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johnwalkersbeard 614 points

I should Google the article. Some college kid told a story about how he was in a dark place in his life. Not doing well in school, feeling like he's unsure where to go with his life, making bad choices. Quietly, playfully suicidal. You know, typical early 20's shit.

He'd heard Fred Rogers was giving some kind of speech at his school but was surprised to get off the elevator at precisely the same time Mr Rogers got off the adjacent elevator.

So dudes like "HEY! YOU'RE MR ROGERS!"

And Mr Rogers goes, "were you one of my neighbors growing up"

Dude beams and says yes, yes I was. So Mr Rogers says "well how are you feeling today"

Dude tries to play it off like ohh, I'm okay, been having a tough day but I'm okay

And I guess Mr Rogers just went all Mr Rogers on this young 20 something college dude and says "well would you like to sit down and talk about it?" - you know, with that perfect Mr Rogers voice that always calms you down and opens you up. So they did it, and dude opens up and gets some simple but wise advice and walked away feeling much better about things.

I'm just gonna go Google the article ..

GretaTheBeeotch 2 points

already crying

felonious-crouton 727,633 points

Finally, a question I can answer!

When I was about 5 years old, my older brother was a guest and I got to attend the taping. I remember being SO upset to see the neighborhood as a studio set. I couldn't understand how it looked like the neighborhood I knew from TV but, I don't know... wasn't the neighborhood I knew at all. I melted down - sobbing, hiding myself as best I could behind my dad's legs, hyperventilating - the whole bit. My parents started freaking out, too -- ssshhing me and trying to peel me off of them, embarrassed, I'm sure.

Mr. Rogers and the show's crew were prepping with the child guests at the point I had my meltdown. Mr. Rogers (according to my mom) politely excused himself from the group, came over to me, and knelt down beside me.

No joke, it was like he had this bubble of peace and tranquility that just enveloped me as soon as he got near me. He worked his Mr. Rogers magic - calmly introduced himself, asked my name, told me that he was so excited to meet me. He said he noticed that I was upset and that he was really sorry for it, because the feelings of his friends mattered very much to him. He asked me why I was upset. Through post-sob hiccups, I pitifully told him that the neighborhood looked different from TV. He said he understood how that could be upsetting. Then he asked, "Does it feel like the neighborhood you know? Does it feel like a place to be with good friends?" Completely calmed me down - both with his tone and his message.

The experience had a huge impact on me. My parents (wonderful as they were) were very reactionary in raising us - the default was to try and pacify, mitigate, avoid, deter, quell, or control our (bad) behaviors / super-charged reactions. But at that age, a lot of "bad" behavior is really just a kid's imperfect way of expressing and processing big, new emotions. When Mr. Rogers knelt down to talk to me, it was the first time any adult had outright acknowledged my feelings, made me feel safe to express them, and made sure I knew that expressing them was okay (and healthy!). Because of this experience, as an adult I make it a point to verbally acknowledge my children's feelings before correcting their behavior. Seems to work - my kids are pretty awesome little people!

So, yeah. Mr. Rogers is amazing.

GretaTheBeeotch 1 point

I wish Mr Rogers was still around to deal with our current president : /

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Tiptonians 2,096 points

Flo gave birth to at least five offspring: Faben, Figan, Fifi, Flint, and Flame. She was a wonderful, supportive, affectionate and playful mother to the first three. However, by the time Flo gave birth to Flint she had become too tired to cope with the aggressive demands and tantrums of Flint, who wanted to ride on her back and sleep with her even after the birth of his new sister. Flo had still not weaned Flint when Flame died at the age of six months, and had even given up trying to push Flint to become more independent. Consequently, Flint became abnormally dependent on his mother. When Flo died in 1972, Flint was unable to cope without her. He stopped eating and interacting with others and showed signs of clinical depression. Soon afterwards, his immune system became too weak to keep him alive. He died at the age of eight and a half, within one month of losing his mother Flo.

GretaTheBeeotch 1 point

But human woman should have as many babies as possible because god : /

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8solutions 3 points

I'm exactly the same way. I've learned a lot from needing to from time to time, and I've watched several of my old-money family friends complete flounder by having everything given to them. It can lead to severe depression, feelings of terrible self-worth, gambling addictions, consumption addictions, etc.

However, I've also met several amazing people who had wealthy parents that used the wealth to provide excellent childhoods.

My opinion is that being born into wealth doesn't guarantee an easy life (like most people think it does), although it also doesn't guarantee that the person will grow up terrible. I think it leads to a different set of challenges and benefits than other people have, and the odds of having a good/happy life are not that much different

GretaTheBeeotch 1 point

The majority of folks I know from wealthy families grew up to have raging substance abuse issues as adults. Even after attending law/vet/med school & getting jobs. I'm of the mind it's not the safety net that causes it, I think many wealthy parents tend to be entitled assholes who fuck their kids up royally.

