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OutspokenPerson 4 points

Impressive. Were you supporting yourself while you paid it off, too? Really good work. Sorry we are assholes in the US.

HailstormHank 7 points


Thanks a lot!

Were you supporting yourself while you paid it off, too?

Yes, I don’t have a family to support, so I guess that made my finances easier.

Sorry we are assholes in the US.

Well, not all of you; just the orange one. ;)

Jokes apart, although I was initially disappointed with the news about my visa, I learned to accept it with no hard feelings. And I am definitely planning on visiting again in the future!

HailstormHank 9 points

Source: Own records/data Tool used: Apple Numbers Metric: US Dollar

Context: I came to the US on a student-visa in 2015 to pursue grad school (Masters in Marketing). Upon graduation, I had a 12-month work-permit (that expired last week) during which I worked in a US-based tech company.

Foreseeing that the current immigration climate could work against my favor, I used my 12-month repayment-grace-period to pay off the loan in whole.

Last month, I was notified that my renewal application for my visa was not approved; so I am moving back home to India next week.

For clarity, my student-loan disbursement amount totals to $42,000, and repayment amount totals to $46,706.

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mutatedsai 1 point

This is confusing. If you call yourself The Casteless Collective, shouldn't the theme of your music be aiming towards a Casteless society instead of criticizing the existing structure?

HailstormHank -1 points

“I don’t like to be treated differently, except when it’s in my favor.”

TrashForLife 2 points

You might want to look for apartments in bilekahalli or kodichikkanahalli. They'd be cheaper than the ones on Bannerghatta main road.

HailstormHank 1 point

Got it! And what’s the public transportation like?

donoteatthatfrog 1 point

Fyi, there's going to be metro construction work along Gottigere - Jayadeva - BTM corridor

HailstormHank 2 points

Oki. Thanks for the heads up!

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HailstormHank 1 point

Two twelfth-graders (high-school seniors) hooked up in the hotel room during an overnight school trip, and were caught by a teacher (some other kid told on them). The girl was our principal’s daughter, and the whole city eventually heard about this incident. Since that year, almost all schools stopped overnight school trips.

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sixfeetunder 47 points

Both me and my gf had read the books and knew The Red Wedding was coming. After the episode we were nonetheless 'Holy Shit, that was intense!' About an hour later we were getting ready for bed and my girl was brushing her teeth. When she stopped I heard her sobbing, genuine sadness. I said "What's wrong baby?" and she said "I can't stop thinking about Talisa's belly. And Robb'" She was beside herself. We drank a bottle of wine together and she was fine, of course. Just TV but great TV.

HailstormHank 8 points

Marry her

IdidNotMeenThat 22 points

On st Patrick's day ?

hu4d 29 points

No this pic just has 90 filters on it

HailstormHank 17 points

This was taken last Friday(09/15/2017). And thats the real color.

HailstormHank 8 points

This was taken last Friday(09/15/2017). And thats the real color.

HailstormHank commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
DocHolliday13 1,190 points

I think part of it is because with the movie, it's a 2-hour investment but then that's all you get. If it sucks, you just completely wasted 2 hours. With the TV show, you can watch an episode or two and see if you like it. Then you invest fours because you expect you'll like it, and after that's done, you still have more left to keep going.

Does that make sense?

HailstormHank 13 points

Nah. I'm just an idiot.

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Millard_Phillmire 3 points

We're in apartments on Hillsborough St and they've installed the 'router', but still waiting on the actual service. They installed in March.

HailstormHank 2 points

Where on Hillsborough st? I have those cable ports inside my apartment and still no google fiber in my neighborhood according to their website

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