be publically executed via a bullet in the face for every 10 minutes that no one took responsibility.

mr_william_clark 2 points


Geek_Charming 1 point

What are your thoughts on these pertaining to Bouviers specifically:

Carrots in slices, Bananas in slices (keep banana peels away), Blue Berries, Celery in slices, Cucumbers in slices, Green beans in slices, Sliced mango, Peas (non-canned), Pineapple.

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ShittyThrowAway0091 2 points

The movie didn't originally have the (imo horrible) green tint, that was changed in the rereleases to match the sequels.

Geek_Charming 2 points

I don't know why you're getting downvoted--you're not wrong. 👍

Geek_Charming 7 points

I'd be interested to know whether this comes in the original theatrical release color scheme, or the reworked 'green tint' one they made for the blu-ray release.

zonghui 3 points

Why are those so dirty? That's the real question.

Geek_Charming 6 points

I own a niche sports arena, we have a video games room in the lobby so no one ever has to be bored while they're waiting for their friends to arrive. These stuffed toys reside in said room, unfortunately, they also get pizza and coke spilled on them a lot as well. 😑

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