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blowmyubcwhistle 41 points

Using a throwaway account for obvious reasons. I want to provide some insight on how all this even started and blew out of proportion, different from the who-said-what in the rest of this stuff.

I've been close to the SUS kids so I still hear about all the drama going on from multiple people. There's no evidence that I will release, so treat this as a creepypasta.

Like all good stories, this began with 2 best friends and a girl they met over the summer some years ago. In short, the girl tried to lead both of them on. One was flirting with her, the President didn't give a fuck (because he's elite like that). Moving forward, the girl started getting involved in the SUS. The lover boy graduated and President eventually got voted in as President.

During this time, lover boy was kinda jealous that the girl was spending a lot of time in the SUS which was dominated by the President. Lover boy and the President (most likely) got into some disagreement in private and stopped being so close.

Now during a SUS private "meeting", one of the execs made a bad joke about the President and he didn't take it lightly. (Even though nobody remembered or noticed.) He started ostracizing this exec, complaining about her work and trying to isolate her from the rest of the SUS. At this point, a couple of the execs noticed and when they inquired about it, they too became ostracized.

During one of the SUS event which ended becoming a joke among the faculty, the President got angry and blamed everything on these execs, hinting they should resign or else face "consequences".

For some reason (God knows why), the President was going thru an identity crisis to the extent of changing his name. The salty execs started spreading rumors and apparently was threatening the President with some info they knew. (Some ppl thought lover boy leaked, considering his crush was a good friend of the salty execs and only him would have such info.) Close friends noticed he might be going thru a breakdown privately and were worried about him.

Skipping details, the execs now have a group who openly talked shit about the President and the rest of the SUS. As elections come up, the sentiment got contagious and spreaded to other students who denounced the entire SUS. Petty ass President was suspicious of Lover Boy and tried to get with Lover Boy's crush. (Yes, he actually did that). But failed, which made him a bigger laughing stock among the SUS.

Many members of the SUS began distancing themselves from him as the election is coming up. Others stayed loyal but actually feared the consequence of leaving the clique. Almost everyone was dissatisfied about how the year went and pleged loyalty to the new Queen.

The President starts (or should I say continue) posting passive aggressive statements about those who oppose his reign, further creating resentment within the SUS. He's now paranoid of everyone (thinking there's a coup, which there really is), realizing that aside from having a glorified retail job, he doesn't have any professional experience to graduate with, and needy af because he thinks everyone has left him and he wants to be the popular kid in the SUS again.

Okay, some things were dramaticized or left out for your entertainment purposes. But yea, you get the story.

Tldr: a Shakespearean tragedy

Edit: To clarify, at least from my understanding, President hasn’t confronted Lover Boy because he “doesn’t want to ruin their friendship” and both of them are pretending nothing’s happening. Aight, you do you girl

GetFreeCash 17 points

It's like an amalgam of /r/UBC and /r/thebachelor

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GetFreeCash 3 points

Absolutely loved this episode. John's little Big One really struck a chord with me, and I loved what Maria said about how it's so hard to accept that we change and our friendships often change alongside us because of the multitude of meanings that friends can have in our lives. I also thought the names they came up with for the Big One were super Dickensian and I really enjoyed that lol.

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ezreading 89 points

Looks fun. I like silly spy movies. Hell, I like "If Looks Could Kill."

Maybe I have bad taste. shrugs

GetFreeCash 19 points

/u/mi-16evil ONE OF US ONE OF US

GetFreeCash 58 points

I got unreasonably excited when I saw those Casino Royale-esque title sequence shots. But the rest of the trailer was pretty weak.

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GetFreeCash 6 points

I am 23 and graduating from UBC in May, and at the moment I have zero desire to get married. Owning an apartment in Vancouver is a far more important long-term goal for me and I see myself focussing more on accomplishing that than settling down and starting a family.

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Perdin 6 points

The "stacks" aren't nearly as cool as the set up in Hollywood but I guess it's nice they are holding an event in Vancouver.

The exhibit is open Friday, March 23 and Saturday, March 24 from 10 am to 9 pm daily @ Vancouver Art Gallery.

Apparently, there will VR experiences, a retro arcade and some movie-related prizes.

GetFreeCash 0 points

Where did you find the opening/closing times? I found this tweet but it doesn't specify when it opens.

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GetFreeCash [score hidden]

Both and offer free shipping when you spend $49 or more, and they also have their Bae Rewards system where you get 4 points for every $1 spent. If anyone wants to use my referral link for Bae Rewards, here it is:

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neilthecellist 1 point

Have you tried further up north in Vancouver or further south in Portland? My recruiter is buzzing about how Portland is "startuplandia" and is still in the PNW.

GetFreeCash 1 point

Is Vancouver any less competitive than Seattle for this field?

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mi-16evil 7 points

I will only vote Jackson if the bonus is they review the entire special edition features from the LOTR DVDs.

Also as I was discussing with /u/GetFreeCash the box office for Happy Feet opening is crazy for one very big reason.

GetFreeCash 7 points

Casino Royale never making it to #1 in the domestic box office deserves to be tried at Nuremberg. It is a crime almost as heinous as the yo mama joke in Die Another Day.

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mi-16evil 393 points

I wanted to give a big big thank you to /u/GetFreeCash and /u/fenixborealis for filling in for me on my vacation. It really meant a lot and I thought they did a fabulous job!

GetFreeCash 162 points

We were just the George Lazenby and Roger Moore, but Sean Connery has returned to take his rightful place. (Thankfully your writing is better than the writing of Diamonds are Forever.)

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NoNoNobie 4 points

Just bought a Zoeva 114 face focus brush. I really like it for setting under the eyes. Shame I can't find a good setting powder to actually set my under eyes with. I'm pretty fair and I seem to only be able to find powders that make me look orange or actually white.

I keep seeing liquid lipstick that I want to buy, but every liquid lip I've tried has been so dry. But the colours are always so current in liquid lipsticks. The bullets seem to be a bit behind trends.

GetFreeCash 3 points

Have you tried the Bite Beauty liquid lipstick? It's not matte at all!

GetFreeCash 4 points

I'm still using up a sample of Nars' Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation and I've noticed that it seems to look a little cakey when I first apply it (even if I apply a very minimal amount and have prepped my skin beforehand with skincare) but then that goes away after wearing it for a few hours and it looks a lot more natural. Not sure if that's something I'm doing wrong with the foundation application but it is what it is.

I also just placed a Sephora order yesterday and grabbed the UD Troublemaker mascara and Smashbox primerizer as rewards, among other things. I've never used either product so if anyone wants to share what they thought of these, that would be awesome.

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GetFreeCash 10 points

In eighth grade, a friend of mine went to Beijing just before school started in September and he brought back a bunch of these shirts for us as gifts. Needless to say the teachers had some strong words for us when we all rocked up to school wearing them.

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GetFreeCash 7 points

We watched this film in a biochemistry course I took about substances derived from amino acids and it was a great film! Happy to see it getting recommended on reddit :)

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