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A few thoughts:

Get yourself a Milepost when here, it will more thoroughly describe little offshoots and sights than anyone here is going to take the time to do.

When driving from Seward to Homer, consider doing the Skilak Lake Road loop. It's a gravel road but it loops and follows the highway, so it's not much further in miles, and has great views, and some chances to see wildlife (Moose, Brown Bear, etc.) There are tons of great hikes along here too (this is where I'd hike, if you were going to). If you hike, bring bug dope and bear spray.

Kenai is an easy swing by. When you drive to Homer you go through Soldotna, which is just 10 miles away. In Soldotna, turn right at the light after Fred Meyer's to get on the Kenai-Spur Highway (if you stop to talk to locals, we call it the spur). You'll be in Kenai before you know it. Check out the beach, and old town. When you leave, head down Bridge Access Road towards Kalifornsky Beach Road (locals call it K-Beach) - Bridge Access is the light in Kenai by a Holiday Gas Station, Napa, Main Street Bar and Hotel, and Arby's.

I'd recommend going to Kenai as, if nothing else, K-Beach is a much prettier drive to Homer than the Sterling Highway, you get to drive along the bluff with some great pull-outs down to the ocean, and you eventually meet up with the Sterling right when it cuts towards the bluffs, so you get the best of both worlds.

So far as additional drives, I've heard East End Road is a good drive in Homer, but I'm not local to there (I'm Kenai local) so can't answer that. If you decide to spend more time in the Kenai area, head north from Kenai to Nikiski and continue to Captain Cook State Park, it's usually pretty quiet out there and there are some absolutely gorgeous beaches to go wander and enjoy the scenery across the inlet (Kenai Beach is similar, but bear in mind Fall is post-dipnet - the city does a good job cleaning up, but it always feels like the beach doesn't fully recover until spring of next year).

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originally Valus Ta'aurc, commander of the siege dancers.

and the other knight who starts the portal timed event which is Urzok, aspect of hate who was originally a normal knight in d1 Cosmodrome titled Urzok the hated.

seems that there's a trend of old destiny 1 guys becoming taken *BIG HMMMM NOT SAVATHUUN*

EDIT ---

ACCORDING TO u/Elevasce unconfirmed

there is also a fallen captain that can spawn who's name is drevis.



EDIT ---


The mission culminates with all three as a group being a triple boss encounter rewarding spindle

The mission unlocks on io as a POI that is replayable AT 400 LIGHT speculated to be the source of the spindle's catalyst

and the weapon comes as the taken ornamented variant from destiny one as the vanilla skin, has the original scope, all perks including mulligan and white nail, and is titled whisper of the worm

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I can confirm Drevis. She spawns in a crevice to the left of the lost sector, rather than Urzok to the right.

I can confirm Drevis. She spawns in a crevice to the left of the lost sector, rather than Urzok to the right.

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Was waiting for the event and Urzok never spawned. The other guy did though. Killed him and accessed the portal.

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I'm pretty sure it's related to the Taken Event location. When it spawns under the tree, it's Urzok, when it spawns right by the lost sector, it's Drevis.

My unprofessional opinion.

He spawns when the taken blight event starts in the northwest section of Lost Oasis up on a ledge above the event

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If you get the other Taken Event, Drevis spawns in a crevice to the left FYI.

Idk. I never flew before. Just something in general, I guess?

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Really, you're looking at an absolute minimum of a couple thousand, however most coming up here are saving to spend $5,000+, as it's their "bucket-list", once in a lifetime type trip.

Your flight, assuming coming from somewhere like Atlanta, GA, will be ~$1,000 round-trip. It can vary quite a bit, and you might be able to get it down from there if you are willing to fly a worse schedule (like 2 days to get here).

Then you are looking at standard costs for renting a car for awhile, gas, lodging, and incidentals like the boat tour. This is going to be probably a minimum of a thousand, depending on how long you stay, and depending on how much camping vs. hotel stay you are doing.

