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Glasssko commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
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Will be interesting to see if GP's buildpath changes. Normally (mostly lcs) you would go Tri - IE - Steraks - Youmuu - Last Whisepr Item + boots. This gives 20% crit from the IE, with the new changes the build would give 0% crit however ( Aside from the 100% crit of Stormrazor). Might see some more Critfocused GP in competetive now :).

DanteMasamune 299 points

Peke 100% sold his soul to make this happen

Glasssko 1 point

Don't worry, they just sacrificed the soul of an up and coming Diamond 3 adc named "The Valyrian".

Regrup 2 points

Other esports titles have longtime career players (Jaedong (28 years), Zeus (30), Edward (30), NEO (30), TaZ (31), f0rest(29) and others), i don't see problems having the same for LoL. Plus all 3 named players are mechanically gifted and was praised for this during their career peaks.

"They're all 24-25 years old which is about max age pro gamers retire"

This bullshit statement i've seen so many times, for like last 18 years, yet it was proved again and again that it's not true.

P.S. I can see Oddone, Dyrus, Yellowstar, Reginald, nRated, Nyph, Snoopeh, Yellowpete, etc retired bcs of how good new players become while they was always bad mechanically (overall early LoL years pros). But League became stale since then, it's like 2-3 last seasons discovered everything from League (difference btw season 1 decent mechanical player and season 4-5 is insane. If u play Lee sin now u need to be able to perform "insec" move at least while in the past it was mechanically hard move). All this new talented players can play for a long time, atleast until Riot decide to shut down their project.

Glasssko 1 point

Would also include Xmithie to the list who is 26 years and just became an NA spring split champion

insanePowerMe 8 points

Fnatic would probably want to drop him. Hylissang is working well and keeping Jesiz there just for the lulz costs them money. Salary is not cheap.
But Id like to see someone else in support

Glasssko 2 points

I think that Jesiz is working with the Fnatic Coaching Staff (Similiar to what he did in NA with Immortals), so he's not kept for the sole reason of being a sub.

ganonboar 6 points


Glasssko 22 points

Look at the newspapers Headline "Expect ations". Most likely an intentional " " between Expect and ations. :)

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Gick själv i en kristen friskola, kan inte tala för alla men bortsett från skolavslutningen i kyrkan (vilket är standard tradition i Sverige) märkte jag inga religiösa inslag i undervisningen. Tror mest den kallades "kristen" eftersom många i styrelserna var från samma kyrka.

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