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We've all seen Heisman-caliber QBs over the years. They all look great. Tua has a good chance for success because he's on the best team in the country with the best coaching staff. Whether or not he is a "generational talent" (which is a HUGE claim at this point by the way) will need to be seen over the next couple of years. A claim like that means back-to-back Heisman trophies at some point.

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1 point · 43 minutes ago · edited 36 minutes ago

Watson didn’t win back to back. Winston didn’t win back to back. Manziel didn’t win back to back. Mariotta didn’t win back to back.

Also I don’t think it’s a huge claim. It’s a claim many teams have made before. People had the same sort of hype for Jamie’s Winston based only on a spring game.

Every Quarterback you listed is within the same generation. Not all of them can be generational talent. You’re using that term waaaay too liberally

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When you are talking about generational talents regarding sports teams it is in the context that it is a once in a lifetime player for your team. Like I will be telling my son stories about tua and might not see another quarterback of his caliber in my lifetime. Florida state might not see another one of Winston’s caliber for 20 more years. Clemson may see one in Lawrence or be another 37 years.

The last quarterback Alabama has had of TUAS level was Kenny’s stabler. That was god damn 50 years ago.

Not anyone that I know. I can already promise you that Oklahoma fans are getting ready to be, rightly, outraged that Reagor is on this list but CeeDee Lamb won't be.

But I mean you're right this is a joke of a list anyone so no one should care. Stidham should be in the top twenty at a minimum. Tua should be far away from the top 100.

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TUA is a top 5 quarterback entering next season. I’ll even argue that mcsorley is the only quarterback in the country that I won’t say TUA is better than.

He might be good, but this is a gross overreaction. One game does not make a QB.

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It doesn’t, but this kid is cut from that same cloth that previous generational talents are cut from. Bruce Feldman a couple weeks ago described watching him throw the ball is that same magical feeling that Ken Griffey JR. gave people when he swung a baseball bat. This kid is gonna be special and unlike mayfield he is gonna have a real defense on the other side of the ball to complement and NFL passing attack an run game.


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So give me some insight on this commit. I know you got the info.

247 had him as 50/50 Auburn and Ole Miss so I don't think we were expected to get him if that's accurate. But Egboigbe was 50/50 to Auburn and UGA so who knows. I'm sure we would have taken either or both though.

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Where is our boy at that breaks down recruiting. I want some insight.

12 points · 1 day ago

I'm just here for the "we didn't want him" comments

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That’s what I came for.

Original Poster14 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

On another note the boogs just landed a commitment from the number 515 player nationally which now gives them as many 3 star kids as we have top 100 prospects.

That number is 7 btw

And someone on cfb said this will be Gus's best class ever and that they are going to flip guys from other SEC schools lol

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Original Poster6 points · 2 days ago

Whoever said that is delusional. With Pruitt at Tennessee, Mullen at Florida, And jumbo at AM. Auburn is gonna struggle to land priority targets. They have missed on several key targets already and I wouldn’t be surprised if we really wanted to flip that WR from Hoover we will do it. I don’t think they finish with a top 10 class.

Original Poster3 points · 3 days ago

This is a huge weekend. Dean’s probably the biggest need, and this is official. Hill is big as well, though we’re a little better off at safety than ILB. Need to make some big inroads with Hill, though.

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Didn’t Chris Kitchener say that dean is our Must get prospect out of this class. Essentially saying no matter how good this class is if we miss out there is a stain on it?

I’m just concerned about our secondary at this point. I imagine every QB going full Deshaun Watson on us this year

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No need to be concerned. We are full of blue chip talent that have been in the system for years outside of savion. Who looks like a freak walking around in the secondary.

Threads where they purposefully named the wrong Florida shooter are still up. The poor kid's family couldn't lave the house for days, even after showing evidence he wasn't the killer.

For those wondering, the real killer was Nikolas Jacob Cruz. A racist Trump supporter.

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Racism is bad.

Supporting trump is good.

