Ex-Obama defense official on Hawaii false alarm: "Thank God the President was playing golf' by PrettyTarable in politics

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This is why I don't really get too upset when Trump goes golfing; maybe everyone in the White House knows that's where he can do the least amount of damage.

Is my nintendo gold points useless if I only have switch? by Xylus1985 in Switch

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Unfortunately, there's a very high chance your points will expire before anything cool arrives.

Great Talent by [deleted] in woahdude

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Obi Wan Kenobi?

What popular food do you find disgusting? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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My girlfriend hates eggs. Apparently when she was a kid, her older sister fed her bad eggs, she threw up a lot, and has never gone back since. She also hates hot liquids. No tea, no coffee, no hot cocoa, no soups. (Apparently hot liquids have a 'chalky taste').

What would the child version of you be most excited to hear about you now? by Plastic_Bags in AskReddit

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I own a Nerf arena.

I literally get payed to purchase all the newest Nerf guns, and then play with them.

I Nerf war for a living.

Does anyone know a plumber? by Geek_Charming in gaming

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I own a niche sports arena, we have a video games room in the lobby so no one ever has to be bored while they're waiting for their friends to arrive. These stuffed toys reside in said room, unfortunately, they also get pizza and coke spilled on them a lot as well. 😑

What are your recommended or must haves besides BotW by TrinityBomber in Switch

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Got a switch for my staff to play after hours, the ones we're enjoying immensely at the moment are PuyoPuyo / Tetris, Lovers In A Dangerous Space Time, and of course, Mario Kart 8.

Deer eating apple by gDisasters in pics

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That deer has the most happy anime eyes....

Job Opportunity: Toronto NERF Technician / Modder (Canada) by Geek_Charming in Nerf

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11am is when our resident Nerf Technician comes in this Sunday. Could you make it in for then?

What was your "DAMN, I'm getting old!" moment? by MactavishRoseneath in AskReddit

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A sales lady was helping me at Toys R Us, I mentioned I used to work at Toys R Us myself back in 2002, she replied with: "Oh! That's the year I was born!" I DIED INSIDE.

Job Opportunity: Toronto NERF Technician / Modder (Canada) by Geek_Charming in Nerf

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Tell you what, if you ever find yourself in the Toronto, Ontario area and need a place to stay, I gotchu! 👍 Always willing to help out a fellow Nerfer. 🤘

Job Opportunity: Toronto NERF Technician / Modder (Canada) by Geek_Charming in Nerf

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Hey, we can make it work, what are your thoughts on marrying a Canadian? lol.

Probably much less ethical than parents who tell their kids Santa is real... by Sciencetist in AdviceAnimals

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Twist: Your recently deceased brother is using you to leave dimes around. 👍

According to this article the Ghostbusters animated movie will tell things from a ghosts point of view by Thebeardedpossum in ghostbusters

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Ugh. Call me old fashioned, but I was kinda hoping for a movie where a now adult Oscar Barrett, becomes a reluctant ghostbuster in the third act of the movie, despite having spent the vast majority of the first two acts trying to escape his destiny as a lead figure in the worlds next generation of Ghostbusters, but as fate would have it, when the second half of 'Mick Smiley's - Magic' starts building up to coincide with an epic series of scenes where Manhatten begins to merge with a Babylonian god dimension, Oscar ceils his family in a modified 'containment unit' to protect them, while he goes out to show some prehistoric bitches how they do things downtown. (But that's just my opinion.)