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I started my wife on ep4 it got past the slow start and I updated her on what she missed. She just loved the character interactions

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I couldn't post the whole album, but here are a few more gorgeous photos by Maker & Muse of my Fjord Cosplay!

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Gotta say, best cosplay I’ve seen of Critical role ever.

Matt, what do you whisper to players during inside checks? In the last episode Nott insight checked fjord when fjord was saying how grateful he was that they came to rescue them. What could you have known to whisper? Also have you thought of changing your new background colors depending on the scene? Like warmth for a tavern or blue for a cave?

Yes! I eat two hard boiled eggs for breakfast every morning with sriracha. It’s divine!

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Dude same here! Like daily, me an the wife, salt pepper and sriracha, if we’re not feeling it we throw a hotdog an some red onion in a tortilla and slice the boiled eggs into it. Makes it worse for you by some degree, but it’s filling and takes away from the monotony.

I’d say your too worried about surviving it. Instead I would focus on living in the here and now. Maybe instead of moving to the wilderness, move somewhere that would be hit less hard by the immediate threats, would suggest moving north. If your in US aim for Canada, if in Canada aim for a more Northern Territory, prepare for mass migrations to colder or more secure climates. Also the sooner the better, imagine trying to move with millions of others, how long will it it take for border passing to be more restricted? Also if your only 17 get a degree (something I don’t generally recommend too often in America, as it’s a debt system instead of an education system) but foreign countries are much more interested in people they deem valuable.

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I dont really intend on getting a degree unless something changes in my life (ie there are better programs in place for payment as I would LOVE to study so many topics but fear living under debt for the rest of my life). I live in northern MB (canada) and was personally thinking somewhere in the Yukon territory.

At this point I believe that climate change is 'past the tipping point' I think that it will only get MUCH worse before it gets better. So if my life may be in a big part defined by this I'd like to prep beforehand. Living in the here and now is difficult with the weight of the future looming over me. Thanks for the reply.

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Oh I get it, it’s caused me a lot of stress actually. The growing instability of the worlds climate and resources fueling the growing instability of the worlds governments. Seeing us fly at breakneck speed towards doom. Every other week it seems scientists saying whoops, shits worse than our projections! I have a 3 yr old now. It’s depressing. So I just try not to think of it. I’m not sure we’re all that worthy of saving to be honest, so I keep my focus on my immediate family and enjoy the little things. Wish I had some better advice for you, but wish you all the best bud.

Yeah I think people forget that not everyone has seen campaign one, I'll just say this to hopefully ease you a bit. It's not what you're thinking.

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Hey just got there, was awesome!

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I think the most telling part was when they ask him which candidate would give him better material. It's pure projection. Jon doesn't think that way. He wants the candidate that's best for the country. But those weasels think, "Which candidate will give us the best ratings."

And you can see how that played out with the Trump vs Hillary race. Trump got a fuckton of free press because the media gets good ratings when they obsess over every retarded thing he says. They aired an empty podium of Donald Trump rather than cover Bernie during the primaries.

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Don’t forget cnn openly lying about Bernie in the debates with Hillary. Taking down their own polls that showed overwhelmingly that the people were in favor of Bernie and plastering their headlines with Hillary being the natural winner by far. The whole things fucked. It gets to me if I let it, so I tend to not think about it all. Not just the politics, the rest of the world. The environment, the growing instability of the worlds resources and therefore the worlds governments. I think man is on a doomed path, and I’m not too sure we’re worthy of saving. So I forget about it and focus on my wife and son.

Get out of my brain! But yeah... Point for point, I agree with everything you just said.

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There are dozens of us! Lol thank you for the response, I was sure I wasn’t not alone in that train of thought.

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buying the books will give you access to compendium extra data (not in srd) for all data in the book, drag&drop for spells, items etc present in the books toward character sheets, npc and monsters droppable directly on your vtt with full stats, images and token already set - also races and classes not in srd for character creator, tho at this time is still in its infancy.

official modules have also any map in the book set with monsters, dynamic fog of war and advanced dynamic illumination, the data in the book set as hyperlinked handouts and any special item and so on as handout.

you can do any of these things by yourself, they just save you (lots) of time to setup - the modules are really well done imho and will save you several dozen hours of work.

NB: you can share all books and modules with your players to a certain extent - you can share compendium up to 5 games and can promote to GM other players once you do the basic game setup with your modules so if you have a fixed player group you could share costs, ymmv.

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Sweet, thank you!

i bought the module on roll20 so that i could have all the tokens, maps and handouts, which is awesome. i still have used more of my own maps but that's just how DND rolls, but it's still worth it to have all the premade tokens. i use a physical book and have MSNote that i make my campaign notes on.

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Ok cool, thank you for the clarification!

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Also I noticed dndbeyond wants you to buy the books from them. Does dndbeyond have the same compatibility as roll20 for gaming from afar? Or is it just a digital version of removing the paper clutter from playing around a table?


You don't have to buy them again. Assuming everyone has their PHB and you have your DMG and MM, you can play in roll20 using free assets, it just won't look as good.

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So best bet would be to buy the PHB for my players to have access, and maybe the adventure book? I’m assuming that would come with all the maps and stuff within?