Oh man. Thats a lot. That’s something to look for hopefully next year then. Thanks Goose!

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No problem. Flying in/out of the state is expensive, close to the cost of international flights. Consider a trip to AK more on par with a trip to Europe and you start getting a better feel for why it costs so much - the remoteness comes at a premium.

There is a reason us Alaskans tend to be extremely loyal to Alaska Air, as they have the best mileage program and most businesses have deal kick-backs on the mileage plan (e.g. my internet provider matches 1:1 cash I pay for monthly bill to mileage, AND I pay it on my mileage card for the double-dips). Flying is the lifeblood of travel up here but it comes at a premium, it's just part of the higher cost of living package of living somewhere remote.

We usually get several free or heavily discounted flights a year, as we buy everything on the AA CC then just pay it off monthly (don't spend more than you have, treat it like a debit card you have to pay off each month).

If you are planning on coming to Alaska in the future I highly recommend opening an AA CC, even if just for the trip, their buddy fare program is fooking awesome.

Plus AA is just generally awesome, they are ranked #1 for airlines in the US for basically ever for a reason.

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I bet no OEM will have Firefox as the default browser either way, now that Copperhead is dead, most will go Chrome or in-house app like Samsung Browser.

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Samsung Browser is already default on Samsung devices.

This isn't about default, it's about having to have Chrome on there. It doesn't have to be set as default though.

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Lol I call out anyone who still says Touchwiz

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Doesn't matter if they rename it if it's the same shit

Except it isn't the same

All you gotta do is look at the Note 8 XDA tests

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The Note 8 XDA tests aren't about the functional slow-down that occurs with a daily-used device, 6-12 months after retail launch. That's the concern. TouchWiz, and Samsung Experience, are both well-known to experience that higher than most other brands. This is a very common sentiment shared here, and pretty much every other place with any sort of Android discussion.

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Ah nice :) it really is a good phone. I had a GCI and att sim in mine for a while. There are some areas like cooper landing that only gci cover, and not att.

Are you in the valley?

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There are some areas like cooper landing that only gci cover, and not att.

Funny, I'm on AT&T and get solid coverage before, during, and after Cooper Landing. Family on GCI has a total deadzone.

Think it might have more to do with phones? Though I had solid thoroughput on my old 1+1 through there (and it covered less AT&T LTE bands) and my current Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is fine through there too.

If that were the issue, the solution is already present: Android is available for forking and manufacturers can go their own way.

That is not, in fact, true.

3) Illegal obstruction of development and distribution of competing Android operating systems

Google has prevented device manufacturers from using any alternative version of Android that was not approved by Google (Android forks). In order to be able to pre-install on their devices Google's proprietary apps, including the Play Store and Google Search, manufacturers had to commit not to develop or sell even a single device running on an Android fork.

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That is in-fact, true.

You are confusing AOSP vs. Google's version of Android. Pure Android (AOSP) is freely forked, look at the huge ROM community, FireOS, Copperhead OS, etc.

This is saying if they wanted to use Google's version of Android, they couldn't also run their own proprietary fork of Android, at the same time.

I'm saying there is nothing stopping a manufacturer from making their own Android fork. This is 100% true. I have the full AOSP repo on my PC and functionally build ROMs regularly. There is nothing inaccurate in that statement. Now, if I was a manufacturer and wanted to, say, make a device with Google"s version of Android, as I know that would sell, and at the same time, build a device with a different fork of Android, that would be against Google's terms. And what sane business wouldn't put those clauses in place?

"Hey, you can use our software for free, but sure, go ahead and also use our software, again for free, with the intent to build a competing platform to try to destroy our business at the same time"

This is really normal business function, the issue in all of this is the dominance in market share, not the fact those clauses exist in the first place.

And what sane business wouldn't put those clauses in place?

One whose executives deserve to live.

