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We have days like that with my son (Also 8) as well. Adrenaline and excitement tend to send him high.

He's on a pump so if he's over about 25mmol (450ish) then we add a +30% basel on top of the correction for a few hours help push him down a little.

Hate days like that though when no matter what you do it doesn't seem to touch the sides.

Thanks for the info. Nice to see I'm not the only kiwi gal struggling to find stuff that fits.

I can say that fayreform go up to a 24G ( I guess that would be a 46G) But not in the full range. Quite often it's only the "functional" ones that are that large, and not many pretty ones. :(

Currently watching him in Ripper Street.

I've been pregnant twice on the mini pill. Not sure what happened the first time around but the 2nd time was due to antibiotics and forgetting a back up method.

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Did you get your first period when you were pregnant and still takin the pill?

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No I didn't. Either time.

But the mini pill is a progestogen-only pill so there are no placebo pills to take.

It doesn't matter how many times I re-watch ER I cry like a baby every time.

I'm a sucker for a man with a beard long enough to grab.

My kinda man swoon

You can never have too much Ryan Reynolds.

I mind but only because my flat mate sounds like a bad porno. I try my best to keep quiet, and neither of my flat mates say it's a problem or have an issue with it, but then we're all very open about talking about our sex lives and the details. And I've slept with one of my flat mates a few years back.

Wow he was cute in Glee, but damn is he hotter without the dreads.

Even on the best of days you can feel the plane swaying from side to side. I've flown uncountable times but I've never enjoyed coming into landing at Wellington!

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I've seen many video of hairy landings before but not one that was abandoned, I assume they got her down in the end.

The landing was not "abandoned" the pilot did a go around. There is a point where you are too far down the runway and have to go around and retry or the plane will run off the runway.

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True, wrong wording on my part.

As a guy who has a hard time sparking chemistry within 10 minutes, this makes me sad.

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Aww, I'm sure there are many ladies out there who don't feel the way I do, but in my experience those I haven't felt it with in that almost instant way are the ones who the sex feels forced with no matter how well I know or care for them.

Don't feel bad. Creating that connection can be a skill set, or it can be genuine. I establish good connection after a couple of dates, where I feel it's the most genuine. On limited occasions I've been able to pull off feigning it, but it seems more work than is worth it.

Ask yourself what type of relationships, using your standard, have lasted and which haven't.

You could also be young. Chemistry at 20 is a lot different than chemistry at 30. 10 years creates a lot of history, and the more individual history a person has, the harder it is to create that chemistry in a short amount of time. So much life has been lived, so many different experiences.

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Oddly my most successful relationship is the one I trusted my gut with and knew I'd get him into bed within that first 10 min. We've been together 4.5 years and still going very very strong.

I do get what your saying though, and ultimately it comes down to that it's a good thing we are all individuals.

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Re-watching that at the moment, he is definitely easy on the eye.

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