A new fun way to pull out a tooth! by TheSamurai in instant_regret

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Snowmobiles don't generally have gears... they use a belt-driven centrifugal clutch.

World Bank recommends that countries eliminate minimum wage, dismantle wrongful dismissal rules and contractual protections for workers by xrm67 in worldnews

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I also work in an industry with heavy automation, and roll my own.

The key part you are missing is programmers and the like are already going out of work. Teaching a computer to program itself is a high priority (see: AI). We are a lot closer to that than people realize.

Sure, QC is a thing, bug checking, all that. I get it. There's always a certain amount of humans that will be involved. But we are within a few decades of hitting a tipping point where, in industrialized countries, ~50% of current jobs won't exist, primarily jobs being done in the lower and lower-middle classes.

That's a massive concern, and one that isn't being addressed. We need to be talking about increasing corporate tax burdens and UBIs now, or it will be far too late when we start talking about it, and it's going to take something like a literal political upheaving.

One Trip by Armpit_Penguin in comics

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Depends where I'm shopping. Family of 4 and regularly bring in all weekly groceries in one go. Just start rolling the bags down your forearms until you have 5-10 on each arm THEN start doing big handfuls. All about planning.

Though if we go to Costco there's no fucking way. It's always like a thousand pounds of supplies for the next 3 months (nearest Costco is 3 hours away so we only go every few months).

Verizon’s latest Galaxy S7 update isn’t Oreo, even though the carrier says it is by CleanDance in Android

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Not saying it is. But having to repurchase apps and similar would make me do a double-take, and I absolutely couldn't stand the locked-down nature of the OS, personally.

ULPT: Calling a company to complain about poor service but on hold too long? by CratchesMcBasketball in UnethicalLifeProTips

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Spent a few years as front-line and supervisor:

If you call back saying you will give kudos, they'll just look at the ID and pass it along. More than likely it's a different site, might be different company, or even country (outsourced).

If you do get through to a supervisor via dumb luck, speaking as a supervisor, I'd hate it and as such be very unmotivated to assist you. We had those customers sometimes, for a "compliment" call that was from a live rep on the floor, then you get it and they acknowledge the rep then suddenly veer off into some crap you weren't prepped for because it's supposed to be a comp call... yeah, that's BS. We're all humans, even if you don't necessarily like the company you are calling, human decency goes a lot further than trying to pull sneaky crap.

My Boss's reaction when I call out on 04/20 claiming to have a doctor's appointment. by TypicalExcuse in reactiongifs

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I had to call out today after going to the doctor yesterday.

Realized at like 9am it was 4/20 today.


Avicii has died - link in swedish by arenlol in EDM

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As someone who suffers from anxiety/depressive disorders... please just stop. It hits everyone a bit differently, and everyone finds different coping mechanisms, some healthier than others. It absolutely does not mean some sort of predisposition to alcoholism, just because you happen detest it.

Introducing Android Chat. Google's most recent attempt to fix messaging. by thepkmncenter in Android

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It depends actually on consumer pressure.

If RCS gets fully active on Android, it will be a blue bubble situation, but reversed. Android users will want to cut iPhone users out of group chats since it will revert to SMS.

This puts pressure on Apple for interop, and play nice. iMessage can coexist with RCS, though I'd expect it to take a bite out of users.

PS+ Double Discount Sale | Ends 4/24 8AM PDT by weebae in PS4Deals

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Debating Burnout Vs. Steep. Had Burnout on 360 and loved it dearly. Read about Steep but would like some real person thoughts.

What company will never see another dime of your money? by TinMan11111 in AskReddit

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Yes. TTK team is the D2 team too. Prior poster has the live team mixed in with them, live team did incrementals/seasonals and only one expansion, RoI.

Mesmerizing machine I have never seen before by katkittykiwi in woahdude

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You can get 2 large bottles even cheaper at Costco

MRW my local supermarket I've been going to for over a decade completely changes it layout by CapnFancyPants in reactiongifs

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It says on their mobile site or app too. Don't even need text. I constantly use my phone in Home Depot just looking up items on list and bee-lining around.

