Pludo -- Overdrive [Electronic /Synthpop] (2018) by GnomeSlice in listentothis

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The Australian street performers are back with another unique release. Album link

/r/ListenToThis presents the Best Of overlooked music from 2017 by l2t in listentothis

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Glad I could help get it out there man, definitely one of those releases that stuck with me last year. Incredible first listen!

I love NieR: Automata too much - 2B's sword by ilwolhongdam, Seoul, South Korea by TheMediaHound in tattoos

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I really like this. Definitely achieves the feel of an archaic parchment ink drawing

NxxxxxS - High Pressure Research [Vaporwave / Trap] (2014) by Caseylightning in listentothis

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Had to do a double take to make sure that yes, that is NxxxxxS on L2T front page. Well done, thanks for posting!