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Stacee90 8 points

I recently bought the Pixi Cheek Gel in Natural because I'd been curious about the Glossier Cloud Paints but don't want to place an order with Glossier right now. I love Pixi Cheek Gel! It sheers out beautifully to a very natural looking flush. I don't recall anyone ever talking about this product on YT. My guess is this is very similar to the Cloud Paints.

GetFreeCash 3 points

I've never heard of this product from Pixi before but I'm going through a huge liquid blush phase so I need to check these out. Thanks for the recommendation :)

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GetFreeCash 1 point

Not sure if you're still interested in opinions but I just got back from a sold out screening of Best F(r)iends and it was honestly one of the most entertaining cinema experiences I've ever had. The plot is extremely weird (it's mostly about Tommy and Greg getting wealthy off dental scrap) but it's definitely worth seeing for some hilarious Tommy moments. I do think seeing it with as many people as possible aids in the enjoyment of the movie as the laughter is very contagious.

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GetFreeCash 5 points

I really like this look! The eyeliner wing and contour is so perfect 😍 my only suggestion is adding some blush to the apples of your cheeks! A little pop of colour there would be really nice, I think :)

Chestnut-mare 3 points

Thank you so much! I’ve been meaning to get some blush for a while now but have no idea which one to get, I don’t want anything too pink or that’s going to be too pigmented I guess, any suggestions which what blush I should try?

GetFreeCash 3 points

I've been into "stick" blushes lately so I recommend the Bite Multisticks and Nars Multiples (especially the Matte Multiples since some of the other ones are a little glittery for my taste). I also think the Milani powder blushes are really nice :)

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makemeup_makeup 18 points

She clarified on periscope that she when things were closed they often went to other places where filming wasn't appropriate and so a lot of the vlog was them at the hotel.

Also wouldn't be surprised if she was going to tourist traps, that's what I do (obvious touristy shit, museums, popular restaurants, etc) when I'm spending a weekish in a city.

GetFreeCash 5 points

Everyone has different travel styles too, I've traveled with people with whom we could cover all the touristy things in a city within a single day, and with people who need to spread things out and allow for more rest time. It seems like Matt and Sam got hit by some severe jet lag as well so maybe they decided to take it easy.

GetFreeCash commented on a post in r/MakeupAddiction
GetFreeCash 4 points

I'm interested in some of the other products from this spring collection like the blushes and makeup sponges shaped like macarons (so cute) but probably gonna pass on these eyeshadows. My mom (mid-50s) more or less buys Lancôme everything and I have a little travel eyeshadow quad that she gave me, and it's pretty mediocre.

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bavogt 4 points

It took them three times to get Casino Royale right, as in there are three Casino Royale Bond movies, and it still wasn't very good, IMO. The movie needs to be about 20 minutes shorter, and include an already inflated cast, Holdo and Rose make no sense from a narrative point of view. To include the fast Holdo is wearing a dress (!), and Poe doesn't know who she is even though there are a couple of hundred people in their fighting force. Keeping the cast tighter would have been the far better solution I feel. But what do I know, I'm just a guy!

GetFreeCash 6 points

FYI the first two movies named "Casino Royale" aren't faithful adaptations of the novel. The 1950s one made James Bond an American agent and the 1960s one is a spoof of the spy movie genre. The 2006 one is the only one which actually updates the novel to the present day while maintaining its plot and themes.

GetFreeCash commented on a post in r/TopMindsOfReddit
GetFreeCash 78 points

Are they wanting to date Eastern Europeans in some misguided attempt to further emulate Trump?

I also sense some sort of TRP-inspired "Eastern European chicks are hot and they're submissive af, they'll do what you want bro" thinking beneath the surface.

GetFreeCash commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
theg721 2 points

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming. (Actually, I'm still halfway through)

I loved the James Bond books when I was younger so I decided to reread them recently. I still love them ^.^

GetFreeCash 2 points

I love "Moonraker" and "From Russia With Love"!

GetFreeCash commented on a post in r/BeautyGuruChatter
tattyluz 30 points

I’m shade 240 in the fenty foundation and comparing that to this foundation line up it seems like it would be one of the last 4-5 shades. This is completely unacceptable. Honestly this is garbage like y’all have money and the resources to pull off a better shade range than this. That jump in color is crazy to me that they thought this was okay. I don’t own anything from tarte but I was gonna purchase shape tape and the foundation but I’m rethinking because this is not okay. I won’t support brands that don’t include a majority of skin tones on the first try and not an afterthought.

GetFreeCash 13 points

Yes! I'm 230 in Fenty which is like the boundary between most brands' light and medium foundations in my experience, and it's easily darker than that first handful of swatches. This is embarrassing.

GetFreeCash commented on a post in r/flicks
Dis_Guy_Fawkes 2 points

What outcome are you referring to? I didn’t watch it.

GetFreeCash 4 points

The fact that films like Call Me By Your Name and The Post, which were widely considered to be strong contenders in several categories, failed to win any Globes.

GetFreeCash commented on a post in r/makeupexchange
astar612 2 points

Are you still willing to send this lipstick? I would pay shipping and any other charge! Thank you!

GetFreeCash 1 point

Hi! Where do you live? It would be $30 CAD for the lipstick and for MAC to ship it to me - and then an additional cost for me to ship it to you, based on where your location is.

astar612 2 points

Hi I live in North Carolina, USA. That sounds fine. Should I PM you my address?

GetFreeCash 1 point

That's okay, I used NC to calculate the shipping cost. It would be $9 CAD without tracking and $18 CAD with tracking, and it takes about the same time (a week) to get there in both cases. So $30 CAD plus whichever shipping method you want would be the final cost :) let me know if you're still interested!

GetFreeCash commented on a post in r/books
GetFreeCash 2 points

I ran the Python script and it produced this error after entering me into exactly 10 giveaways:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 87, in <module>
  File "", line 81, in main
    enter_giveaway(session, giveaway['ID'])
  File "", line 56, in enter_giveaway
    address = int(tree.xpath('//a[@class="gr-button gr-button--small"]/@id')[0][13:])
IndexError: list index out of range

Is there a way to fix this?

SkullTech101 1 point

Did you enter a giveaway manually before, from the same account?

GetFreeCash 1 point

I did!

GetFreeCash commented on a post in r/movies
sydien 63 points

Realists knew that one day Star Wars would come back to earth. There will be a Star Wars film every year for the next ten years. All of them will be hugely profitable. It's the days of shattering the #1 box office of all time that are waning.

People want this to be a discussion on TLJ as a film. Instead the discussion should be on Star Wars as an ongoing franchise rather than a once in a lifetime event. Rogue One took a baby step into new storytelling, TLJ took a big jump. We'll see what Solo does, but I can't foresee how it will be well received.

GetFreeCash 59 points

It's the days of shattering the #1 box office of all time that are waning.

James Cameron: hold my beer

Bernies_Lakehouse 121 points

I am sort of not surprised about Jumanji. My kid really loved it and even though it wasn't my favorite, I was entertained.

I don't know why they are calling TGC the 'quietest' hit when the movie has been advertised EVERYWHERE and for months. Its mostly the critics who disliked it.

GetFreeCash 39 points

In Vancouver, there were so many more ads for The Greatest Showman on the sides of buses and whatnot than there were for other Christmas releases like Jumanji. I'm pretty sure I've heard a couple of the songs from that movie on the radio too.

stuffymeowkins 35 points

The Florida Project

Such a wonderfully painted portrait of how children navigate their life and how they process things, and the often hard to tackle situations that happen around them. Children deserve the world.

GetFreeCash 30 points

Willem Dafoe? More like Willem Dafriend

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