Not to mention that Dabo doesn't have much success to his credit without the services of his transcendent best QB in Clemson history

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Dabo hasn’t been beaten by 31+ points in consecutive years.

Original Poster3 points · 5 days ago

Yep. 12 for 229 yards. Jeudy was second in overall receptions with 14.

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And 4 of those catches came all in a row in our first touchdown drive against Georgia.

Original Poster2 points · 5 days ago

He only had 3 receptions total against Georgia.

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Well then 3 or those receptions came on one drive against Georgia. All in a row.

Conferences, however, still can make rules that are more restrictive than the national rule.

So in-conference transfers can still be blocked. I'm honestly ok with this. The decision a player makes should still have some repercussions.

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That's only for grad transfers though.

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So I guess I didn’t really read the article. I assumed we were talking about grad transfers.

Really odd how many perfect athletes all happen to be hanging out at the Tuscaloosa dmv.

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This comment is gold.

Clearly you missed the part where I said I believe we just lost out on him.

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Nah I read it.

I honestly have no idea if we simply lost out on him or if the coaches backed off of him. I'm gonna operate under the assumption we just lost out because the dude is a really good player, but there have been rumors floating around for a couple weeks that Hellams wasn't a take for us for some reason.

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I came here for the Clemson didn’t want him comments.

I can see Shavers getting a lot of redzone work.

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Shavers is gonna get a lot of work for 4 quarters. Dude has Calvin Johnson type of ability.

Original Poster12 points · 8 days ago

I'll go ahead and guess Jeudy, but Ruggs will have more touchdowns.

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Tyrell shavers. Not saying most yards, but he will be targeted the most.

No Clemson didn't want him anymore guys /s

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I think that narrative is hilarious. They totally believe that they are at such a level in recruiting that they wouldn’t take a top 100 DB in a class where they will be taking like 27-30 recruits. It’s absolutely hysterical. I also find it funny that they believe that they believe there staff is so elite at identifying talent two guys that are barely top 500 players are gonna make the huge leap into upper 4 star territory.

On draft night I said that Calvin really deserved better and got a bunch of haters. I stand by it.

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With a real quarterback Calvin prob has 1200 receiving yards and 10-12 TDS last year.

So Calvin's doing well?

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Yea from what I understand he is balling out.

I want to see us play Nebraska and Oregon. Got really hyped because I know there were talks of working out a neutral site game with Nebraska to play at soldier field in Chicago. Was supposed to be for the 2020 season. So I guess USC won out.

I just want to wipe the floor with those piss ants in Eugene.

Original Poster6 points · 10 days ago

I can't see us scheduling an away game in Oregon. Maybe with Cristobal there now its a possibility but I'm not sure Saban would like that amount of travel for the team

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I don’t want to travel either. I want to play them in Dallas.

Oh man, I'm so behind on that. I use to love that show. Season 5 was so great and I think I made it to season 10 before watching other stuff.

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I took a break after the leviathan story arc and came back to it. Watched season 10-12 nonstop.

Double checked. I last watched a late Season 9 ep.

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Ehhh. It’s not for everyone then. Season 9 should be pretty good.

God, I hope he can lock down the returner job.

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Original Poster9 points · 12 days ago

Out special teams coach specifically talked about how he is a game changer in the return game.

Original Poster8 points · 12 days ago

His highlight tape is unreal. I know when banks was talking about landing this kid at the signing day party he raved about his big play ability in the return game and making things happen after the catch. Locks referenced a really talented freshman they have that is gonna give them a lot of looks for the offense. Could be talking about this kid or shavers if I had to guess.

Percy harvin meets Reggie bush.

20 points · 13 days ago

Iowa basically cost the Big Ten a playoff spot. "Penn State could barely beat IOWA!" "Ohio State was crushed by IOWA!" Those shit ass arguments are no different than "UCF beat Auburn, Auburn beat Georgia and Alabama, UCF are the champs" but for some reason since it was a chance to shit on Iowa and the Big Ten those arguments stuck.

