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Voice cast is incredible, I'm very much looking forward to this.

Because, like you said, it's a perfect kiting circle. It's bland but it's effective, it's like the "final destination" of KF2 - it may not be the most dynamic and exciting but it's the most straightforward and no-nonsense map which makes it appealing for serious games.

She opened for Sabaton when I saw them, I’m not a fan of Huntress but it was an entertaining and memorable set. She was cheesy as hell but not in a “boo, get off the stage” kind of way, but a goofy and positive way. Like I said, I’m not a fan of her music but I still have good memories of her and she made me smile. Rest In Peace.

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OwO Hewwo how awwe you doing today UwU? (>.<)

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This will not go unpunished.

They’re only two dudes; maybe why such is even more true.

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There are four members of Tomb Mold now and they all played on the most recent album. It's not a two-piece anymore.

They’re all exaggerated for a campy/comedic effect for the most part.

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Patch jackets in metal. The more you have that people don't recognise the better it's deemed to be.

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That’s not accurate in my experience, people don’t compliment merch when they don’t know the band. So if you have a fairly underground band represented that both parties know it’s a special moment but it’s not this big quest to find the smallest and most obscure bands for the hell of it.

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That’s definitely a shame to hear. We’ll have to see if that means a delay on the new album.

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They finished recording the album a while ago so I think it won’t have an effect

Only gripe would be the Mr. Freeze design basically being the BTAS look. With Lauren Faust clearly having an eye for redesigning characters in a fun way (props to the Green Lantern design in the short as well), just re-using the old design felt kinda lazy. Small nitpick, but this is Reddit after all.

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The green lantern design is just the standard Jessica Cruz look from the comics though, isn't it?

Jessica Cruz

There's been a new human lantern since 2014?

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Her and Simon Baz were both introduced fairly recently, yeah.

This would've been rad in late 80s but the gothenburg sound isn't genre defining anymore I guess. So... meh.

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the gothenburg sound


In what world is lo-fi good for trad?

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lo-fi adds a ton of personality, I tend to avoid EUPM because the overproduction makes it sound sterile

if there's anything less aesthetically pleasing than death metal logos someone be sure to let me know

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This is the logo style for deathcore, death metal logos generally look a lot cooler

Imagine if there was a subreddit where we could post metal songs that we wanted others to check out, that’d be sick

Try Coffins or Sabbat. Coffins is closer to Dethklok than Sabbat but both are very different from melodeath.

I don't dislike it. I wish there was less chugging and a (much) grimier production but I could dig this in the full context of a good album.


When I import video files shot from an iphone, Davinci imports them as audio files and won't let me access the video portion at all.

The frame rate is 59.96 fps, and the bitrate is 12496kps. If I need to provide any more information please let me know, but why is the video itself not importing?

EDIT: I should note I converted the files to MP4 as well and experienced the same problem.


Are you using the free version? I know for sure that the free version of 14 didn't support 10-bit files, and I suspect that the same is true of 15. I don't think the iPhone shoots 10-bit, but I wonder if there is another limitation. Are the files 4k files? Maybe resolve has a 4k limitation as well? Try converting your files to 1080 and then see what happens. If they import properly, then you'll know you need to upgrade to Studio.

I wish they documented this better. But what you are describing is exactly what I ran into with 10-bit files on the free version - audio with no video. Once I bought Studio for $300 the files worked perfectly. You might google a bit (or try a sample conversion) to see if it's a limitation of the free version. If so, and if you can afford $300, I'd recommend Studio. The noise reduction feature alone is worth the price of admission, and Resolve is a growing platform that's worth supporting.

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It’s the free version, yes. This project is time sensitive so I ended up finding another free alternative but it’s very barebones and this information will be helpful in the future. Thank you, I’ll look into those points.

I finally got around to listening to Spectral Wound and I love it. I had no doubt it would be good but the name was too similar to Spectral Voice so I was petty and slept on the band. There are a lot of band names that turn me off but I’m thinking of going through some of them this week.

I even ordered the first Spectral Wound CD through Pagan Flames, shipping is free within the US and they’re having a buy one get one free sale so I ended up with some Root, Spectral Wound, Sorcier Des Glaces, and Mounrful Congregation for $16 total. They’ve got a lot of distro filler but it’s worth looking through.

P.S. I released a Bastardized History of Power Metal this past weekend

I'm on mobile, but from what I can see, this falls under the "encouraged" category. Why on Earth would a thread like this get deleted? What's the point of having less discussions on the page?

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The "encouraged" discussion is meant to be in the comments of music posts or in the proper discussion threads. The reason for this is because this is a music-driven sub and it makes the most sense to have the front page be mostly music. You can discuss in the relevant music posts, or in the mass discussion threads that contain all the discussion in one thread so that the front page doesn't need to be littered with misc. discussion.

The majority of subscribers are here for just music, and those of us that bother with discussion should keep it organized so that it doesn't weigh down the sub.

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