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GogDog 6 points

I used to work for a cable company. One time i went to a residence that had lost internet service. Their overhead coax drop had a BB shot into the side.

I asked the customer if they had any idea who could have done it. They said they had no clue. As I walked out, I noticed the BB gun leaning against the wall. They were almost certainly trying to shoot squirrels up on the wires and hit their own drop.

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DiZXIII 1 point

Ok, but seriously, is this game good?

GogDog 13 points

Personally, I felt like it was a P3/P4 mashup that took the characters to hyperbolic levels of self parody. If you appreciated the character growth of any of the characters during the original games, it's as if none of that happened in Q, and in fact the characters are even more extreme versions of their old selves.

I gave it a good shot. Got about halfway through it, but the stuff I mentioned above just really took me out of the story and I lost interest. It felt more like a fanfic than anything else to me.

The gameplay was similar to Strange Journey but for some reason I liked SJ better.

If none of the above matters to you, then you very well may love it.

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[deleted] 2 points


GogDog 3 points

That is true. But I also believe there are much better, more honest ways of generating gaming income.

I don't think the model would have bothered me so much if it didn't have the Star Trek brand on it, that's all.

[deleted] 2 points


GogDog 1 point

I get that. Totally. It just bums me out that the game economy depends on a handful of players falling for a predatory practice. People like us can can enjoy it. It might take months to grind enough dilithium to buy a lootbox ship from another player.

But for that ship to even exist, other players have to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars. I've read a few articles profiling some of these "white whale" players that keep F2P games going and it's sad that a system is designed around taking advantage of what is essentially a gambling addiction.

I believe in personal responsibility. I don't believe that anyone is forcing them to spend money on loot boxes. But I also believe that the system is designed around taking advantage of their problems in a pretty greedy way, and that the game couldn't sustain itself without that practice.

Thank you for the friendly debate. :) I'm glad we can share conflicting opinions in a mature way.

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R-E-D-D-l-T 7 points

There's also a red version that works very well! You'll need to max out every single Heavensward Beast Tribes to unlock the red version, for those who are wondering.

GogDog 3 points

Where do you get it from once you've maxed them out?

R-E-D-D-l-T 6 points

IIRC, same vendors, but they'll have the recolored version too now.

GogDog 1 point

Oh cool, ty

GogDog commented on a post in r/ffxiv
Raji_Lev 2 points

If you hadn't specifically said "on coeurl", I would've thought this was taking place on Leviathan (or, hell, is there any server where this wouldn't be happening in Limsa?)

GogDog 1 point

Every time I visit Limsa in Exodus, it's immediately RMT bots and weird, semi-erotic SAYs. I'm talked to people on other servers as well. Limsa tends to be where the weird shit happens.

GogDog commented on a post in r/networking
pdp10 -68 points

Is there any particular reason why you exclude the OP from the list of ISPs you condemn? Is it because OP claimed to work for a small outfit?

I find that presenting the SP perspective to outsiders often elicits an "ISP monopoly" reaction, especially when the subject is something they think they understand like "network neutrality". Nobody knows what "monopoly" is any more, it's just a word they use when they don't like their options.

SPs typically charge what the market will bear. The reason the incumbents can often charge relatively high prices is that people want to use the big name and get the big speed number, but they want service and quality like the small outfit provides. It's the customers who are almost as responsible for the limited diversity of connectivity providers almost as much as government regulations. My sympathy is limited for such users.

Did they all really think they could all cut cords and switch their tremendous television consumption to a disruptive provider like Netflix and their DOCSIS transit provider would fail to notice and just eat the loss? Again, my sympathy is limited.

GogDog 11 points

Your sympathy isn't the only thing that's limited.

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GogDog 1 point

Check your split tunneling. Make sure both subnets are allowed in the policy you're using. It looks like you have two policies, one for each subnet?

if you can't ping a subnet over anyconnect, it's almost always either NAT exemption, or split tunneling, and I think your NAT exemption looks fine.

ciscno 1 point

Thanks for the reply. Correct the different policies are in place so specific users can only access their assigned VLAN. Is there a better way I should be doing this?

I followed online guides on how to do this :(

My split tunnels are assigned to the corresponding user's group policy:

access-list SPLIT-TUNNEL standard permit

access-list NAT-EXEMPT extended permit ip

access-list NAT-EXEMPT2 extended permit ip


access-list SPLIT_TUNNEL-VPN2 standard permit

access-list NAT-EXEMPT3 extended permit ip no-proxy-arp route-lookup

access-list NAT-EXEMPT4 extended permit ip no-proxy-arp route-lookup

Something is still missing, but I just can't seem to find it. I'd like to turn on ping to troubleshoot... I thought I defined it globally, but it doesn't seem to work over VPN.

GogDog 2 points

I find it soooo much easier to use ASDM for this personally.

I usually deploy a single policy that links with Active Directory via LDAP, so there may be a quirk in regards to local multiple users with multiple policies that I'm not accustomed to.

Is this a corporate device? A personal project? I'm way better at hands on them I am at text troubleshooting. If you want me to take a look remotely via ASDM, if that's even possible, let me know. I'm sure I can find some time.

GogDog commented on a post in r/Cisco
GogDog 5 points

If the device is a PC, make sure you disable the firewall. Happens to me all the time. Rejects unsolicited pings, but accepts its own replies.

OswaldoLN 1 point

Firewall on PC is disabled. This still doesn't explain why the ASA cannot ping the Router on the same subnet.

Not to mention that I am trying to use tftp port 69.

GogDog 2 points

Well if you can ping from .90, but the ASA can't ping it, then the problem very well might be on .90, as solicited traffic passes, unsolicited traffic is dropped.

Exactly what type of device is .90? I think there's a lot of info we don't know.

GogDog commented on a post in r/Cisco
kcornet 2 points

Perfect! Thanks!

GogDog 3 points

Keep in mind, if the organization needs to stay within certain compliances, it may fail due to "allowing IPSEC from any IP address" on the static side. We ran into this once and we ended up having to go static on both sides to meet the compliance requirements.

GogDog commented on a post in r/networking
GogDog 11 points

When ordinance rains from the sky and lands in your server room, is this considered a cloud service?

hardly_satiated 5 points

In Soviet Russia, you create own cloud.

GogDog 5 points

In Soviet service crash you!

GogDog commented on a post in r/ffxiv
fubes2000 34 points

I always imagine a slow-motion shot, midway through backflipping over the WHM, upside down, flipping the double bird.

GogDog 17 points

And the RDM is smiling, teeth gleaming like the gentleman emote.

GogDog commented on a post in r/networking
GogDog 1 point

I had a similar issue, this was my thread. Solution in the comments, I gave gold to the comment that worked for me.

Granted, my issues were with the wiring on the Viking, so the issue may not be the same, but maybe something will help you, at the very least. Good luck.

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CaptainJenson -2 points

Yeah but he's got ARCH and ROUTE, so CCDA would give him CCDP, and as a professional-level cert...

GogDog 4 points

A cert doesn't refresh a cert.

An exam refreshes a cert.

And an associate exam doesn't refresh a professional cert.

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