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Fife's at 2321 4th Ave N. Best diner I've ever been to. I'm currently visiting from Knoxville, used to live here, and I'm going for lunch.

It is a Schlumbergera truncata, some folks call it a Christmas cactus but technically it is a Thanksgiving cactus. Article explaining difference

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Neighborhood sized games of hide and seek, or manhunt as we used to call it when we were kids.

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Came here to say this

Serengeti. They have a bajillion different styles of aviators, and Sierra Trading Post always has some on sale. The selection varies, but you could order a few to see what you like best (free shipping $89+/free returns.) The glass quality is phenomenal.

Just because he wants you doesn't mean he values you.

Google Geranium species that are native to your state, try to find a match.

Lipstick plant?

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I agree it is some type of Gesneriad, but I can't figure it out until I see a bloom. Most Gesneriads don't like to dry out too much, don't like baking sunlight, would like extra humidity (bathrooms are great,) and don't want to be in temps less than 60F.

It's a begonia. I've never tried eating one before

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own begonias, I'll taste most plants once, can confirm they're sour (like eating Oxalis leaves.)

Not a robin nest. There's no mud and it's too spread out. Robin chicks are not born with this much down. These are house finch chicks

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yes-up, males have red on their head/chest

Some tiny beetle- not a tick/bedbug/roach/anything bad. Toss it outside, where it wants to be.

YOU'RE SO LUCKY!!!!! Those things are wonderful. Don't overwater it, thats about the only way to kill it. Don't water until that soil is BONE dry (you should learn to tell what it feel like when it's sodden, then you see how light it is when dry.) The best way to water is to put the entire pot in something that holds 2-3" of water, & let the plant absorb it through the bottom. Let it sit for about an hour, then let it drain thoroughly. That thing would also really like to live in an UNGLAZED clay pot. Here's a site with good info


We're 3 weeks post-op, & I finally feel comfortable sharing this. My grey was the radiology case of the week at UT Vet School, not an honor I would have chosen : (

That's awful! How'd it happen? Ours is overcoming a broken bone as well- he found a hole while zooming in the park.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Just running around in the yard- quick stop, this happened.

Wife and I went to Marshall, brother lives there now, sister just graduated from MU, born and raised in WV. Funny to see all these redditors from there.

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Born in Morgantown, still have fam in Huntington/Cattletsburg

Was visiting fam there last month, Rocco's is the best Italian I've had in a stretch ; )

I subscribed to Direct TV Now so I could watch this.......and it's just been buffering for the last 21 minutes. Lovely.

That was very kind of you! The more people we get on the crack (that's what I call it, my closest store is 2.5 hours away) the better.

MANNERS. Yes ma'am/no sir, looking adults in the eye, treating folks waiting on you with respect. I live in the south & it's still really rare : /

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Hahaha, oh my gosh. You're that friend? How fun. More often than not, I would decline. I admit, I'm curious by what it is you usually pick.

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Memorizing the toxic crap where I live (Southeastern US) is pretty easy (DON'T EAT FUNGUS.) Except polypores (might make you puke, won't kill you/require a liver transplant.) From there.... I'll eat pretty much anything. I only feed my friends things I know are okay. Where are you?

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Hahaha, I'm in a similar territory. I know the basics of, how to make flour from nuts and how to collect spring water (duh), and the basic edible weeks - some edible barks. Otherwise I am just too frightened to tread outside of my knowledge boundary.

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again- where do you live m'dear?

Crown imperials, Fritillaria imperialis. They are a type of lily.

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They stink like rotten assholes & are great for interplanting with more delectable bulbs (the whole genus keeps varmints away.)

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