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One whose executives deserve to live.

lmao yeah, so you're a troll then

Good luck with that life bro

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What's there to test? Besides visual glitches there literally isn't anything to test.

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TBH the EP armor wouldn't fit with SoS thematically. It's beautiful armor, but it's very warmind-y and clearly belongs to EP. Transporting to SoS wholesale woulda been off.

You said it exactly, the raid lairs are well designed and great to run, and in my opinion, are a much better alternative to 2 glitchy raids. The issue resides in the lack of unique (reskins are not unique) rewards for running the raid.

Having raid armors be reskins, at the same time bungie is creating armor ornaments for everything, instead of new armor sets, makes it feel like we’re missing some sort of content.

However if it is between ornaments or no new armor, than the ornaments are a smart idea

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The ornaments seem like a decent idea to avoid having two armor sets for one raid. Personally I think it's fine, if they set ornaments to be an RNG drop for end of encounter, like armor - that just means we can keep one armor set for NM and HM. It's efficiency, which I'm in favor of.

That said, the ornaments should be bad ass, like AoT bad-ass, rather than basically chroma. Additionally, it would make sense to me to maybe get raid mods (if that continues into Forsaken) to drop only in HM loot pool - in other words, you can look cool and get LL from normal, but you get to look bad-ass and get the raid perks (which benefit mostly HM runners) by doing HM. Either that, or unique armor masterworks, whatever fits best to the Forsaken path. Maybe tie this to challenges?

I also feel all raid guns should have a unique mod or masterwork, again whatever fits in the appropriate slot, that is dropped from HM, but the gun itself is from normal. Again, give the players a taste, but make HM give something tantalizing, not just visuals - that's where they fucked up with Leviathan, and why overall Prestige participation is low - there is no driving force to get in there really when it's all just cosmetic bullshit

I dunno, this seems like a super basic solution to me to fix their economy/pool issues and reengage player interest in HM. So expect them to do the exact opposite, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Idk if I'm just turning into an old man but the prestige lairs are the last thing I want to deal with in this game. I hear EoW is easy but SoS sounds like a nightmare.

FYI, assuming everyone is appropriate level and already knows the mechanics, this is quite the opposite.

SoS boss already has an established strat (AS) that is compatible with this loadout. Just have everyone on Colony on boss fight and stay in back and launch nades at the add spawns. EZPZ, our clan downed him in 2 phase (and first was 3/4 health). This is fairly normal on NM SoS with a well-coordinated team (they might 1 phase).

EoW is much harder in comparison this week. That might change with modifiers in other weeks, but EoW boss is generally more dependent on gun damage, which lacks with these modifiers. Even really good teams with well-coordinated supers are going to 3-4 damage phases. (Whereas in NM would be 1-2 phase).

This has honestly been my biggest issue with D2 as a whole. D1 at the end felt like a game. I could hit max light in a variety of ways. I could grind out strikes 24/7 and feel like I was moving forward. I could play the game how I wanted to.

D2 feels lile they are trying to force us to play their way. Its getting better kinda but hopefully forsaken fixes it. I log on on tuesday and complete my milestones and then feel like there is no reason to play anymore. They restricted how I level up to the point where it ruins the end game for me.

To be Honest, I would be okay with the prestige mode challenge if you could get 400 level elsewhere. But they are forcing players to play those activities to get a 400 weapon that you can't infuse into other gear. They are again, forcing us to play how they want us too.

D1 felt like I got to choose how to play D2 feels like I bungie is choosing how I play

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To be Honest, I would be okay with the prestige mode challenge if you could get 400 level elsewhere. But they are forcing players to play those activities to get a 400 weapon that you can't infuse into other gear. They are again, forcing us to play how they want us too.

Eh, gonna have to disagree with you here. Being 400 doesn't do anything other than being a trophy for the hardcore. The hardcore have been harassing Bungie since day 1 as they watered down the experience in D2 (and late D1) to better support casuals. This is all fine and dandy, but the hardcore should also get something for their effort.