The WotC modules come with maps, tokens, relevant stat blocks, and most of the module laid out for you. Running the module with the version in the Roll20 marketplace has greatly cut down on prep time for me, but they’re ultimately unnecessary unless you really want the official maps, etc. done for you. I will say they make it much more streamlined than flipping back and forth through the book, though!

The PHB, while nice to have, isn’t all that necessary to purchase through Roll20 either, seeing how they have much of the SRD already in their Compendium. If your players have a hard copy, then you shouldn’t need to purchase it online.

Whatever you choose, good luck with your game!!

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Thank you! They don’t have an actual hard copy, and I just want my first time to run as smoothly as possible so I’m going to I think grab both books. The rest I’ll keep on hand here and see where to go from the end of LMoP

This is awesome thank you!

Every day I pray that our current situation in the US doesn't end in the same way it did in the Ukraine, with the Orange Revolution, and that Trump is peacefully removed from office without thousands of people having to take to the streets. That's what worries me the most, I just want it all to end peacefully without seeing people get gunned down in the streets, we already have enough of that in America.

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Peaceful is far from American future I think. Imagine even if they vote him out and he goes peacefully, arrested perchance or something. Imagine what the right will do? What screams and lies will be blasted. A leftist takeover broadcasted to anyone willing to listen. The NRA decrying the left in ads to sell guns. People like that asshole who got his YouTube channel revoked (sandy hook denier douche) claiming that this is a leftist coup, “listen up people, we are at war, they struck First” imagine the radicalism that will be whipped up, for those believing already that our institutions are corrupt and biased. I see us heading towards a civil war, or maybe a cold civil war. Lead by the reactionary loonies on either side. Pushed forward by Russia and our enemies and their own growing hatred for their fellow Americans. Imagine all this helped along by the current instability in the world with global warming. So in short, I think we’re all fucked. The growing instability in the world and the ever growing threat of global warming and the acidification of our oceans and harsher conditions for feeding the ever growing population of earth, all taking us on an irreversible path to doom.

So buckle up. Be kind to one another and keep your family and friends close.

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Being the leader of a country and selling out the people you lead and the history they made for personal gain should be one of the few allowances for cruel and unusual punishment. Hanged, drawn, and quartered should be the minimum... not a measly lock up for 1/9 of your life where you can reap the benefits of your corruption when you get out.

The powerful and the rich essentially have absolute immunity now. Fuck the world.

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Don’t worry, we’ve been fucking the world for years, global warming is coming to wipe out humanity and as much as I love my fellow man, I’m not sure were so worthy of saving.

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What makes you think Ignomia will be epic?

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A fully modable gnomoria? A true contender for DF

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Or maybe we look at the massive fucking attack on our states midterms elections by Russia. They’ve already won a state by fraud.

So where do I buy one?

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Hand cut from raw chunks of Brazilian amethyst, they vary between the purple and quartz white. I'm learning to cut with a small tile saw and im hand sanding and polishing. Eventually I hope to build a homemade lap table for polishing.

I still have 4 to do, and the faces and angles keep getting more difficult. I still don't know how I'm etching numbers, as I lack the dexterity to do anything straight in freehand.

My goal is to someday make dice sets from stone, and eventually meteorite. Mostly as gifts for my friends, but possibly to sell if anybody likes my work.

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Duuuuuude! I’ve been searching for something like this! I came across this precious stone shop, that sold chunks of all types in die sized bits. Was wondering if I could purchase the material and find someone to ship it to to cut it, if such a place existed. But I’d be more than willing to do it myself but I don’t know how? How are you doing it? Any tips or YouTube videos or something you could direct me too?

I know I’m late to the game here, but I’ve recently found that instead of buying dice by the set, a much more interesting idea is to buy by the theme or class

Just an idea there, it shows more care on your part, and makes for a unique set!

Yeah, I get this. I'm Canadian and we're in a similar situation in some ways. There comes a point where you have to draw a line though. This will spread if left unchecked. This is the U.S. basically saying "if they're going to meddle in our elections covertly, we'll just do it to everyone else overtly".

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But we already do. US is and has been in election meddling business (also overthrowing governments and the like). Russia just took a page from our book.


I have a friend coming to town for the first time in years and I wanted to surprise them with the map of campaign 2 if I could.. is it available online at all?


They had them for sale at Gencon, but I believe they won’t be available online until September.

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Aww that sucks. Oh well, thank you!

Anywhere to pick up the wildemount map online?

GrimRiderJ commented on

ELI5 please on dot.

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It’s from imgur, when you want to check back up on something later, people tend to comment “.” So thy can fine their comment and pick up where they left off. On Reddit however there are multiple ways to find where you left off, like save a comment feature, for future looking it up, or the remind me bot.

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Every day, Federal scientists are looking for new ways to kill bugs.

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Would you like to know more?

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Just the bits to put in them! Too costly and delicate to ship complete. People pay money for sticks, feathers, and moss...

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I live in a hot dry climate. Also I can’t up and travel long distances to find any as I am a full time caregiver for my grandmother with late stage dementia. But cute answer.

and why exactly do you know this?

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Maybe he’s an activist? Maybe he’s a satanist? Maybe he just pays attention? What’s it matter?

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