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Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
GiantMolePetPls 23 points

Allen Hurns.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 1 point

I'm gonna go with DeMarcus Lawrence. Hurns isn't hyped enough to "blow it" even is he plays poorly.

I don't think DLaw will regress, but in the spirit of the post, his injury history is a concern and now he's gonna be schemed against hard all year.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/cowboys
woahstopithurts 3 points

LVE is gonna be a beast. How do you feel about the rest of the divisions draft?

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 6 points

Not OP but I'll answer.

Giants, unfortunately, had really solid draft. Should they have taken a QB round 1? Probably. But Lauletta could be the next Jimmy G in terms of small school project QBs, and if he becomes that then I'm pretty scared. Your o-line is still pretty trash but I LOVE Will Hernandez and he's a big step in the right direction to fixing a very poor unit. My number one fear was that he'd fall to you in round 2 because I knew you guys would pull that trigger. It happened and I was pissed. Barkley is obviously Barkley. I think he's a bit over hyped right now but if he is what everyone seems to think he'll be, and you guys continue to rebuild the o-line, AND Lauletta pans out, I could see you guys winning a ring or two over the next few years. That's a lot of ifs though so overall I'd say it was a boom or bust draft. It'll either be a huge success or a complete disaster, unfortunately I think it's leaning towards the former.

Eagles: I thought they had a really shitty draft. If they spent more time actually building their team where it needs to be built vs trying to make picks to screw over the rest of the division, they'd probably have been better off. As much as I love Goedert and think he's legit, it was a luxury pick. Take it from Dallas, you don't draft a number 2 TE in the 2nd round, especially not when your team is about to become very expensive and you need to start loading up and getting cheap elsewhere. Also they handed you guys a fucking gift and a half by letting the Ravens hop you for Lamar Jackson. I think he's gonna bust and Hernandez was 100% the better pick.

Redskins had a very solid draft. I love Payne and Settle. Guice has talent but apparently a really shit attitude. But if he pans out then they'll be an ok team teetering on WC. I just think they gave too many issues across the board right now and you can't fix everything in one draft.

In terms of Dallas, I liked almost our entire draft except for LVE and the fact that we didn't address 1 tech. But Gallup was my favorite player in this draft and I've been saying he'll be the best receiver in his class so I'm super excited for that.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/cowboys
koolaidcolumbus 48 points

I was born 7 months after Super Bowl XXX.

I’ve only seen 2 playoffs wins in 22 years, and a whole lot of heartbreak.

I live and die with this team year round.

I have absolutely no idea what my reaction will be when we finally win a Super Bowl in my lifetime, and I’m very jealous of all the fans that were lucky enough to witness the dynasty of the 90’s and even more of the fans that have seen all 5 Lombardi’s hoisted.

I know this comment doesn’t relate to the article that was posted, but I saw “Cowboys” and “win Super Bowl” and got in my feels.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 3 points

March 1996 baby checking in. Born right after glory, pain and misery is all I know.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/The_Donald
older_than_dirt 17 points

Went to Disney World three or four times in the nineties as an adult with kids. Loved it, always had a great time.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 10 points

Yeah Disney World is the best and probably my favorite place to be. No reason to trash it just because a guy that worked for them said something bad about Ben Shapiro.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/sadcringe
Jemima-Racktool 8 points

I missed something, who is this person?

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 21 points

Uh oh. Say goodbye to the next few days of your life.

Start here:

There's a wiki to get you caught up as well.

Edit: scratch that. Start here to get an overview. Then start the other series for more detail.

PrestonTheGuy 6 points

Unfortunately that series is likely to never be finished. Shame cause it's pretty much the most unbiased and in-depth telling of his story on youtube.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 3 points

He said he might start again next year. I'm holding out hope

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
joe_frank 88 points

That's the thing - in NJ there's a lot of fans of the Giants, Eagles and Cowboys. Northern NJ is mostly Giants because of proximity to NY, South Jersey is a lot of Eagles fans because of proximity to Philly, and the Cowboys have fans everywhere because of reasons we won't get into (even though I have opinions about that).

Whenever I encounter a Cowboys fan that wants to talk shit or bash the Giants, I find myself saying "hey, at least you're not an Eagles fan." Whenever I encounter an Eagles fan that wants to do the same, I find myself saying "hey, at least you're not an Cowboys fan."

I find that we have this weird relationship among the three teams where Giants and Eagles fans love to gang up on the Cowboys, Giants and Cowboys love to gang up on the Eagles, and Cowboys and Eagles love to gang up on the Giants.

And then there's the Redskins.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 2 points

Born in Jersey, am a Cowboys fan. You're right about everything.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/cowboys
Guac_Bowl_Cuck 9 points

I know someone that works with the team and knows the players. He said Zeke is an asshole, but honestly, so was Emmitt Smith and if Zeke can bring home some trophies then I really don't care. Dude could spit in my mom's face if he runs for 2000.

XCalibur672 1 point

What did he say about Zeke that makes him an asshole? Or did he specify?

