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I hate how it’s SO easy to just keep watching that loop.

I LOVE the mask. It looks excellent, and that was one of my biggest concerns. They kept it simple, and nailed the look of the mask looking older. And it doesn't just look older as in wear & tear, the face of the mask actually looks a bit older too. All in all, I really love it and am 100% optimistic about the direction of this movie.

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Honestly, this has been a concern of mine as well. But they seem to have NAILED it. Every new tidbit I read has me that much more excited for this film.

Some people just can’t be converted.

Like, I still hold out hope that one day somebody will come up with the antidote required to convert my wife.

I’d give almost anything to have her enjoy this band with me ... but it just doesn’t work.

But I’ll be damned if I don’t catch her tapping her foot (oddly) every now and again.

My wife and I debate this film on occasion.

We LOVE Freddy. The original NOES brought us so much joy over the years, and hell ... so have the others.

But this movie. The regression of Freddy to the point where I expect him to walk in with a microphone to tell some stand-up jokes just doesn’t do it for me.

There’s SO much to dislike about this movie.

Freddy’s make-up got worse. Why?

Oh for Christ’s sake ... that god damned laugh. All the time. “Baaaaaaa-hahahahahahaha!!!” It’s like, settle down Robert. Go back to your part one Freddy, please.

“No screamin’ while the bus is in motion!” There’s NO reason good enough for Freddy to sound like a fuckin’ surfer.

“You forgot the power gloooooooovvvveeee!!!” should never be a sentence Freddy says in a film.

Now, yeah ... there’s a lot of dumb shit in this movie. Some shitty acting. Some shitty writing. But really, beyond all that ... I guess it’s truly Freddy himself who makes me hate the movie. Because this Freddy isn’t MY Freddy. Instead, he’s a walking cartoon of what he once was, and it’s upsetting.

But there ARE some bits I enjoy.

The serious tone of Freddy after the flashback scene where his daughter finds his workshop. In the flashback she says: “I won’t tell.” The flashback ends and Freddy is behind her, all grown up, and says “but ya DID tell, didn’t ya?”

I love that part.

I also love the “every town has an Elm Street” line.

Also, a few other parts of Freddy taking a serious tone.

But really, who am I kidding. I’ll still watch it LEAST another couple times in my life.

After all, it IS still Freddy.


Original Poster0 points · 16 days ago

Hmm I’m intrigued to know what you think of the 2010 remake

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Okay, so.

Let me go on record as saying that I did not hate Jackie’s Freddy. The make-up and his voice (a lot of the time) kind of annoyed me. But Jackie did great. I liked that Freddy was evil again. And for the most part, pretty quiet. He had a couple laughs thrown in, but really, for the most part ... they were just hoarse chuckles. Which I liked. They were never “Bwaaaaa-haaaaaahahahahahahahahaha” nor were they every eleven seconds. I LOVE the scene where he’s talking about the brain functionality after death. That was great. I enjoyed the scissoring of the glove. That was a great choice by Jackie.

I never jumped on the “not my Freddy” bandwagon. I love Robert as much as the next guy, but I never subscribed to the group that said nobody else could ever play him. And Jackie, after getting the chance, proved he could fill that dirty, brown hat.

But, with the exception of some neat Freddy parts and some cool visuals, the film was a fuckin’ dumpster fire.

I’ll name my absolute least favorite thing last, but first I’ll mention some other grievances:

Why is everyone rich? Come on, already. Christ. Even the single fuckin’ mom owns a house most would call a mansion. Settle down, post-2000 horror. A big, beautifully spacious home doesn’t make a horror movie more interesting by default.

If Wes could get the 1984 headboard scene to look like a work of art using only a latex wall and a dude behind it pressing outward, then who the fuck fell asleep while creating this scene for the remake? And in post-production, upon realizing how shitty it looked, why didn’t anybody speak up? It wasn’t Craven himself they’d have been questioning. It would have been Samuel Bayer, sooooo .... who gives a shit. Like, they couldn’t have one dude in post-production who could be like, “uh guys, this scene ... I KNOW you want it in the movie ... but this ... here, look for yourselves. It’s fuckin’ trash. How ‘bout we leave this on the cutting room floor?”

And the movie would have been better for it.

Stop just trying to force in scenes and quotes we remember from the other movies. Please, just make your own film. Even if it sucks, just be bold.

But the thing I hate more than anything else about this movie ...

The characters.

They are SO bad it makes my head spin. How could they screw up ALL of them? I’ll tell you how. They were CLEARLY only focused on Freddy. They didn’t give a rat’s ass about ANY other character, and it shows. And because of that, neither do I. I literally don’t give a flippin’ fuck what happens to any character in this movie, ever. They’re so boring, and so one dimensional. They are the exact opposite of everything that was done correctly when Wes built these characters. They’re ALL the same. They don’t even NEED different names, because who gives a shit?

It’s not like I’m rooting for any of them.

Undertow is the BEST because it started this train. It’s so groove heavy, yet feels very punk at the same time. My cousin even pointed that out to me, remarking “I’m loving this album. It feels the most punk.”

Aenima is the BEST because of that crazy track listing from beginning to end. It is a showcase of amazing songs, and it felt like they were trying something a bit different.

Lateralus is the BEST because this time around, they’ve completely embraced progressive writing. Also, any album that can have a two punch combo like Parabol/Parabola has to be something special.

10,000 Days is the BEST album for its gorgeous craftsmanship. This album makes me only want MORE from Danny ... but really, how the hell does he even have anything left to give after this album.

The next album will be their BEST for something else I’ll come to appreciate and love.

This looks awesome. I hope this gets funded, man. Good luck.

Looks awesome, man. I hope it gets funded.

This is just proof how resilient the human neck is. Shit.

Now, I’m fully aware this is nowhere near their best piece, but ... Tool’s Sober. Because I really only listened to it for the first time like a year ago.

And it was mind-blowing.

Last one was probably the scene in It follows when that tall guy walks through her bedroom door. Nope.

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This is excellent. I’m in my 30s and can remember legitimately grabbing onto my wife’s leg and squeezing when he walked through. That was terrifying.

Oh, cool. So maybe we’ll get five more years of watching Owens lay down to Strowman, or other guys he can’t really do too much with. The guy deserves more.

28.7k points · 1 month agoGilded1

"I listen to rock music!"

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This deserves 27,000 upvotes.

That grinder is awesome

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Not far from Pittsburgh, I have to agree.

Sweet grinder.

I don’t see it listed yet, though it may be ... but I came here to say Freddy’s glove. Easily. To this day, I still wish that glove was MY achievement. It’s such an amazing creation.

Or maybe an original Hatori Hanzo blade.

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