This is Bungie throwing the hardcore a bone. It doesn't really matter, in a month we'll all be over 400 on the first campaign mission of Forsaken. This is just so people can swagger around the tower and show off their e-peen, which is something D2 has been missing, and IMHO should still exist in a looter shooter like this, especially one with such a strong social aspect.

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It's like you didn't even read the article. Nothing what Google is being fined for in any way applies to Apple.

There are plenty of apps in the App Store that are competing with Apple's services

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There are also plenty of apps in the Play Store competing with Google's. Hell, you can install a Microsoft launcher and replace the entire Google overlay with a Microsoft one, if you please.

Right, and that's not why they were fined.

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Understand, they were fine due to market dominance moreso than bundling apps, I just thought this point of clarification was needed.

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Putting in some comments here after our clear last night:

  • Primary: I used Time Worn Spire (like you, due to lack of other options), it was fine. We had one VW user. Also had a Legal Action user, which is high-impact but beneficial perks. Overall we found this decision didn't matter, if you were using the GL well (see below).

  • Energy: Again, doesn't really matter. IKELOS SMG seems to be objectively the best, if you have it, otherwise whatever. I had a MIDA Mini-Tool and it was fairly worthless except popping Minotaur shields for a stagger before getting to GL.

  • Heavy: Use what you want, but after playing extensively last night, I feel pretty confident in saying that Colony is probably the best choice for 90%+ of players, if you can use the exotic heavy slot. Detonations nearby don't kill you, and you don't really have to aim - it's fantastic to just dump the rounds on the ground quickly in the general direction of adds while moving (most important part of entire raid - stay alive!) and have everything die. Playing with it this week actually has me mildly convinced that it is low-key one of the best add-clearing guns in the game for high-end content, it's that good.

A few other thoughts:

It's super nice to have a super when busting his head/arm/back. It's also super nice to have enough orbs where you can get unlimited supers. As such, I'm going to put a Hunter with Rigs as a defender for PT 2 on the short list of required, someone who is competent with the Rig spam to generate mountains of orbs.

Argos Phase 1 Solar defense is a biotch. I rotated around while our team was getting settled and ended up there and consistently put up kill numbers on wipe screen around twice as high as second closest - that isn't to brag, that is just what was needed to survive. Small area with little cover and enemies easily pinscer you - put your best, strongest dude on solar defense. Solar defense: don't be scared to hide behind some rocks in the cranium area if shit gets hot. Bring high recovery armor so you can get back in the brawl fast, because any amount of adds stacking up is a death sentence unless you have a top-tier add clearing super charged (r.g. Raiden Flux AS).

Hammer Bros with Synthoceps and enemies around them during damage phase have peak boss damage greater than a constant Celestial Nighthawk Hunter. Warlocks are odd-man out as Slova Bomb just doesn't compare, but Empowering Rift for that extra push is nice. As such, all roles should be able to find a niche, just make sure it's well-balanced.

I expect this week to get basically the shittiest week, modifier-wise. Bungo almost certainly did that on purpose. Go in knowing if you can get the encounters down this week, you will also probably be pretty good following week(s).

This is also a reminder that you should now horde a few guns of each archetype due to rotating gun lock-in - I'm sure Bungo is laughing at us all using make-up guns after they said we could dismantle everything with no repercussions then giving us an event forcing these random, off-meta weapons.

It's not good at taking pictures of in motion subjects. So if you've got kids or something I'd hunt down a used Pixel 1 after the new one releases instead

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Mi Mix 2S does excellent camera work, and is by far the best camera value in the mid-tier (~$500) price range ATM.

Yes and they never band together and lie to their people do they? I'm Canadian and I don't believe it, but I guess I'll just be labeled a Russian troll.

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Nah, just incredibly ignorant.

