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Assaucein 2 points

You still didn't fix the finger 😱

However I must say this is amongst the warmest expressions I've ever seen Luffy wear. I absolutely love it!

Ghost_Animator 1 point

You still didn't fix the finger


denixxo 4 points

I'm guessing the band isn't visible because of perspective.

Ghost_Animator 2 points


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Ghost_Animator commented on a post in r/photoshopbattles
DrWankalot 2,492 points
Ghost_Animator 56 points

The FCC (Foto Composition Circlejerk) just announced its plan to cut out pictures from your photo submissions, allowing karmawhores like DrWankalot to do horrible things to them. If this comment gets enough updoots, "you" can stop the FCC.

We need to stop them !!!!

NotTheRealMorty [M] 1 point

This submission has been removed. Improperly tagged fanart post.

Ghost_Animator 1 point

Sorry for that, won't happen again.

mohd_jishan 2 points

Wow! Keep up the good work and try to bring in some colours!

Ghost_Animator 1 point

Thanks ☺ I will add colors to this one now.

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Ghost_Animator commented on a post in r/india
stash0606 1 point


You mean emphasize/emphasise?

Ghost_Animator 1 point

my bad, edited it now.

ham_onrye 53 points

when my friend told me to watch this movie, he compared it with few other movies (like Kingsmen)

You need new friends.

Ghost_Animator 9 points

Actually we watched Kingsmen a week before that and he wants to emphasize that the movie is as good as Kingsmen but I mistook it for the genre.

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minhquach 8 points

That's beautiful! I don't know how to describe this, but I can feel the warmth from his expression and the genuine smile. It's really well drawn.

One small feedback I have is that his left hand's index finger looks uneven compared to the other fingers. Maybe you can add an extra line to it. (Just a quick Photoshop edit)

Ghost_Animator 4 points

Thanks a lot for your kind words ☺

Ghost_Animator commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Ghost_Animator 38 points

The property was purchased by Kushner Cos in 2006 for $1.8 billion, which at the time was the highest price paid for a single building in Manhattan.

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