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I'm the one with the 'negative quality'. I snore. A lot. And super loud. She has bad dreams though, and apparently my snoring wakes her up from them / immediately comforts her as it means I'm right next to her and she's safe. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

When I was 7, my older brother (9) told me that if I pick my belly button, air would leak out, and I would die.

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My mother-in-law is the worst! The absolute rudest person you’d ever meet in your life. Anyone that’s met her will agree. She took a piece of birthday cake from my 3 yr old before we sang happy birthday, blew out candles and cut the cake. I didn’t notice until we went to sing happy birthday and not only was cake missing, his brother was! She was sitting with my other son spoon feeding him!... Once she mocked my parents on Easter by waving her hands over baskets saying “Ooh look at me I’m blessing the food and I’m not a priest!”.... She stood outside our house in the snow when we said grace on Christmas—and made a big point that she born again Christian self didn’t approve.... She picked my son, the middle kid (that she has an unhealthy obsession with) up from preschool and took him to her home in another city causing him to miss out on his sister’s event at school (she was winning an award) and the dinner to celebrate after... She also told him if he touched his penis he would go to hell (we didn’t find out for ages because she made him promise not to tell), causing months visiting a urologist and therapist to get his urine to flow properly in his body. He was holding it in, wetting the bed, getting infections and his urine started to go backwards in his body.... She took Christmas ornaments and Mother’s Day gifts he made for me saying that she should be his mom, not me! She also gave him a gift signed “your real mom in heaven” so we had to tell him he was adopted at a far younger age than we planned.... She tried to make plans with my oldest two children behind our backs, I overheard her telling my husband that she didn’t want to take the R-word with her. The youngest has special needs) At that point I walked in and said “there’s a door here and a door there, get the fuck out and don’t come back!” We had to put her on a list at school for people that can not have contact with the children, nor pick them up and contact the city because she would come over and go through our garbage.

Note: Regarding school, my husband listed her as an “in case of emergency contact” person. While we could take her off the list, and we did, we could not press charges against her or school, but we did remove him.

We did cut her off in between parties and holidays after every rude comment, cutting her off for good when we found out (after we cut her off from my son in therapy) the fear she instilled in our child, because if it affected his physical health, wtf did she do to his mental health?!?

My husband has been on my side through everything. She wasn’t as nuts when he grew up with her, just mean, and his father was alive, so her true colors weren’t exposed until after he passed.

This list is a just what came to mind and it occurred over a span of years, and it’s been years since we’ve seen her. We’ve considered moving, and just might.

I was out shopping with the boys and we saw her, about a year ago, she (smartly) ran out the door so fast when she saw me look her direction.

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Have you seen the movie 'Hereditrary'? ... That's pretty fucked up.

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i'll never forget the panic i felt before i found out what actually happened because the girl who told the rest of us just said "new york was bombed" or something. 15 year old me thought the nukes where airborne.

edit: i was at a sort of boarding school and we went straight up to the A/V room to watch the news.... kinda fucked up but it was a relief when we found out what had actually happened.

and this was in denmark

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I was leaving my high school library where I got the tail end of my history teacher saying something about us all 'being a part of history' followed by some kid in the hall running around shouting 'we're going to war', followed by my accounting teacher explaining to us that it was important for suspects to be publically executed via a bullet in the face for every 10 minutes that no one took responsibility.

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What are your thoughts on these pertaining to Bouviers specifically:

Carrots in slices, Bananas in slices (keep banana peels away), Blue Berries, Celery in slices, Cucumbers in slices, Green beans in slices, Sliced mango, Peas (non-canned), Pineapple.


My girlfriend loves krav, but it's incredibly hard for me to see her with bruises all over her body; or coming back from instructor training barely able to walk. Have any of you dealt with a significant other who's not exactly the biggest fan of seeing you in physical pain?


I pause the movie if someone starts talking during it. They'll look at me bewildered and say: "You can keep playing the movie while I talk..." and I'll be like: "Naw, naw I can't."


I picked up her Slicker and Comb but that's about it. Anything else I should grab for grooming? How often should I groom to keep shedding down to practically non-existent?


The movie didn't originally have the (imo horrible) green tint, that was changed in the rereleases to match the sequels.

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I don't know why you're getting downvoted--you're not wrong. 👍

I'd be interested to know whether this comes in the original theatrical release color scheme, or the reworked 'green tint' one they made for the blu-ray release.

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Two nights ago I had a dream about Stone Cold Steve Austin and his adventures as a 40 year old man who just enrolled back into high school, last night I dreamt of an android who just wanted to go into air conditioning school but his android mother wouldn't let him.

I was about to buy 3, but living in Canada means shipping and handling alone is over $100....

This is why I don't really get too upset when Trump goes golfing; maybe everyone in the White House knows that's where he can do the least amount of damage.

Not yet, but there will be rewards for the Switch in the future - according to Nintendo's website.

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Unfortunately, there's a very high chance your points will expire before anything cool arrives.

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Obi Wan Kenobi?

Annnnnnd I'm crying at work.

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