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HamlnHand 4 points

Just this past series against the Braves I can remember a few times where he singlehandedly gave up runs. Not hitting cut off men, playing balls of the fence poorly, trying to dive for a ball he couldn't get to, etc.

It was pretty bad. But this is obviously a small sample size and I don't think he's been historically bad.

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Water_Cooler_Dale 17 points

Saw your son on tv when it happened and it was actually Charlie Culberson.

HamlnHand 6 points

Lol I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw the post, I remember the kid in the A's shirt from the broadcast.

Was definitely Charlie.

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[deleted] -2 points


HamlnHand 4 points

Except for the fact that the pitchers literal job is to throw a ball as hard as they can inches away from someone. Not only that, but the batter is standing there with the knowledge that the ball will be flying at them, and that it even might hit them. People aren't supposed to go around throwing rocks near people in public anyway. And if someone knew it was gonna happen they'd move away.

I understand what you're saying, but this absolutely does not apply to this scenario. I feel as though your college law professor would probably say the same.

Edit- to further my point, here is a ruling from the California Supreme Court in this article

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HamlnHand 1 point

Uh, what? Let's walk through this.

In my first comment I said it can't be assault because you need intent for that. In baseball you could never prove intent of a pitcher. Because the nature of their job kind of negates that.

You then said a pitcher could still get charged with battery if they hit someone. Because, in real life if you throw a rock by accident and hit someone you can get charged with battery. I stated my reasons for disagreeing with that and then posted a Supreme Court Ruling which came to the same conclusion.

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HamlnHand commented on a post in r/baseball
HamlnHand 4 points

Maybe it's because that since 2012 the teams that have played there most- the Mets, Braves, Phillies, Marlins have more or less... sucked (leaving out Nats), especially in the hitting department. And when the Mets have been good a lot of it relied on their pitching, not as much hitting.

Although, I don't know if it's enough to have statistical significance, just trying to brainstorm. That's one of the only variables I can think of. Wonder what those stats would look like when only average hitting teams played at Citi Field from 2012-2018.

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SnowmanOlaf 63 points

It would be cool if a team that went with the opener strategy also used the Decisioner strategy which is something I just made up. Since the opener SP won't eligible for a decision, the Decisioner will rack up an extraordinary amount of Wins and Losses. Similar to the closer, the Decisioner will always come in when it's most likely to get a W decision. Some pitcher could go 80-40 and all sorts of win records would get obliterated. Someone could become a 300 win pitcher in just a few years

HamlnHand 44 points

the decisioner


... the decider?

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BMaclinFBI 1 point

Yeah man you’re just on another level. I can tell by the fact that you’ve posted the same fangraphs article 3 times.

We little people can’t even imagine how good Javy is in our tiny little minds.

HamlnHand 2 points

I wish I could fathom just how much of a mastermind bamboozler Javy Baez is. We should start a support group.

HamlnHand 5 points

I've seen a lot of replays posted on this subreddit that made me question if it was really worth a post. This is now, by far, the #1 post in that category.

Not only did you submit a routine boring play, something that everyone on /r/baseball would have seen before, you also did it with a sensationalist clickbait title.

HamlnHand commented on a post in r/baseball
HamlnHand 6 points

I can't answer a lot of these, but there's something that's been bothering me about this. First of all, the ratings for sports TV have been down across the board, so I think that can only partly answer that question.

I think one of the other reasons is a combination of MLB not promoting nationally enough, and the popular ESPN shows hating baseball. Whenever I see Sportscenter show baseball highlights, the broadcasters talk about it in the douchiest most condescending way (in addition to soccer). Same with the popular morning shows. There's no analysis or excitement for the game. It's all mostly just NFL and NBA.

I think MLB needs to do some serious brainstorming and work on national level promotion more, on the major sports networks.

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VonCornhole 8 points

Last night was Jacob deGrom's 10th Felix Hernandez of the season. This puts him 1 behind the 5 way tie behind 1971 Dave Roberts, 1964 Don Drysdale, 1915 Dave Davenport, 1963 Roger Craig, and 1960 Jim Bunning for the single season record

HamlnHand 2 points

If Tom Seaver has almost double the amount that Felix has, shouldn't it be called a Tom Seaver?

HamlnHand commented on a post in r/baseball
HamlnHand 5 points

That's gotta be the most boring sounding 6-6 extra inning home run call ever lol. Never really been a fan of the Nats play by play guy's voice.

Trea7Turner 28 points

To be fair they’ve been at the ballpark for like 8 hours today, the radio call was much better

HamlnHand 2 points

Yeah I guess that's true. Also the lack of fans probably has something to do with it too.

HamlnHand commented on a post in r/baseball
SixoTwo 22 points

Best? Chipper fucking Jones - Crazy Train.

As a kid, he was always off screen when it started and often the place went fucking nuts as soon as the song started.

HamlnHand 12 points

Yep this is the best of all time.

I've never heard a walk up song be as impactful as Crazy Train. When the opposing pitcher heard ALLLLLL ABOOOOOOOOARD HAHAHA and the stadium went absolutely nuts it must've been pretty nerve wrecking.

There really was nothing like it, especially towards the end of his career.

HamlnHand commented on a post in r/baseball
slammin23 38 points

Can’t forget Simmons .292/.338/.415 and a glove made of pure gold

Oh and just wait until Tatis is up

HamlnHand 5 points


HamlnHand commented on a post in r/baseball
mvelocityp 24 points

As a Phillies fan, seeing this team play well lately is really making me nervous . Hopefully the two series we have coming up are competitive no matter the outcome!

HamlnHand 4 points

Uhhh we're not playing well lately...

HamlnHand commented on a post in r/Braves
HamlnHand 1 point

Lol correlation ≠ causation. Do none of you think that maybe he's sweating more on those days because he's out on the mound longer and throwing more pitches? Either that, or when he's dominant you're not trying to find things wrong with him.

HamlnHand commented on a post in r/vaxxhappened
Pytheastic 370 points

"Measles Has Been Eliminated in the Americas, WHO Says"

September 2016

Edit: as has been pointed out, elimination is not the same as eradication. Long story short, eradication means the disease is wiped out worldwide whereas elimination refers to countries or regions. Since the tweet in the OP is an American referring to an outbreak in Portland I feel the distinction between the two is not so important but they're very much not the same. Thanks /u/HamlnHand and /u/riverblue9011

HamlnHand 21 points

Not trying to be rude, but eliminated doesn't mean eradicated just so you know. Eliminated means no homegrown cases are in the Americas. But it hasn't been eradicated- meaning measles can be brought here and spread because people don't get the vaccine.

HamlnHand commented on a post in r/baseball
jaunty411 18 points

The Braves playing in the state of Florida.

HamlnHand 5 points

A few weeks ago there was a post about restructuring the divisions and adding teams. The OP suggested southeast division be Atlanta, both FL teams, and a new team in Charlotte.

This would be awesome because the Braves would have 4 home stadiums.

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