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Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
BradleyRoby 1 point

I get what you're saying but it's not like they picked him out of the stands and he hit a 61 yarder. He was still a professional kicker. If your definition of a fluke is "can't hit it consistently", than any 60 yarder by anyone not named Tucker would be a fluke. The word fluke has a lucky connotation and I don't think he was lucky.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 1 point

I would call any 60 yarder a fluke the same way every Hail Mary is a fluke regardless of how good the QBs and WRs are.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
tunaskin69 4 points

Is Des to the Packers still a thing or did that blow over already?

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 2 points

He said he doesn't wanna play for the packers because of the no catch thing.

IsNotACleverMan 10 points

beat her with a baseball cap

Not to trivialize domestic violence but that's kind of impressive.

Also, how?

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 16 points

He hit her once with a hat because she was grabbing him or something. I'm not defending him, but "beat her" is probably the wrong phrase.

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Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/cowboys
jonasdash 1 point

I don't believe this for a second. First, it's highly unlikely any team is going to make him an offer this close to the draft anyway, let alone multiple ones, let alone multiple Super Bowl contending teams, and even if all that were true, does anyone think Dez is just going to go 'lemme think about it' instead of signing ASAP? Especially if it's 'not about the money' as he claims. Every day he goes unsigned (and continues to act out publicly) is one more day for a team to change their mind about signing him. This is just sad to watch.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 4 points

It's like when an ex texts you about "all the hot guys she might start seeing." It's just sad. If Dez had an offer there would've been a report by now, nevermind multiple offers.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
Internetcowboy 3 points

Once again: Ticket prices. They are super high. Going to AT&T is an experience and so it allows the team to jack up the prices. It's much easier to buy tickets from the chargers when no one wants to go to their games and they're hosting the Cowboys.

If tickets were $20 you'd have a College Station level like experience

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 1 point

Fair enough.

Internetcowboy 1 point

Trust me man I've wanted to go to AT&T way more than once. Oh also it's in Arlington lol, which can be annoying to go to, so that probably plays a role. But it's 99% ticket prices.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 1 point

Yeah I think I've gone to AT&T twice. I honestly prefer the old stadium. The screen is way too distracting and it just feels too sterile if that makes sense

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Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
IWannaGetOffWithYou 10 points

He’s 25 years old. If he’s reinstated, there’s still an outside chance he could find some success.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 3 points

Josh Gordon did it. I don't know if I have faith, but I have something.

cryptoalt1234567 58 points

It's being reported that he hasn't failed a drug test since July 2016.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 23 points

Honestly, good for him. Like most Cowboys fans, I've shit on the guy repeatedly, but I'm glad he's at least giving himself a chance.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/cowboys
The_DaHowie 7 points

Neither of those dudes are dicks.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 2 points

And both of them are still good at what they do

fisherjoe 17 points

"One fan expressed himself" and I guess Dez did the same? Nothing he said was wrong or egregious.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 4 points

Why does everyone on here defend this guy so much? He's a fuckin baby

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
Butt-Snakes 3 points

No, it's like saying what Brandon Marshall's statline was when he was 29.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 5 points

And Dez declined earlier than him and had more injuries than him.

Butt-Snakes 1 point

Dez hasn't had any serious injuries though, no torn ligaments or muscles. He is as fine as he ever was.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 1 point

Clearly he's not and his play shows it

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Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/cowboys
Citizen_Snips29 9 points

You take this shit WAY too seriously.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck -1 points

It's all I have

dallasketoguy86 7 points

I really hope you are still in school and not living in the real world otherwise you should seek help. Not trying to be a dick, I'm serious.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 2 points

I'm in college. I'm not the THAT worked up over it. I just can't imagine wanting to root for a guy that trashes the team after he leaves and sucked for us the last 3 years.

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Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/thatHappened
tezoatlipoca 1,530 points

Well, someone as famous as Gordon Ramsey is sure to have at least one fan that depraved who wanks over him eating a sandwich so..

