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TheTinderVanMan 1 point

What a suprise, someone from LoL or DotA thinking their playtime on a different game has anything to do with Paragon. Paragon was suppose to be a differnt type of MOBA, but now that Epic is listening to the LoL/DotA fanbase this game has turned to garbage. Im so tired of this LoL & DotA crowd, do us all a favor and go back to those games.

Glasssko 1 point

Well, most MOBAs has the same Base structure so learning how to play the map does translate between games. Also. Did you miss the part where I mentioned that I played the game since the launch?

[deleted] 1 point

Haha tanks and supports peeling. Good joke. With what? Their permanent 20% damage shield? Oh wait, they don't have one. Maybe they could one shot the enemy? Oh wait, they don't have that either.

What tools do you think these characters have to do that? Support and tank cards are complete garbage compared to overpowered caster cards.

Glasssko 1 point

Supports has good spells such as narbash stun/ultimate and phase blind/pull. As for items you can buy aoe team healing/shielding/block.

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TheQuickBroWnFly 2 points

There are two absolute things in the universe: the speed of light and my null ability to play with my camera unlocked. Any help? I feel like this is holding me back from being a better player.

Glasssko 1 point

Using space bar to center your character (and lock camera when holding it down) helps a lot when playing unlocked.

ShanKanis 37 points

This bug is soooooooo old. I'm amazed it was never fixed. Good PSA though, many people don't know it's such an easy fix, and some just restart game.

Glasssko 7 points

It's been around as long as I can remember (started playing in s1)

ZVengeanceZ 1 point

Skins are non-cannon and therefore voice-lines are irrelevant unless it's a legendary

Glasssko 1 point

I know that only skins such as omega squad teemo gets different voice lines and that riot won't actually change his voice over. My point was that Tarics' voice lines doesn't fit bloodstone and makes it feel very weird to play.

[deleted] 9 points

Why is Xani being swapped for some no name? He was totally fine, OG's biggest problem was the shit tier bot lane

Glasssko 4 points

The current Origen roster has underperformed and currently stands at 1w - 0t - 2l (that one win was with Neon & Illuzjonist). Feels like they want to swap it up for the 2 last games. In the tweet they mentioned that Sevenarmylol has preformed well in tryouts.

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