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Goldshredder commented on a post in r/panelshow
Goldshredder 21 points

As a normal person who thinks of Jewish people as entirely ordinary people no better or worse than any other major race or creed - it was quite tiresome to sit through what felt like a patronising 10 minute lecture on antisemitism.

The whole bit was just strange.

Goldshredder commented on a post in r/panelshow
AlexanderImmigrant 7 points

I think that's because that's actually what he's like. Like many comedians he's probably a mix of his schtick and his private self, but I think he's...just like that for real. And someone at the BBC caught him in a net and put him on TV, and this is actually the Truman Show 2.

Goldshredder 7 points

Like many comedic personas, Richard isn't really like this in real life.

What you see on screen is those aspects of his personality, which in real life are a normal minor part of his his entire personality, magnified to become the exaggerated whole.

i.e. he really is that funny and witty, but doesn't spend his whole life with those aspects of his person at the fore!!

AlexanderImmigrant 3 points

Next you're going to tell me that James Earl Jones isn't really a cold, lifeless, evil killing machine and he was just playing up aspects of his personality to portray Darth Vader! D:

Goldshredder 1 point

Exactly. All we see is The Darth Vader of Richard Ayoade. In real life he's just a normal intelligent non-awkward (quite the opposite!) bloke who pulls the birds like you wouldn't believe.

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Spazzer 1 point
Goldshredder 1 point

Needs more angels.

Goldshredder commented on a post in r/BitcoinPrivate
Powermetal99 1 point

its dont give create wallet there. what wrong?

Goldshredder 3 points

Your grammar, my good friend.

You should say "It does not allow me to create a wallet. What's wrong?".

repnos666 1 point

he meant “i dont give a fuck about this wallet, whats up?”

Goldshredder 2 points

In that case, he should say "While adjacent to this wallet, I do not offer sexual intercourse; and furthermore, I would like to know the definition of 'up', please".

Goldshredder commented on a post in r/Ripple
TooFitToFat 17 points

Don’t think it’s so much whales as much as your impatience. How much of your investment did you lose selling so low? I will tattoo Brad Garlinghouse on my ass if we don’t crack 1.00 in 5 months

Goldshredder 2 points

Which font will you use?

Goldshredder commented on a post in r/BitcoinPrivate
Goldshredder 1 point

BTCP was never to be a get-rich-quick, short term investment. No project of lasting worth ever is.

I don't have many, but what few I do have, I'm quite happy to just hold, for all of 2018, and beyond if necessary. This price stuff at the moment, it's just meaningless - no point even looking at it.

Goldshredder commented on a post in r/BitcoinPrivate
SomeKunt 1 point

Awesome news ! We are going to the moon. Everything will be different now ! I am going to list it on my exchange tomorrow as well ! It might have a lower trading volume than your little sister's bank account, but the more, the merrier !

Goldshredder 3 points

What kind of sex changes are you offering? I hope the name is not indicative, because typically we don't want just some of the kunt, we want it all. Bit weird otherwise, you know.. it'd be like having one boob, or, err, really tiny, bastardly hands.

Goldshredder commented on a post in r/BitcoinPrivate
[deleted] 3 points


Goldshredder 1 point

"I don't know."

But.. I had a few thoughts in another post.

youra_towel 2 points

can someone please ELI5 why the circulating supply is unknown?

Goldshredder 3 points

Coinmarketcap require a certain degree of verification and reliability in the figures they choose to publish.

Perhaps they see some community uncertainty about the claiming of the fork coins (e.g. segwit addresses ability to claim, and some exchange users saying they weren't given their allocation) and therefore don't consider the figure authoritative enough to publish yet.

But primarily, it's not at all uncommon for coins newly listed on CMC to have to wait awhile before the circulating supply is shown.

I can only imagine that the BTCP developers are liaising with CMC about their listing details.

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Goldshredder commented on a post in r/xmrtrader
Goldshredder 4 points

Price dump seems out of proportion.

I'm guessing that because XMR is short-able (e.g. margin trading on Poloniex), organised groups opportunistically jump onboard anything that can be construed as negative news (such as a fork postponement), and encourage others onboard to short below them - exactly like a manipulated pump in reverse.

Binance and Bittrex are manipulated down using just 20BTC or so of sell walls, constantly refreshed (see the order books! - the moving Bittrex-o-matic sliding walls), so that Poloniex price must follow, and there is where the manipulators make their money, in the margin trading, where their orders are waiting to take the enlarged, leveraged profits.

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