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They look good to me, I have this exact pair from Muks,actually just wore them yesterday. They're really comfortable, & Muks is a good ass dude,enjoy them!👍

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R.L looks like the seamstress was DRUNK ON SAKI!😲

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Just buy legit,ain't worth the hassle for sub $100 shoes

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God, the "stitching" on these things,if you can even call it that. Lol

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Ask for pics of the box

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They look good to me,except the usual flaws(darker suede,put Nanny powder on it to lighten, & the tongue looks too short)but other than that, I'd G.L, & just rock them bitches with CONFIDENCE!👍

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I have Jordan 5 "Wings" on the way, I should have them by Wednesday. They're not released yet, & EACH PAIR has a different pattern,so how do you suggest combating shoes that they're patterns change?

Saw a peppa pig in supreme x Louis Vuitton T-shirt awhile back.

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I actually can track down where to buy ALL TYPES of Peppa Pig shirts! Lol. I was gonna buy a Gucci one as a joke & rock that shit with FULL CONFIDENCE!😂👍


Kids SEE Ghosts hoodie

What's up rep fam, I'm thinking about buying this,but is it correct?

Original Poster0 points · 18 hours ago

Hmmm...thanks for letting me know that, I'll ask actual qc pics,this was just a stock photo post of him selling it, not the actual shirt I'm buying

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Looks good to me bro, where are you getting it from since i am interested buying another one for myself? Thanks in advance ^

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Original Poster-12 points · 1 day ago

On DHGate. Lol. I got a couple good rep sellers on there I use. Bought alot of stuff from dude, & I always been happy


I love Imgurians,such a happy lot...

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I love Imgurians,such a happy lot...

What's up Rep Fam, I'm wanting to buy this jacket,but want to know if it's a real offering from Off White first,yes,or no? Might cop either way!🔥


This is an alt account of a scammer. If you want proof I’ll post it here

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Put him on blast

Post the proof,we need to get these trolling/scamming BITCHES OUTTA HERE!!!💯

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H12 is a factory, & idk about them being banned,they're a top rep producer, & alot of sellers carry their shoes.

I buy h12 shoes,but through Muks,not through H12 direct! ALWAYS USE A MIDDLEMAN, every time I went direct through a factory been nothing but problems,I get actually better deals buying them through a middleman! Lol

Even without other pics,I'll say I'm 95% sure these are fake,the box is too dark, & the clear text is too dark,lighting or not!

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Well ive read that the H12 pair is most consistent and has general batch flaws of light suede and the swoosh isnt as pointed as retail, but im not sure about Wills pair or OWF's. Got any advice mate?

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I got GS, don't know what batch, but other than the suede being darker than retails(nothing a lil buddy powder won't fix) I'm super happy with them! I post my shit all over Instagram, & have some pretty rich,well known followers, & NEVER been called out on anything I actually own,just do diligent research, & come to your own conclusion

Pk for2.0 version, & H12 for O.G's

Muks got good versions, I'm pretty sure they're pk, he primarily carries pk, & secondly carries H12.

Box could just be legit, need to see clear pic of boost,I don't feel safe making a call till you have those

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The Parra AM1 is probably one of my favorite shoes to have come out recently. Im just not aware of any reps atm

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Muks has a good pair, I'm buying them them in 2 weeks,my Jordan 5 "Wings" already hit u.s customs,so I'll do a review on those in a few days for anyone interested in them

Seconded. I’ve scooped lots of dope slouch hats on DH.

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I've got ALOT of good shit period,you just gotta do your research

Everyone's a "Gangster" until a Gangster enters the room!💯
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