[Homemade] Mulberry pie by Watermellondrea in food

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Needs a side profile of a slice! How was it?

[I ate] Cheesy Pupusa [3024x3780] [OC] by edasaur in FoodPorn

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Mexican here.

They’re the same thing.


Human for scale. Abiqua Falls, Oregon by newb4147 in CampingandHiking

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The first. Mud, loose rock, slick mossy rocks. Pieces of rope will be your “railing” on some stretches heading down. Then you just follow the river upstream over some mossy and slippery rocks, but it’s quite a sight.

One of the last images of my son. He is the one on the far left. He was a star basketball player, star football player, track star, and an exemplary student. He took his own life at 15 last night. I loved him so much. It all seems like a bad dream. I never wish this on any parent. by H4WK1RK in lastimages

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Saying sorry won’t mean anything and at some point it will just sound like hollow words.

It will be a long time before you’re ok. And that’s OK. Talk to people, take it in, it will hurt and that’s ok.

Know you loved him, he was loved by others. The lack of closure will eat at you, it will hurt so bad, but it will come a time where you accept it. For us, it was a close friend and it took years. A child? Probably a lifetime but you have to go on. For you, your life, your happiness and your family. Stay strong, and please, reach out and get help. Bottling up the sadness, the anger, the emotions is toxic. For you and for others. Safe journeys, Stranger. Feel free to reach out if you need to vent to a stranger. Sometimes it may help?

What is 1 + 2? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Hi Tosh007, your submission has been removed for the following reason(s)

  • It violates [Rule 1], by having an improper title. You should have only your clear, direct question in the title.

If you feel this was done in error, or would like further clarification, please don't hesitate to message the mods.

No Double Posting by yvo60219 in IdeasForAskreddit

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I think this one is difficult to enforce, and can be dealt with by the community more effectively than creating a rule for it.

We rely on upvotes/downvotes to be able to mitigate these repeat type questions. The only times I recall us doing something about it are when we have a sticky thread on holidays, breaking news, or want to group current events to one thread.

First attempt at paint correction on a neglected black '95 Civic door. by just4747 in AutoDetailing

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I don't know if it was a problem with wet wax. Maybe because it's a nicer wax, carnauba based for showy cars? It doesn't last as long as others, might require a sealant too. I'm guessing. And he's using it on a beat up civic, to great results!

[Serious] Your SO tells you "I will fulfill any fantasy you want this weekend." What do you have him/her do? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Hi there OP, due to the difficulty in moderating this as a [Serious] thread, the post was removed. Feel free to post without the tag.

Cara Delevingne by SymptomaticFiend in Celebs

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Did we watch the same movie? It wasn't great at all. Beyond the glittery lights and neat world effects, the plot was terrible, story was weak and jumpy, the romance was forced and an overall disappointment.

Whomever put together the preview to this deserves an award. Greatest bamboozle I've fallen prey to since World of Warcraft movie.

What's the equivalent of poor chink in your country? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Refrain from using words that could be construed as slurs. Post was removed

[Megathread] Valentine's Day by enantiodromia_ in AskReddit

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Personally, don't care for flowers.

Do you have any nice liquor stores, or a brewery nearby? If he likes beer, make him a custom six back of stuff he might like. Dark beers, light beer, or ask a saleperson for help.

Booze out of the way, maybe an REI or other sporting good store in the area? A pocketknife is always handy and gets used a ton. Same for pocket flashlight/laser pointer.

Me, Lego set would make me happy too. Or movies and a home cooked steak and wine dinner. Doesn't have to be fancy, just thoughtful and something that plays to his likes.

24/F/PhD student by ele_ctric in EDC

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They make 128GB flash drives for relatively cheap. Plus, lighter and can attach to keychain. Make sure USB3.0 and don't skimp on weaker review drive. Stay away from kingston.

[Serious] What easily accessible medication can be used to commit suicide? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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That's great to hear. You can see why a post like this would be removed. Please use a search engine instead of crowd sourcing a question like this. It does break our rules since it has correct answers. Rule 3 on the sidebar.


[Serious] What easily accessible medication can be used to commit suicide? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Post was removed, OP.

Please, if you need help reach out to someone. There are trained specialists that you can call into anonymously.

Visit https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ if you want to talk.

21/Perth,Western Australia/Pizza Boy by Kuleo0z in EDC

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A jobs is a job, man. Sometimes you need supplemental income, go to school, or just down on hard times. Honest work is honest work.

21/Perth,Western Australia/Pizza Boy by Kuleo0z in EDC

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It is, perfect for finding dropped items in the dark, keyholes, checking out an address and maybe lighting up anything in a 4-5 foot radius. I have a similar one and it's handy for things like that.

I would say battery replacement gets annoying, and sometimes it accidentally gets powered on from rolling around in pockets.

Ladies of Reddit, what does the first insertion of a penis feel like? by BlakeRidley in AskReddit

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Do you think you suffered any sensitivity loss or any other downsides to scarring there? And WTF?! Was the faucet/release sticking out further than normal ones? Also, how old were you when this happened? So many questions for this freak accident!

Hope your plumbing was alright. Ha.