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 12 points

He didn't say specifically. Just said he's an asshole. He said Dak is really nice though and what you see from him in the media is how he is behind closed doors as well.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/cowboys
Blaphlafagus 104 points

It’s never made me cry but after both of the packers playoff losses I didn’t talk to anybody for the rest of the day, just wanted to go to sleep

I couldn’t even watch the rest of the playoffs except for the Super Bowls

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 2 points

I usually stop watching until the Super Bowl when Dallas gets knocked out too unless we were bad the whole year and I've already accepted it. But if we make the playoffs and very eliminated I get very sour towards the league as a whole.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
2500LbSteelSteps 1 point

Control precedes possession. One hand underneath the ball does not automatically mean control and it certainly doesn't when someone else has to hands on it.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 1 point

The ball didn't move and he maintained his hand on the ball through the process of the catch. That's control and possession.

Was he able to achieve that because the ball was up against Jennings? Yes.

Does that matter by rule? No.

Did it look like an interception? Yes.

Does that matter? No.

Did Jennings have "more" possession? Yes.

Again, does that matter? No.

BY RULE, it was the correct call.

2500LbSteelSteps 2 points

So just having a hand on the ball constitutes control and possession? That's a low bar. Every time an interception is about to be made the receiver should just put a hand in there and it'll count as a reception right?

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 0 points

If he can maintain that hand without the ball getting ripped out of it and maintain that possession through the process of the catch then yes he should, that's called making a catch.

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Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
CircusOctanis 1 point

[SPOIL ALERT] Well, I can see your point because you're a Cowboys fan 😀 Those two missed FGs were pretty exiciting lol

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 2 points

Meh, Cowboys-Packers was entertaining even though we lost. I'll recommend people watch any of our games against them and also Cowboys-Broncos where we lost.

The Seahawks game was just sloppy on both sides though. Wilson had under 100 yards passing. Dak played like shit. Dez had one of the worst performances from a player I've ever seen.

No one really played well, both teams just kind of existed until someone fucked up.

MrCooper2012 1 point

and also Cowboys-Broncos where we lost.

That was a terrible game to watch. Are you thinking of the Rams game?

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 2 points

Not from last year, I meant the one with Romo. I should've been specific.

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Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
an_actual_potato 1 point

If your basis for not being a piece of shit to others is 'I don't have to see it' and 'I don't owe him anything' you may have some pretty severe problems in your thinking/empathizing. You don't need to owe people to basically do right by others. That should be your starting point. Being shitty to others should be what's conditional and contextual, not doing right by others.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 1 point

Yeah but I also need rationalize it somehow in order to be admittedly selfish. This is how I'm choosing to do it.

an_actual_potato 1 point

Well I'd say if you're able to process that rationale and recognize that you're fabricating justifications for your actions to just take that one step further and align your actions with what at least part of your subconscious is telling you.

tbh I had a kind of similar situation with an ex when I was in college. When I was with her I think she may have been with this dude, when we broke up and they got together we started banging again for a couple months but a good friend of mine kinda sat me down and was like 'hey man, what are you doing? This isn't who you are and doesn't align with what I know you believe.' and I took a good long hard look in the mirror following that and stopped. Obviously your life is your own, but I'd consider doing the same. You came to this thread asking because part of you knows the rub. Listen to that part. There's a lot of life and lot of women you can get with while being a you you can feel good about.

Sorry, I realize this is preachy, but you asked and all.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 1 point

Nah dude don't apologize. I appreciate the advice. Will I follow it? Probably not because as I explaines to someone else. A big deciding factor is that she's down to do all my weird fetish shit and that's hard to pass up. It's rare that someone like that comes along. I'll maybe end it after one bang but we'll see

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Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/thatHappened
reiqwer 15 points


Maybe if you do it in your seats... but how can it be illegal if you go to the bathroom and do it there?

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 0 points

I got a handjob in my seat once. It was a two person row and we used a blanket to cover up. My gf laid on my chest and we pretended to play 20 questions. I was in the front so the fight attendant was looking right at us.

She didn't notice though and after I asked my gf at the time to order me a "victory dessert." The flight attendant said they didn't have any dessert but she personally had a toblerone and gave it to me. She was really nice and talked to us for most of the 6 hour flight.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/civ
sukritact 25 points

I'm not sure tbh, I don't see a rule against it though, and it is for Civ VI mods, so I think it's fine.

And thank you for the well wishes!

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 11 points

I hope it's allowed, you guys are making an already great game 100x better for no profit. You deserve all the self promotion you want on this sub.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/cowboys
Relodwire 3 points

Because tre Boston is a get down in the box kinda safety. We are looking for a play way back and ballhawk safety.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 3 points

That's just not true. Boston is an ET3 type safety. (Obviously not as good but he's a coverage safety)

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/nfl
Steak_Knight 36 points

On a cheap deal I’d take him for sure. Would love to see him when we play Dallas.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 7 points

I'd also love to see him play Dallas. Maybe our defense would actually get some turnovers.

Guac_Bowl_Cuck commented on a post in r/gifs
pineappletamales -7 points

Would you want some random person just staring at your accidentally exposed asshole lol?? And that person can’t look away because they want to do something lewd with it? Unless you’re into that???

Guac_Bowl_Cuck 6 points

Quite frankly you can look at my asshole all you want.

10 year old me still remembers the first in person nipple I saw on my substitute teacher btw. Shit happens, it's funny.

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