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blacktanhuskey 10 points

i only read your first paragraph. i understand they might feel backed into a corner but whos fault is it? they promised more content they did not deliver. thats not to say the future cant be bright but they need to admit there mistakes and announce a clear plan of action no more vague bullshit. this could become a flagship series but they need transparency im excited for this games future but 60$... that was a waste of my money in this games current state

GradientForce 1 point

When I was waiting for the game to launch I watched a bunch of their videos and I dont see anything missing from what they promised. The game was overhyped a little by the community yeah, but Rare gave us exactly what they promised, if you didn't think it was worth $60 you probably shouldn't have bought the game in the first place

thetacticaldonut 6 points

5+3 = ? (8)

5+4 = 9

8+9 = 17... 17th? that's on the weekend. 17 days til final beta? the final beta is after release?! genius marketing!

8-9 = 1... 1 day til final beta? 1hour? 1 year?

the 8 changed to 9... but wait, if you write out 5 and then 3 and then....

5>><<3 merge them, it makes a 9. maybe it was just 9 all along. 9th for final beta? 9 days till beta.. 17th again... hmm. 9 player group? the square root of 9 is 3.... Half-life 3 confirmed?

my work is done here.

GradientForce 0 points

Now we’re getting somewhere!

Fashion_Hunter -1 points

wouldn’t that be funny?


GradientForce 2 points

Jeez who stole your doubloons? Not exactly the friendly type eh?

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marconika 1 point

Brethren Mehdi has shown many to the iron path, and his is a prayer regimen worthy of praise.

Start your journey here brethren and learn to appreciate the holy trifecta. Allspotter guide you, wheymen.

GradientForce 1 point

Thank you brothers. May your bodies be as swoo as your hearts wheymen

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