Huawei, Called a Security Threat by the U.S., to Focus on Other Markets by PrimeSusp3ct in Android

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You should probably also group all the BBK sub-brands too. They all report to the mothership, just don't carry their logo.

In reality, it's Samsung > Apple > BBK > Huawei.

Huawei makes more networking equipment - they do good on the cell front but I feel, if it is about protectionism, is more about other parts of the networking equipment and phone hardware stack (e.g. SoCs) because there is no big US Android manufacturer.

I was very petty on the bus today by iEatsFood in AdviceAnimals

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That's 100% not true. What if they are limit-testing and the kid is throwing a tantrum because they want the parent to escalate it? This is a perfectly normal developmental stage where the nest solution is confine and ignore them. When my child does it at a store, we immediately get up, walk out, and do something else, and sit in the car until calm. (It's never because they want to leave the store, as that would be giving into the tantrum). Speaking firmly, spanking, whatever, is exactly what the kid wants because they are trying to annoy you, push your buttons, and by responding you are reinforcing their behavior is effective.

Now when you are sitting and waiting for a bus your options to pick up and isolate them (to where they can be ignored until they realize they won't get what they want) are obviously limited. There's a decent chance that parent felt that way and that there was very little they could do, given the situation.

Regardless we are all projecting what we think a situation is to try to justify something that even the OP calls petty. Point is, that parent might have been doing exactly what they should have been doing to raise the child right, but given circumstances, was limited in what they could do to protect the public from them.

I was very petty on the bus today by iEatsFood in AdviceAnimals

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That 100% does not work for every kid though. You're assuming your personality plays the same as everyone else's.

Some kids know the consequences but will do it anyways to rile their parents up. The only solution is to ignore them until they grow out of that stage. If you escalate (talking firmly, "beating their ass") you are doing what they want to do, and they will continue to do it, even moreso.

It's called limit testing and it's why that parent ignoring their kid screaming might have actually been for the best.

Samsung design patent reveals a notch and we can already hear the screams by michaelgo101 in Android

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You honestly need to calm down.

Just replying in kind to their smartass comment.

Samsung design patent reveals a notch and we can already hear the screams by michaelgo101 in Android

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Samsung has already patented a camera behind a screen.

You mean to tell me this isn't something being worked on as a viable solution?

Maybe do some fucking research before making an ignorant smartass comment. This entire thread is talking hypotheticals based on patents.

Samsung design patent reveals a notch and we can already hear the screams by michaelgo101 in Android

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Putting sensors under the screen doesn’t work, how would the camera take normal pictures with an optics system like that?

Why not? AMOLED can be as clear as glass. You mean to tell me camera lenses can't function with glass in front of them? What do you think a camera lens is?

And that vibration only sound for the earpiece sounds horrible based on acoustics, without even using it I can guess you’re losing a lot of sound volume that way

Nice guess, but on both points you are wrong, perhaps you should get some facts first. Ars Technicia review of the original Mi Mix (which used a piezoelectric cantilever speaker)

In practice, the "earpiece speaker" here is excellent, and this feels like an ideal solution for a modern smartphone. It doesn't sound muffled from being "inside" the phone, and the sound quality is about what you would expect from an earpiece speaker, just with a much louder top end. The phone vibrates a bit more at max volume, but that's it for downsides. Even if this were worse than a normal earpiece (again, it isn't), I'd say something like, "as people make fewer and fewer voice calls, dedicating the top of the phone specifically for this purpose makes less and less sense." Xiaomi's solution removes this dead space with basically no tradeoffs. And thanks to the higher volume, I can imagine many voice call users would actually preferthis to a traditional earpiece.

If you really insist on a traditional earpiece, this can be done much thinner than a notch, see the Mi Mix 2(S), where the top bezel is basically gone. 90+% of the top width is caused by camera hardware, not earpiece, and without camera hardware, the traditional earpiece can be shrank to basically negligible sizes.