Dee Snider’s full senate testimony against the PMRC. More than 30 years later and just as powerful today. {non-music video} by DonaldKey in Music

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Gotta love how he pulls his notes out of his pocket, unfolds them and smooths it out as if he was a 9th grade delinquent getting ready to flunk a test.

Then he surprises everybody

Chevy Chase Regularly Made Racist Cracks in Between His Community Scenes With Donald Glover by craig1818 in television

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I just watched the scene in question on Youtube... Is it me or Dunham's voice makes me want to stab my ear canals with a fork?

Synth music moday by Vallu- in vinyl

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I strongly recommend "Phaedra"... My favorite. It's like a trippy Pink Floyd album without all the guitars, drums and bass, just spacey keyboards taking you places.....

Les chiens intoxiqués au pot de plus en plus nombreux by Wolf99 in Quebec

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Wow, ça commence a gratter le fond du baril leur propagande anti pot

Eric Clapton Apologizes for Racist Past by HappyHarryHardOn in Music

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Indeed. It's nice that he's apologizing and all but "blaming his addiction to drink and drugs for the outburst" is weak sauce in my book. A whole bunch of coke will enhance your thoughts and feelings, not alter them. It's not like you do a whole bindle of coke with a few bottles of cognac, and suddendly go "I HATE ALL N***** NOW." that's not how cocaine works. You felt that way deep inside before the drugs came in

Sam Cooke - Bring It on Home to Me, Live 1963 [Soul] by heythisis-myusername in Music

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I collect live albums, and I have to say this is quite simply my favorite live album of all times. Not only is the energy waaaaaaaaay up but the performance is so raw you can almost taste the sweat pouring from him & the band.

This is what happens when an artist is freed from the constraints of studio and making save songs to giving it his soul in front of a receptive audience

A masterpiece

Quick edit: Make sure to listen to ONE NIGHT STAND! Sam Cooke live at the Harlem Square Club and not the other version

this is the best version: https:/https://www.reddit.com/images-na.ssl-images-amazon.comhttps://www.reddit.com/images/I/51byKqTsvkL.jpg

and not this earlier version: https://img.cdandlp.com/2016/05/imgL/118148420.jpg

the one i recommend is less edited out and sounds "rawer" and more energetic

Four More Women Accuse ‘iZombie’ Actor Robert Knepper of Sexual Misconduct by NeilPoonHandler in television

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He'll always be T_Bag to me, pretty. Now pull your pants pocket inside out so i can hold on to it

Which of your favorite shows start out really bad, but get amazing later on? by HornyNcurious66 in television

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THE LEFTOVERS - the first season isn't bad, a 7/10, but season 2 is just about the most perfect season I have ever seen of any TV shows.

In the Evil Dead II, after Ash cuts off his hand and is forced to fight it, a clock can be seen in the background with its minute "hand" bleeding mirroring Ash's predicament by LinkMeander in MovieDetails

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Skinny Puppy (industrial Canadian band) uses some samples from that movie. Namely "I hope you rot down there!", "Who's Laughing now!", "We are the ones that were and shall be again" and so on...


Prison Break’s Robert Knepper accused of sexual assault. by Rman823 in television

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the actual quote is "I’m going to f— your brains out... My pretty"

Quentin Tarantino Has Finished the Script for His Ninth Movie, About the Manson Family Murders by BunyipPouch in movies

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Odd coincidence that it is referred as movie "Number 9" given that the Beatles' White Album is so closely related to all the murders

Paul Leary of Butthole Surfers here - Ask me Anything! by buttholesurfers_ in Music

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PAUL! It's such an honor! You guys have been my favorite band for 25+ years. One of the reason is because your band has such a unique sound, it is almost hard to pinpoint your influences.

What are the bands/musicians that have been most influential in creating that Butthole Surfers sound?

Secondly, push comes to shove, which BS album are you most proud of?

Mr. Robot season 3 has little buzz on this subreddit, but it's shaping up to be the best season yet. by AllocatedData in television

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Given that I also had difficulties with S2 and abandoned after 2 eps, would i be completely lost is I skipped S2 and just started S3 right away?

The Walking Dead's 100th episode shambles along like the walking corpse the show has become by NeilPoonHandler in television

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And Negan himself is turning somewhat into a cartoonesque caricature of himself... the broad smiles while leaning back is getting a bit much

WB pulling Blade Runner from theatres faster than expected due to box office failure by blackgaylibertarian in movies

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As a Canadian, i'm proud to report that PORKYS the the most profitable box office movie in the entire history of Canada. So we got that going, which is nice

(Yes, it was filmed in FL but financed by a Canadian company)

"Pop Goes The World" by Men Without Hats is an incredibly scathing commentary on how money and marketing corrupts the world. by [deleted] in Music

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Ah!.... In reality, that song was in reaction to getting kicked out of dance floors of Montreal punk rock clubs for pogo-dancing