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Aussie Bash is actually a little-known anagram of Aisling Bea.

Surprised at all the love for Winkleman. She’s a decent presenter but I find her to be really try-hard on shows like this. Really wanting to be funny and it just seems fake...

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You're not the only one who feels that way.

She just has very vocal supporters/defenders here.

But in the end, she's just an occasional rare contestant on these kinds of shows, doesn't do any harm even if you don't find her funny, and is far from the worst thing to appear on 8oo10cdc. So I simply tolerate.

Like the show or not, Frank is one of the very best, and anything that reduces his screen time is a bad thing in my opinion.

This show is a surprisingly good use of Romesh's talents. Enjoyed it more than anything he's done lately. Intelligent and compassionate, informative, with a welcome side of humour when the moment calls for it.

Normally find Phil fairly intelligent and funny. Am feeling discouraged from watching this after seeing the comments here.

I liked the quiz. Good questions. The questions are the heart of quiz shows. The rest is window dressing, not that there are any complaints there. I'd like to see more rounds per show, it could be 30min long no problem.

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Other than the free kick, Johnny was on fire.

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Totally agree, in that somebody needed to shoot a fire extinguisher at him, from time to time. I say that lovingly and with great respect for Johnny :)

Duddle-uddle Ut-dut, Henry Hoover, Duddle-uddle Ut-dut, Henry Hoover

As a normal person who thinks of Jewish people as entirely ordinary people no better or worse than any other major race or creed - it was quite tiresome to sit through what felt like a patronising 10 minute lecture on antisemitism.

The whole bit was just strange.

Saw the first ep. Really good overall. Great banter variety show. Wasn't terribly keen on the Richard Gadd sketch.

Best thing since the beeb's popular 80s sitcom 'Brush Strokes'

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It's why we fought War One.

This was really good! Intelligent, charming, and of course very funny. Thanks.

Can I ask what these are? Is it this? Or something else?

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Cool thanks!


The unusual squareness of the last few weeks' price movements shows that manipulation has completely taken over the BTC price. In the below 4hr chart, note the squareness which starts about a quarter of the way into the image - up until that point, the chart pattern is reasonably "rounded" and organic in movement - and then suddenly, it becomes all flat and square from then on. (ignore the price in the below image - it's from yesterday)

You won't see that sort of square pattern if you scroll back in time. Relative flat/big jag up or down/relative flat/big jag up or down. Because it's not organic, it's totally painted.

The near-constant "huge bookending walls" above and below the current market prices, and which conveniently shift and bully the market price in any chosen direction, are another undeniable sign of this.

(be aware that when one of these big walls is "smashed through" causing huge market FOMO for an hour - that "smash through" was actually the wall owner simply buying their own coins back, knowing that the FOMO created will allow them to dump the coins at a higher price, once the order book has filled up higher).

I monitor this sort of behaviour in detail and the picture has become pretty clear in terms of huge manipulation having taken over from any kind of "organic" movement, at this time. It has always been true to a degree, but now it is really blatant and at a level well above what we've seen before.

Traders beware.


Russell's mum is like the David Brent of mums.

I think that's because that's actually what he's like. Like many comedians he's probably a mix of his schtick and his private self, but I think he's...just like that for real. And someone at the BBC caught him in a net and put him on TV, and this is actually the Truman Show 2.

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Like many comedic personas, Richard isn't really like this in real life.

What you see on screen is those aspects of his personality, which in real life are a normal minor part of his his entire personality, magnified to become the exaggerated whole.

i.e. he really is that funny and witty, but doesn't spend his whole life with those aspects of his person at the fore!!

Next you're going to tell me that James Earl Jones isn't really a cold, lifeless, evil killing machine and he was just playing up aspects of his personality to portray Darth Vader! D:

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Exactly. All we see is The Darth Vader of Richard Ayoade. In real life he's just a normal intelligent non-awkward (quite the opposite!) bloke who pulls the birds like you wouldn't believe.

Mack and Skinner, wow, that would be amazing. The two best dry wits in showbiz.

its dont give create wallet there. what wrong?

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Your grammar, my good friend.

You should say "It does not allow me to create a wallet. What's wrong?".

he meant “i dont give a fuck about this wallet, whats up?”

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In that case, he should say "While adjacent to this wallet, I do not offer sexual intercourse; and furthermore, I would like to know the definition of 'up', please".

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