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 10 points

He's a good looking dude. I'd wager there are at least 20 people that have masturbated to Gordon Ramsey. Probably more.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
Guac_Bowl_Cuck 13 points

And the time before that was one of the craziest games ever against the Cowboys in 2007:

CargoShortsSensei 13 points

There’s so much rich drought lore from the Dick Jauron years. This is just one of many ridiculous games from 2006-2009 that the Bills were involved in

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 5 points

That game is honestly my greatest football memory. My dad was working late so it was just me and my mom and we were going crazy in the living room.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
HamletTheGreatDane 38 points
Guac_Bowl_Cuck 17 points

That actually looks fuckin sick. Good job dude

TheGarbageStore 29 points

Cowboys alts should be that weird greenish-silver you use don't @ me

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 18 points

Honestly, I'd dig it. It would certainly be unique. Someone with better Photoshop skills than me, mock one up for us please.

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Showtime2121 12 points

I think I know what happened. If you extend a player 7 full years during the season, the contract screen lists him as having 8 years remaining for his contract. If you subsequently go into the edit screen on the player for any reason, it will bug his contract. The editing screen only allows a max of 7 years on the contract, so it defaults the "8 remaining years" back to 1 year, but the total salary stays the same.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 6 points

I did just change his equipment so that might be it.

Showtime2121 1 point

Yep that would do it. If you open edit at all, even if you don't go onto the contract screen, it will bug the contract if they have "8 years remaining." Unfortunately, there's no way to put it back to how it is supposed to be (unless you wait until the next season to update the contract). If you go back into edit under the contract section, it will only let you put it to 7 years, which will include your current season (so you lose a year on the contract). Also it'll include the contract amount from this season, on top of the total from the 7 year extension, so he'll be getting paid more per year than he otherwise would. Kind of annoying.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 3 points

I just put it at 7 years with 1 remaining. I'll just resign him in the off-season

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Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
_tx 6 points

As long as it is Washington's home game and not ours, I'm down.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 8 points

Fuck that we play like shit at home. I wish all our games were on the road

tanu24 1 point

You literally just played the Redskins last year.

Edit: I'll hold this L

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 11 points

No we played the chargers

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Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/opieandanthony
GangstaFag 47 points

He used to do it on every single tweet. Until we embarrassed it out of him. Which also proves he does, or at least did, read the sub extensively. His wife is also a massive slut.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 38 points

That last part of your comment, while true, seemed to be very unrelated to the topic at hand.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
LynK- 9 points

agree 100% AFC East has the best uni's by far.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 29 points

I think Patriots jerseys are ugly as shit. They were awesome in the 90s though. And Jets are meh.

But Bills and Dolphins are both probably top 5 in the league

heff17 7 points

Navy and silver has to be the most drab and uninteresting color combination out there. Patriots home jersey are probably my least favorite in the NFL, which is made all the worse by the fact that their throwbacks are fucking amazing and top 3 in the league. If they could just get rid of the stupid Elvis logo and jersey they have now and go back to red with Pat Patriot that would be great.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 3 points

I love those jerseys. I, ironically given my flair, think navy is the ugliest and most overused uniform color in sports.

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Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
RayOfSunshine243 49 points

lmao the best part about this is the dude just became a mascot to watch the game from the sideline. He's not even cheering for the team most of the time, just criticizing the players and coaches

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 6 points

I now have a dream of becoming Rowdy just so I can shit on Garrett every game.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
kapate13 3 points

It just seems like it is wayyy too popular to shit on Ridley right now

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 3 points

Because he has some glaring holes IMO. Size issues, inconsistent hands, and not enough athleticism to make up for it. He's a poor man's Amari Cooper and I don't even like Cooper that much because he's so boom or bust.

I'm actually really really hoping you guys take him so we don't.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/opieandanthony
Slette 38 points

Jim is lazy, uninteresting, and irrelevant. He thinks his humor is shocking, but he's really as edgy as a frisbee.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 1 point

I love how this comment is shitting on Jim and yet everyone replying to it in agreement is doing some variation of a jim bit.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
LickMyGucci 7 points

I really wanted Diggs in the later rounds. When we took MyCole Pruitt I was literally screaming at the TV "Why didn't we take Diggs?". I was fuming until like 10 minutes later when we ended up taking him.

Edit - Terron Armstead. Guys this athletic are never on this side of the trenches.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 2 points

I feel like Diggs is a guy that everyone that watched film knew was gonna do well. I don't know why he went so late. He was a popular sleeper pick.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 1 point

I said Aaron Donald was going to be a future Hall of Famer back when he was seen as a day 2 prospect.

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