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Holy your cadence and heart rate were elevated after that!!

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I spent a season riding on Catalina island and would see them on night rides and I always called them natures cocaine because I would hop over them and pedal my ass off.

I still allow the fan in me to influence my selections rather than just sticking to my betting system thus making me lose money.

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I wouldn't blame yourself too hard. It is hard to root against your team and the units you would have to place to give you that same emotional high is exponentially more. I would either stop betting on your team is you want to be more profitable or keep unit size to 1 so you can still root for your squad.

I have a few. For starters the Nathan's hot dog eating contest is more important to me than the superbowl and is my most profitable sport that I bet on.

The most degen shit I have bet on is youth cup stacking world champions and a yo-yo event but neither were online.

As for the things I have read in this sub there was a story 3 years ago about a guy who bet an over under on northern vs southern California and the game went into extras with a total at 3 and a team scored ten in a frame to bust his bet.

Some overall poor decisions I have made is getting into stupid pools like adding the total football score and the ending digit 1 person wins a grand.

Also very salty about losing on the razzies last year. I thought for sure a Tyler Perry movie would be a given but a Hillary Clinton documentary beat it out.

Nope. Sounds about right. That's MLB. Bullshit every night.

Although, NCAA basketball has its fair share of shinnanigans too hahahaha.

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Jungle ball will always be jungle ball.

3 points · 7 days ago

Still mad at falcons but saw 3X returns on a Chiefs +3 Rams -5.5 parlay!

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Glad to see someone get good value put of the rams. Good hit!

I would look at this more in the Ncaa side of things. The last time a major hurricane hit the east cost I cleared 5/6 unders.

If you are using any sort of citrus peels consider pectinex and a centrifuge. Only use centrifuge if the abv isn't flammable. Outside of that you can do gelatin fining or agar but each have their own threshold of abv to work. Plus in the long run you lose enough product that it isn't a profitable way to go. I am saying that never having sold anything I have made.

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my pool allows you to pick two winners the following week

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I like this strategy. The fact that an NFL game can end in a tie is garbage. Having to pick 2 the next week and burning up 2 teams (assuming you can only pick a team once) seems like a great compromise.

Out of every survivor pool and down $2400, is there a worse way to start this NFL season?

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Lose every valuable fantasy player to injury?


I have studied alot about herbalism and chemistry in the past few years and I want a challange.


What are your favourite amari in the following categories: - Classic - New (post 2000) - herbal complexity

Also any secret tricks? (E.g, add X ingredient to glass of Y amari for new taste)

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Original Poster1 point · 24 days ago

Also to touch base with herbal complexity Braulio stands out for me.

My own personal blend that I really love is a Russian vodka made with morita chilies, citrus peel, dill, espresso beans and a few other things I cant say.

I also have a huge advantage because I have a centrifuge. Alot of ingredients you would use create mucilage. Imagine mucilage as making a cup of tea and you see the foamy part on the top. That is mucilage. It is very difficult if not impossible to filter.

Also another interesting thing that pushed me off and took far too long to learn was dealing with sambuca or anything that has a nice, wormwood or anything that would get cloudy when I added water to them.

The trick is that you use sugar alcohols like veggie glycerin, hydrogenated starch hydrolosates or concentrated rectified grape must. These all balance out the ABV but each have their own unique texture or mouth feel. You can also add citrus peels to whatever sugar alcohol you are using and you can make citrus anisettes.

Hey are you saying you can avoid ending up with cloudy Amaro if you extract particular botanicals like wormwood, fennel/anise etc in glycerin instead of ethanol?

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Original Poster1 point · 11 days ago

Not exactly. What is causing the cloudiness is the ouzo effect which requires the introduction of water. I would have to double check but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get the same level of extraction or some of the constituents wouldn't be extracted with glycerin. Think of glycerin as a median point between water and alcohol. It has beneficial properties of both but doesn't always work. I just noticed a trend of anissettes using glycerin.

Also fun little side bit. Take a bottle of sambuca, pour a shot and leave it on the counter. Throw the bottle in the freezer, when it is cold pour a shot next to the room temp and then pour a third shot into a sealed container you can run hot water over. Then taste all 3 and watch how the perceived sweetness changes.

