My personal matplotlib cheatsheet by jwink3101 in Python

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Holy smokes, the breadth of this. Excellent work - thanks for sharing!

A City on a Hill: if terrain height was defined by city lights, and then hillshaded. More areas in comments. [1200x600][OC] by Geographist in MapPorn

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Conceptually, sort of... but night lights are not good indicators of population size or density.

They can show where a population is, but not how dense or numerous that population may be. Two cities might be similarly bright at night, but that has more to do with the number, type, and arrangement of lights than the people who might look up at them.

This was more of a fun glimpse at how the data might look using techniques not often associated with night lights.

Change Detection Corals bleaching by howudoin000 in remotesensing

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If you're not aware of it already, NOAA has a number of datasets related to coral bleaching.

The resolution is coarse, but it could be beneficial in weighting the change detection (i.e., the change is more likely to reflect bleaching if ocean conditions are such that bleaching is probable, and less likely when conditions are "safe.")