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The big 10 has been a bunch of teams playing slap fight for the last decade. Outside of 2014 when you had an Uber talented Ohio state team crush the hopes and dreams of every fan in the state of Alabama and Oregon. On the flip side the SEC was a bunch of overrated teams in 2014 playing slap fight. Anyway. Can’t take beating any big 10 team as validation as being a good squad.

Ronnie Brown isn't even in the top 50 of all time SEC backs by yards. And he played in 48 games in his career. Chubb and Michel are #2 and #15 currently. At one point they were sharing reps with Gurley, who is #26.

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They aren’t even the greatest RB duo from the state of Alabama. If I’m correct mark Ingram won a big shiny trophy and Trent Richardson won the doak walker.

Original Poster3 points · 13 days ago

Says some pretty incredible stuff about tua.

TLDL pls

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Original Poster11 points · 13 days ago

Says he spoke with an individual that has been around the NFL for a very long time that thinks tua throws it as good or better than anyone he has ever seen. Said that no matter how many times you see him throw it in person he never loses that wow factor. Just raved about his arm talent coupled with his poise.


Was at a dinner tonight where he spoke.

Two breakout players on offense is Brian Robinson and CORNBREAD.

Said our O-Line is gonna be the strength of the offense. Don't pay attention to spring sacks.

Cornbread still has time. I'll be shocked if he earns a starting role this year, but losing Piershbacher and Cotton after this year could really open the door for him in 2019.

It's okay for guys to develop at their own rate. Look at Anthony Averrett. In terms of weight, he had the opposite problem to cornbread lol but the staff brought him along slowly and when he got his chance he was great.

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Original Poster6 points · 20 days ago

I think you're right. Glad he mentioned him by name.

If Cornbread makes the first team, I’ll eat some cornbread.

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Original Poster7 points · 20 days ago

Remind me September 3rd

How I get that bot to remind me.

Original Poster13 points · 20 days ago

Like the Maurice Smith transfer two years ago to Georgia, Alabama is not allowing the exemption. Asked specifically about Kennedy's application to go within the SEC being denied, Saban launched into the most impassioned response of his interview.

"Then we should change the rule," Saban said. "I don't think it should be on me. I think we should change the rule. If we agree at the SEC at these meetings that we're going to have free agency in our league and everyone can go wherever they want to go when they graduate, that's what's best for the game, then that's what we should do.

"Then Brandon Kennedy can go where ever he wants to go. But if we don't do that, why is it on me? Because we have a conference rule that says he can't do it. And he can do it but he's supposed to sit out for a year. So, why is it on me? It's not even my decision. It's a conference rule. I always give people releases. And he has a release to go where ever he wants to go but the conference rule says he can't go in conference. So, why is that on me?

Original Poster12 points · 20 days ago
  1. I would say inside linebacker. Only signed one in 2018. Mack Wilson may leave after this season (I think he is) and Dylan Moses will likely end up being a first-round pick after his junior season. There are issues with some of the other inside linebackers on the roster right now. Alabama needs to land several this cycle.
  2. Because inside linebacker is so important, I would say Nakobe Dean. He has been someone Alabama has prioritized for almost two years now. They need to get him.
  3. After Faatui Tuitele excluded USC from his top 5, I would say that makes Alabama the favorite. It helps having Tua and Taulia in Tuscaloosa. Their families are close. Ishmael Sopsher is probably going to come down to Alabama or LSU. I can see LSU offering a spot to Ishmael's older brother. LSU needs to do that because it cannot afford to keep losing big-time players to Alabama. So I would say it's probably 50/50 to land both.
  4. Woodford Reserve is probably my favorite, but you're talking to someone who prefers Bud Light to any other beer lmao
  5. Neither. Steve Carell
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Woodford is good stuff.

You always miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky - Michael scott

bruce lee vs nick saban in a knife edge death match who you got?

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This is amazing stuff right here.

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