MiX 2s' bootloader unlock takes 15 days until you can unlock it. And there's hardly any development for the 2s.

see more

And there's hardly any development for the 2s.

Just pointing out, this is an SD845 issue, not a Mix 2s issue. All SD845 devices are looking fairly dead. Now that we have the CAF stuff sorted l, it should pick up.

One phone for dealing and the other phone is for normal shit.

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i can attest that Ive been playing a lot since warmind. COO sucked balls but great deal for the amount of content that has been added. if the best buy $6 vanilla destiny deal is still going this would be even better

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Yeah, Warmind was a pretty solid addition and felt worth the cost of entry. CoO didn't, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you think any admin will go into production database, execute query that forcefully changes 300k users profiles just for thanos memes then I don't know what to tell you. It's not a trivial change from any perspective.

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As a DBA, I have to make changes to production databases all day long. That is literally my job. It's not trivial in the sense of the potential impact, but that's why a DBA is paid a DBA salary. This wasn't just for memes, this was a huge event that made international news. That means more traffic to Reddit, and more ads served, cash flow, etc.

That said, this absolutely is trivial from a scripting perspective. Would have likely been easier than scripting the overlay bot they went with.

I think the point is, what CAB would approve this change to a prod DB? What Business case does this solve? It doesn’t. It’s a meme. Why take any risk of downtime for a meme.

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You're thinking too much like a business that isn't Reddit.

Reddit is like 90% memes. The /r/thanosdidnothingwrong thing literally made international news. That's driving viewership and user counts, which is increasing their business. Pulling off the meme effectively gets more people interested in Reddit AND keeps existing users happier, all of which leads to increased and sustained traffic flow, which leads to the primary revenue source for Reddit (ads, and gold).

And I don't know why there is such a concern for downtime when this is a really basic script. If someone failed this it would be due to massive incompetence that would have showed itself earlier. If you are really concerned, writing a test DB of random data then performing the action before doing it to prod is trivial.

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Live on a farm. Use a chain saw to carve out a little bowl. Add charcoal. Light. Replenish now and again. Gone in a week. No rental.

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Only do for standalone trees and if you don't live in a fire danger area. Root fires can light neighboring trees on fire, fires can sprout back up years later too. It's a potential nightmare in forested areas.

Source: Former logger (who did some contract wildland firefighting as well)

Great points, but fires certainly cannot start again after a year. That isn't how fire or embers work.

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It doesn't "restart", nor did I ever claim that. The fire was always there, smouldering away slowly. Because of the low oxygen, and higher moisture, it's a slow burn, but it burns.

Suddenly, after months to years, the fire has burnt itself to a point which is now again on the surface. Finding itself now with plenty of oxygen, and a much drier environment, it relights in gusto, burning away proper until it's new fuel source has burnt. The scientific term for this is called "smouldering combustion phenonema" and applies to anything lit on fire, usually a thick biomass (can also be something like coal, see Centralia, PA), left to smoulder, which is usually underground, as the smoulder state calls for a deprived environment (e.g. high moisture, low oxygen).

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I'll accept that freedom of speech without repercussions does not exist. And I'll accept you can get banned from forums or FaceBook groups as those are community made and usually there via a much bigger corporation. But I will not accept a company censoring free speech outside of base guidelines (no harassment, no threats, etc.) and getting blatantly involved in politics to where you censor opinions that you do not like is not a good business model.

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It really doesn't matter what you accept, a private company by definition does not have to accept it, they are free to lay whatever guidelines and get involved however they want. It's their pool you are choosing to swim in.

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You can paint the skin just like a nail, it won't really be noticeable at all unless you regularly have people around with like a foot fetish.

Personally since getting it removed, I've been bear foot more than not and nobody has noticed. Before then I didn't go bear foot ever (for over 10 years when it was an issue) because it was much more obvious growing weird and/or inflamed, and people would mention it.

My 02c on it, at least.

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