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Only 6% of Epilepsy sufferers have light-enduced seizures. Shows how much you know.

Taxes in a nutshell


Why is masturbation frowned upon? Why are so many people ashamed of the urge to masturbate? You are a human being. Human beings have natural sexual urges, and that completely okay. Subreddits like r/nofap are bullsh*t because they associate jerking off with loneliness and guilt. There are definitely exceptions, like if you’re masturbating 10 times a day and it’s starting to affect your everyday life or relationship, but other than that, nobody should be guilty about masturbating.


I'm very interested in getting stronger. I'd like to be able to do more weight on bench and do more push-ups and stuff like that. Out of curiosity, I'm wondering if getting stronger naturally makes your muscles bigger.

I'm a somewhat skinny guy with naturally small arms and a small chest. If I get stronger, will I get swoll too?

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If I get stronger, will I get swoll too?

Not necessarily. Most strength gains in beginners will be from cns adaptions and simply getting better at the movements.

But if you want to make sure to gain size, which takes time, you do two things.

1) consistent overload: push heavier weights, or do more volume. (more reps or sets).

2) caloric surplus: creating an environment in which your muscles have everything they need for growth.

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I’m not necessarily looking for size though, just strength. Would heavy weights and calorie surplus be necessary for strength gains as well?

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Good to know!

Having the urge to pee when someone is going down on you.

Trap music. I don’t get it. Who wants to listen to some kind of stupid douchebang singing about how awesome they are when they’re not? All those lil pumps and xxxtentacions with their Guche Gangs and what not are so fucking dumb.

“Stainless Rainbow” Cool band name alert!

So basically, Miami would be the 22nd Century version of Atlantis?

Every account on reddit is a bot except you.

Having sex. I’ve found that having any intimacy with the opposite sex (or the same sex, if you’re into that) boosts a great deal of self esteem.

r/explainlikeimfive. You can barely post anything on that subreddit nowadays because so many questions have already been explained.


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There are a couple jump scares though in Sinister. That being said, it’s a great movie.

The mailbox with the chest and the fence post is such a cute idea

And here I am not even knowing you can put maps on the wall like that...

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You place item frames right next to each and fit the maps together like a puzzle. Every time I start a new survival world, I'll use coordinates to map out as much of the map as I can on a separate identical world. I think the biggest I've ever had was 32x50 maps placed into a single one, which covered around 26.2 million blocks.


Or wumbology, the study of wumbo.

To make it so that the Emoji Movie never existed.


“Not My President” shouldn’t be taken literally, or with the presumption of denial. The phrase should be taken as an opinion. If you replace the word President with anything else it is taken as an opinion. If I said the Beatles were “not my band” one would deduce that I simply dislike the Beatles. Not My President is simply saying “I don’t like the President”

I’m tired of hearing this phrase interpreted as denial, like one is refusing to believe that the President is the President. It’s a phrase of opinion, not to be taken literally.

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Should I just google all of these or...

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