The absolute worst part about days like today and the one mistake I always make. by HamlnHand in CryptoCurrency

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I'll start. It's a tough choice but I'm gonna leave out the obvious answers and say Substratum for $1.44.

Anyone wanna inform me on this? Would like to change my life around and I’m sorta tech smart by Godsey in CryptoCurrency

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Dude you're in at the perfect time. The market is going through a big correction so everything is on sale right now. Research these- Ethereum, VeChain, Walton, Stellar, RaiBlocks, NEO. Find ones you believe in and invest as much as you can afford to lose. If you don't have anything yet then save up. Don't put it on your credit card if you're in debt.

For those who invested in the last 2 months, and to those who remember when CPU mining BTC was worthwhile. A wake up call. by Throwaway4VPN in CryptoCurrency

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Yeah, but it's less needed every day. Exchanges with other pairs are opening up all the time; like Fairx, Raiexchange, Qash's. And more pairings are being added to big exchanges all the time, like Neo on Kucoin and most likely XRB on a bunch soon.

According to Cryptocalender Raiblocks will get listed today on Binance. by Rickiericardo in CryptoCurrency

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A lot of times when cryptos or exchanges say something will happen "some time in January", people on cryptocalendar will just put Jan 15th because it's in the middle.

They absolutely need to stop approving these submissions because it's not true. Same thing happened to VeChain.

Can someone give a comprehensive list of official crypto-related twitter accounts? by oz100 in CryptoCurrency

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You're in luck, I posted about this recently and I've been working on it!


I'll keep adding to it. If anyone wants me to add something just comment it here.

2,000 upvotes and I'll donate 10,000 ELIX by mkultra33 in elixirtoken

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I'd love to get some ELIX, upvoted! Even if you don't pick me, this is really cool of you to do :)

Vertcoin just received a $65,000 donation! by Sjoerd266 in CryptoCurrency

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VTC is in a really weird spot right now. I've always liked the idea of it but never held any because I think they lack an actual product/purpose. It seems as though the market is shifting towards that direction right now. I understand Vertcoin was supposed to be "the people's coin" but then something like XRB came along and pretty much perfected that with better tech.

And yes, their market cap has gone up in the past few months, but pretty much everything has. Before you get mad at me for saying all this, they were ranked 35 in market cap on Nov 5 and today they are rank 120. I'm not trying to fud them, these are just facts. VTC is getting left behind, and if they don't come up with something that sets them apart soon, I think they'll keep dropping.

If anyone that knows more about VTC than I do can say what they've been working on please do.