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fazalmajid 32 points

Many of the appliances we had on our list went unused, like the juice maker and the panini press. The waffle iron does see regular use, and we use our Vitamix blender daily. The slow-cooker/instant pot as well.

Good not-too fancy china makes everyday eating a pleasure (ours from Waterford has a raised pattern but no metal or paint, and thus machine-washable and microwaveable). Make sure you get spares for breakage.

GretaTheBeeotch 3 points

Make Asian dumplings (don't forget to buy the Gyoza sauce too) in your panini press, just wipe the pressing plates down with vegetable oil first. Fast and flippin' delicious

GretaTheBeeotch 5 points

Denby dinnerware. Pricey, but ours is 15 years old & it all looks the same (& you can put it in the oven like Fiestaware.)

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GretaTheBeeotch 1 point

Gillian Welch. Much of their work is somber & downtempo, but they're my favorite band, have been for 20 years, and always will be. I've also chatted with them 3 times over the last 15 years, they're approachable, appreciative, & Dave's smile close up is like being blinded by the sun ; )

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wowsotrendy 2,793 points

Jesus christ, that last one is horrifying.

GretaTheBeeotch 8 points

Laubenberg votes for legislation restricting access to abortion AND against tax payer-funded breakfasts in public schools. A perfect example of caring more about the unborn than the born. Republican Jesus is so proud of you Jodie

; )

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GretaTheBeeotch 29 points

"She started a secret Facebook group with 400 members to discuss ways to respond to the latest shooting. She went to bed and the next morning it had 2,500 members from all over the country." If she started a "secret" (meaning closed) group, she would have to approve any new members (which she couldn't do while sleeping.) This article is blatantly manipulative. As a gun owner I prefer factual information, not innuendo and clueless semantics.

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loser4455 8,182 points

A big fraction of the germs that live in our mouths are commensal bacteria, which means we share common interest, we offer them the right temperature, nutriments and convenient humidity to live while they stop any infection from arising by other microorgnisms, this of course, is in case of a healthy body. If the commensal barrier is broken (for a general cause or local such as high and prolonged acidity) then we will see all sorts of chaos in that ecosystem. I guess we are on very fragile terms with the friendly bacteria.

GretaTheBeeotch 1 point

Also see meth mouth- prolonged dry mouth upsets this balance, chaos results

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FrauAway 2 points

i mean, are they sweaty laborers who need a drink of water?

i've met nice people who are shitty to the help. also, it's literally his job to be a cool dude now.

GretaTheBeeotch 10 points

if you're shitty to the help, you're not a nice person. Source: every single damn "What makes someone a shitbird?" thread in existence

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Fenrir101 16,134 points

I am not in physical security, but one place I worked at was a hidden bunker in the middle of nowhere. The car park looked like it was just a random paved area in the middle of fields hidden down a tiny country lane as the entrances couldn't be seen easily. We had camera's watching the outside and one weekend a bunch of expensive cars pulled up people got out and started filming a porn movie then just drove off.

But the weirdest thing was that we noticed the cows in the field next door ALWAYS had at least one cow watching the entrance. They took turns, one cow would always start watching the door before another would look away to start eating. We got a little obsessive about trying to find any footage where there wasn't a cow staring at the door and could never find any.

GretaTheBeeotch 2 points

Regarding the cows- This is a group security thing. Geese do it too. You will also see this behavior when Canada Geese are grazing. One member of a flock will always have his/her head up, keeping watch. If you see two geese doing this, there are two flocks grazing.

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mapmaker1979 22,133 points

My mom made this concoction of mac& cheese, canned tuna, and peas at least twice a week.

Considering the total cost of that meal is less than $3 and it fed 3 of us for two meals, it made sense.

I tried making it for my wife once after explaining it to her and it was met with a resounding "no"!

GretaTheBeeotch 1 point

I came here to say this exact same thing. Craziness!

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GretaTheBeeotch 2 points

Congratulations for your strength & courage going to your first meeting, & internet hugs from a stranger : ). I've been to my first 2 Al-Anon meeting over the last 2 weeks, I've needed to go......for at least a year. The first one I couldn't even make eye contact with anyone (& this is a widely varied in age/warm & welcoming group.) I thought I had my shit together until I started hearing all of these horrible yet very familiar stories. No sobbing, but the tears just rollllled for most of an hour. Second one I talked, cried more openly, then the two women to my left told me they are in the exact same situation. "Easier" shouldn't be a goal. Useful to you & your situation (& me & my situation) is the goal. I know it will be helpful for both of us. Let us know how the next one goes for you m'dear.

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