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you instantly die

where is F R E S H N E S S???


how about playing some vanilla

which server would be spicy to check out

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What do you mean?

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I can only guess but I think he meant that everything is working fine on tauri. Their current patch is 5.2, Throne of Thunder. *

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Maybe because alliance races aren't hunched over like most retarded horde races


Which would be the "best" GPU for an Upgrade from my good old 8800 GTS? Would a 1050 fit in the same Slot? Thanks for your help!


What motherboard do you have?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I actually don't know... I got the computer from a friend. He could only tell me "4gig DDR3, 2,8 GHz AMD Quad-core and 8800 GTS"... He also said he bought the Computer around 2008 so it most likely from that year aswell.

Honestly, if you want better performance, you need to upgrade the whole thing, you are not gonna get much better performance just from the GPU upgrade, not even sure if a 1050 would fit to be honest let alone run it. 10 Years for computers is a very long time.

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Yeah I see. Thanks anyways!

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Yet you're shilling for a server that has 20 players online, alright fam.

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get 'em Kilik

I'm playing on WoW Freakz right now and its been pretty good. I haven't done any high level content but the chat is filled with people running Mythic+ every minute. Absolutely no clue if it holds up to retail but it "feels" close to what I've watched from vids.

Note, there seems to be a huge leveling issue during WoD. Basically it seems no server has made working garrisons or garrison questing, so pretty much its a mini-slog from 90-100. I recommend doing as much leveling on the Mists areas before doing as many pug LFG from 93+ to 98-99. Once you're over the hump, Legion questing is quick and easy. I've found it pretty fun.

Definitely take the time to try out Demon Hunters.

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Freakz is a mess, lol. I personally dont play there but I've watched a friend play there and its sooo squishy lol. Draenor barely works in any way!

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there´s no better scripted server.

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Indeed! Still Evermoon feels kinda dead and if you do not speak hungarian, you're mostly alone. (Many of Tauri-Players try to speak english but, no fronting here, they miserably fail. My english might not be good aswell but I think you can understand me, lol.)

  • Vanilla
  • Level cap 60
  • TBC talent trees
  • 30 man raids: MC/BWL/AQ40/Naxx
  • 15 man raids: ZG/AQ20
  • CC diminishing returns in PvP
  • All existing battlegrounds, 2-3 rotating each week
  • All 5 mans with a heroic version for Tier 0.5 sets
  • No xp penalty for grouping
  • Large non-instanced PvP enabled PvE dungeon/zone
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BG rotation would actually be a nice feature, in my opinion!

Nice registration chart. Do you also want my credit/debit-card info? PM me bro

cant wait to buy some nice dungeon gear for their BfA server! its just a couple of bucks amirite?



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When I first heard about Crestfall I was 15

Why are some people trying to roast the most-upvoted comments with worse than third-grader roasts? lol

Well you wont find any english speaking raiding guilds on Tauri. Your best bet is Evermoon with "Prime" on alliance and "Eventide" on horde.

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