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fucking bovada is slacking on the live betting.... i saw the col vs colst matchup as it was starting and i coulndt live bet it because bovada doesnt have the lines on...they havent done much live betting on cfb this year....what gives? fkn COL was an easy play, col st got their shit pushed in by hawaii like 4 days ago.

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I have had many problems just getting it to load on mobile as well.

Vegas insider for betting percentages and bovada for matchup stuff although probably something out there better than bovada

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Tennis would like a word with you.

This gave me flashbacks of when I got drunk sat in a chair wrong and threw spagettios onto the ceiling

Try a white negroni with the cap coarse. Stir it with a pinch of salt water and go for a blend of Aperol and M+R aperitivos. Shit is cash

Original Poster1 point · 24 days ago

Wow thanks!

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The trick is with both of the vermouths is they last about a month after opening. I never found much use for the red quinquina other than blending it with antica formula.

There’s also Lazzaroni which is available in the US. I think Braulio is better—Lazz is sweeter, probably more mint/citrus compared to the more complex and sharply herbal/piney character of Braulio. So basically look for’s available on US webshops.

For lots of pine (but not an amaro or necessarily bitter per se), there’s also Zirbenz which is pine liqueur. I think it’s delicious although maybe more for cocktails than neat drinking.

If you wanted to try them I have all three of those (and lots more amaro) and would be down to swap amaro/liqueur samples sometime. I haven’t had Appenzeller.

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Lazzaroni is the best way to train your palate to tame the aloe ferox. Sibilla is a harsher step up. there is a bit in Luna Amara and Novasalus is way over powering.

Sibilla is amazing, my very favorite amaro. Novasalus is the only bitter liqueur to date I’ve found basically undrinkable. Not that it’s too bitter just...gross.

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Check out pasubio. It has a more berry taste and less astringents to it

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Just picked this up while on the road. Last night tried to open it but the cap isn't threaded. Since I'm still on the road I decided to not try to crack it. Did you have the same issue? Wondering if I should return while I'm still up here.

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The ABV should be high enough that you dont have to worry about quality. Sugar and alcohol combined really help in preserving things.

I just want to brag that I'm not enough of a degenerate to put a bet on a YouTube boxing fight.

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I'm just grateful one of these feuds or proposed matches actually happened. Remember Chris Brown Soulja Boy? Man my dick is still hard thinking of George Foreman vs. Stephan Seagal. Anyways I just needed this event (didn't even have action on it) to cleanse me from my losses on the youth world cup stacking championships and LLWS.

How can I find out if there are actual bookies near me?

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Go to a casino bar or any bar really and watch who is paying attention to a game that isn't a local sports team. Or ask the bartender.

This reminds me of betting on youth cup stacking world championship the other week.....

I have done all of them. The autumn and spring are the best because they dont louche. The summer one I was able to clarify with a centrifuge and it was solid. If you are looking at doing them consider changing the sugar source.

I would go cappeletti aperitivo. W 8k ne based and very low sugar content.

Dude it's not nearly as bad as Wisconsin. My wife is from Madison and I swear to god all I ever hear when she's with family or friends is how great WI is, how much beer they drink, how awesome their cheese is, something about "cheese curds" and "squeekyness" etc.

They always get super offended when I point out that I've been there at least five times and it's no different from any other place except for the weird accents.

Edit: Also, saying Brett Favre is a Minnesota Vikings legend and acting like I have no clue he ever played for the Packers is great fun.

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The Farve thing is a brilliant troll. I just peed a little

First consider that it has a pretty high sugar content. Secondly, it is really floral with the rose hips that are in it. Lastly, it doesn't have an upfront gentian bitterness to it like Campari does. it has more of a lingering bitterness.

I would say since it is floral, sweet and lingering bitterness to use it in cocktails that will tone down the sugar and bring out the finer notes of the Meletti. What about a spritz with a few bar spoons of Meletti? Anything with bubbles will bring out the aromatics of it.

Or just pour it over vanilla gelato with some espresso

What happens to the bets?

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This is the real question here. I feel like this circumstance never happens and we need clarification. For all the bullshit we get in this sub I respect this one.

why the fuck did I ever doubt it. Putin always calls in the fix.

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