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nullum_meam 4 points

i got my first gun in texas as a 9 year old...

GreenBean59 0 points

Yeah, your parents owned it. Not you. You can’t legally purchase a gun under the age of 18 in Texas.

nullum_meam 3 points

yes i could not purchase a gun under the age of the time i was 12 hi had two guns, in texas...

GreenBean59 1 point

cool, except you can't anymore, its currently illegal to do so.

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GreenBean59 commented on a post in r/PoliticalHumor
Upstate_NY81 16 points

If the “kids” dad didn’t have guns in the house, he wouldn’t have had access to them.

GreenBean59 -8 points

Oh so you want to ban shotguns and revolvers? Why shouldn’t the law abiding citizen be allowed to have a gun? Because he has a child? Lol gtfo here with that

bradclarkston 1 point

Nothing a cheap audio card won't fix.

GreenBean59 1 point

so... I actually don't have room sadly in my shit motherboard to add an audio card, and I did buy an AudioQuest Dragonfly Red USB DAC and AMP, but the amount of static it produces is frustrating.

bradclarkston 1 point

The DAC isn't going to be part of the fix (not a sound card) your cpu/mobo is just having problems dealing with audio.

The only real fixs is to add a sound card or a new motherboard that can handle it.

GreenBean59 1 point

alright so the static went away when I swapped the audio cable in my headphones, and running sound through the DAC has no latency... o.O

GreenBean59 commented on a post in r/blackdesertonline
jtrolfsen 3 points

Where do u catch that many relics? Im kinda new to the game so i dont know the best spots. I use a +8 balenos rod and just afk at hiedel but normally the amount of fish i get isnt worth leaving my pc on all night for the game to run. After about 8 hours of afk fishing i normally get 4-8 keys, 1-3 relic shards, and like 100-200k silver worth of fish and thats it

GreenBean59 1 point

Keep in mind that’s only the amount you see on one page total. He’s just rearranging them for each photo

GreenBean59 commented on a post in r/blackdesertonline
arsonall 7 points

So your post would more appropriately be

“Can I play tamer as a lazy 1-skill grinder” since that’s actually what you’re after, right?

GreenBean59 -5 points

Why is this a reply to a comment already and not to the OP? Lol

RedditQsnAs -2 points


GreenBean59 -2 points

Pretty sure on reddit you reply to the actual opening post if your comment is directly addressing. Not directly addressing OP by replying to some other random comment that has nothing to do with what you’re saying.

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beatnikhero 1 point

Easier to train 4 at once for many people. But as far as efficient if you could gallop nonstop; it would be faster.

GreenBean59 1 point

Yeah I might do some math experiments with which one provides the most total XP per hour. The only downside to the gallop training is you can’t do anything with your computer or the game while this is happening lol

arsonall 1 point

No, it’s been tested, active sprinting 1 horse 1-30 for 4 horses is slightly faster than AFK 1-30 of 4 horses on a wagon.

But as you noticed, it’s 100% active and you can’t really even do storage transfers, snipe on MP, etc.

Most people go the route of wagon training for efficiency in the opportunity costs.

That was excluding IA and similar methods of skill usage, though.

GreenBean59 1 point

Well I pretty much only do the active sprinting if I’m legit walking away from my computer. So sleeping, work, and such. No ability to snipe anyway. I’ll do cooking or fishing if I’m just not playing the game while using my computer

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GreenBean59 commented on a post in r/blackdesertonline
Gecko4lif 0 points

58 grinding suasans. Shameful

GreenBean59 3 points

Given the current drop event sausans is great. And the XP really isn’t that bad. I’m about 3% from 59 and been in sausans for the most part too.

Gecko4lif -1 points

Leave suasans for the young bloods man. Plenty of valencia to go around

GreenBean59 1 point

The money in sausans is just too good right now with this event

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GreenBean59 commented on a post in r/blackdesertonline
GreenBean59 1 point

Are you training on a character above level 50, and if so, are you doing your loop anywhere in a combat zone? If so all someone has to do is tag you and you immediately stop your auto loop. I’ve started doing my horse training on a low level alt who can’t be flagged on so that I can do large paths without worry

Sometimes you just lose connection to the server. That’s not entirely unusual.

GreenBean59 commented on a post in r/blackdesertonline
TheGamingTurret -3 points

That seems...weird, why waste time and energy making a whole new class when you can have the player choose the gender haha. I guess that explains the multitude of classes then. It seemed like...a lot xD

GreenBean59 1 point

Because their awakenings are different. Pre awakening they’re pretty much the same, but post awakening there is a some divergence

Odoq 1 point

In the quest log, you need to have completed the lvl 1-50 quests up to and including killing the Hexe Witch. Then the BS will offer you the quest for the Fairy Queen

GreenBean59 1 point

Oh... holy fuck me...

GreenBean59 1 point

I dont have any of those as options from the black spirit

GreenBean59 commented on a post in r/blackdesertonline
MiniCorgi 9 points

You have a keyboard with reprogrammable keys and this is how you go about it?

GreenBean59 1 point

Don’t even need to use reprogrammable keys. Just do the numlock function after rebounding your RMB to Num 1

ymint11 -2 points

ur keyboard had macro keys for a reason

GreenBean59 1 point

Lol you don’t even need macros to do this. The numlock trick isn’t a macro it’s an actual function of any keyboard with a numpad

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Thukim 1 point
GreenBean59 1 point

Oh holy dumpster fire thank you. Why isn’t this link anywhere on the interface of the damn website? Or is it and I’m just blind

YerrAWizard 1 point

Just give it like 10m

GreenBean59 1 point

still nothing

GreenBean59 commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
SirBaconater 4 points

I'm 100% sure that 90% of the people talking shit about para have 0% of the knowledge they think they have and 70% of the time they're complaining about skill without thinking critically because 200% of the time they play on console where you only have to aim at 10% of a person so the game can take over the other 90%.

GreenBean59 1 point

you god damn savant

[deleted] 0 points


GreenBean59 1 point

that's because "head glitching" and "crouch peeking" ARE two different things. Peeking, you literally bring your head above cover and take a shot, and a pre-fired sniper shot or shots from other hitscan guns can damage you. A head glitch is shooting where you never come out of cover.

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Shiieur 3 points

3D incoming ? New clickbait, damn we are doing the job for them.

GreenBean59 3 points

god damnit i didnt even think to watermark this nonsense

garbageforlunch 4 points

Are you playing on a computer or in a vaporwave video

GreenBean59 0 points

i'm sure this would be funny if I knew the context of this

GreenBean59 commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
GreenBean59 1 point

The encounter you describe is not uncommon, and people are thirsty as hell.

oOZucherOo 1 point

Interesting. I really wanted to see how everybody else viewed these situations. Thanks man.

GreenBean59 2 points

If a player is choosing to kill a downed player instead of attempting to survive the fight and kill my teammate that is shooting them in the face, then I hope that player gets the worst kind of aids.

GreenBean59 commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
natebrookss -4 points


Liam128YT 1 point

Please explain what's wrong with this

GreenBean59 1 point

I like how this child just downvotes our responses without explaining himself lol

GreenBean59 1 point

lol why no? if you set the sensitivity to exactly the same as your other sens then its like it was never there. All this does is open up more opportunities for better play mechanics.

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