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In paticular, if the abuse was on camera, filmed. Do they have to watch the video again?

Do they just have to identify themselves in the video, or is it not necessary.

Do the people in the court all watch the video?

Is it usually in front of a jury or just a judge.

Mainly asking about the uk.


I do love the videos, but I think there's another doc YouTube channel that just does great shit too. Could you let them and guest creators do a video now and again, maybe an animated short now and again like game grumps do...

Also I like seeing a full game played out in real time only with your animations. I like the short clips, but they lack the slow pace of a full game of pubg.

It makes me sad that the last thing a lot of people have to do is try to lobby for their right to do it.

When the choices of others get dictated by mainly religious groups, then it sets of alarms in my mind. They are wrong in abortion and gay marriage, they seem to be be wrong in this.

Another group of antis are disabled people themselves who think they are going to get euthanised or similar, that people will think their quality of life isn't worth it and they should be. Again, I don't think with proper checks this would be the case.

I hear a lot of slippery slope arguments that don't check out.

I think if you have about a year to live and it's going to go downhill, I don't want anyone to suffer if they are of sound mind when they decide.

I'd rather they said a date when they were of less sound mind than dying when they were fully conscious, not sure if that's what they are asking for.

be vocal

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You like that don't you...

Does the one include shroud in some way? I can't see it.

29 points · 3 months ago

They sometime won't answer, instant reply when I call them with their name

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I feel a bit weird yelling mum, mummy, muuuuuuuum in public.

People can have a handicap that is not obvious, and look completely normal at first look. Anything from chemo that makes you weak, a brain tumor, or recent surgery.

So DO NOT automatically go off on someone who parks in a handicap spot and gets out and walks normally. I know there are people out there who cheat, but it is far better to give the benefit of the doubt in this case.

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Just point at your blue badge. Unless you don't have one and so you deserve to be queried.

7 points · 3 months ago

Duck pouting or making ridiculous faces!!

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Keep seeing duck pouting pictures on articles about girls who got murdered or something in the newspapers.

All I can think is "good".

I wonder what deaf schizophrenics who don't know sign language hallucinate?

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One hand clapping

Someone change woman to dickbut drinking glass of wine pls

1.1k points · 3 months ago

Sleeping without a blanket over me, even in the summer

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It's like saying to the monsters 'dont just take my feet, take the whole thing!'

Is it true that everyone is obsessed with tea?

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I was going to say 'no!' and then I thought about how I might like a cup of tea, then I realised I already had a cup of tea but it was a bit cold so now I have two cups of tea.

Does anyone give a shit about Wales?

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I live half an hour from Wales and I've never even been there by accident.

It's just there and doesn't cause a fuss. I can't help but admire that. I actually love that. I mean look at Scotland.

Blond bangs (✔)

Chubby cheeks (✔)

Spiderman footsie pyjamas (✔)

Op checks out

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The dad shit VZN's does is awkward. You can tell the Doc is weirded out by it because it always stops him in his tracks and he struggles to riff with it.

EDIT: haha so many unathletic chubby cheeked punks in here. go watch Crinja and get your braces tightened.

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There's 'awkward' and funny awkward. I think a few times he's laughing so can't answer, but sometimes he can't reply because idk, how would you reply lol. Like a stern father.

I think it's really funny and I love their chemistry. God bless VSNZ.

it's dumb to scratch random people for stuff like rolling a stop sign.

The very first day I got my license, I was pulled over for rolling a stop sign that I still to this day (over 10 years later) swear I stopped for. It couldn't have been more than a couple hours since I had left the DMV with my first ever driver's license and took my dad's car out by myself for the first time in my life and the cop wrote me a ticket for rolling a stop sign and would have put points on my record if I hadn't taken it to court. My parent's were pissed and I was embarrassed because I had a friend in the car. Ended up losing my car privileges on the first day of owning a license to drive. Thank you for not being like this.

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I've heard cops do this just to stop new drivers being so cocky. If you are a young male then IMO this is what happened, you got profiled by some warrior who's seen way too many young people car smashes than is healthy.

I've never not checked their shitty website before subjecting myself to the nightmare that is their phone menus.

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Comment deleted3 months ago

I agree and that's why it's so important you just let people talk to a human being. Even if it was on the website (it isn't, it's shit).

I stand next to a big sign that says I sell timber. People ask me all day what I do.

They just like to hear it.

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I don't feel like there was enough Happy Endings and I really miss them all in the pathetic way that I miss Firefly.

There was so much they could have all done and it died too young.

Then he includes the lifeguard in the suit because he obeyed the police

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Yes that sounds like a dick move.

Trying to drown yourself in a pool with a lifeguard is stupid. Why can't he do it in a large body of water like the rest of us?

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Yeah I mean, even a bath would be easier just lock the door.

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Lol, I didn't know where that was going at all, pretty great for the oldest joke in the world.

I had a close friend from Hong Kong that said older family members would get mad about this sort of thing as they were still in an isolationist mind set. However they would bring it up around her a lot because they disapproved of the fact that she was dating a white guy. So after hearing about this for the hundredth something time she said "If the Chinese demanded white people stopped using anything culturally Chinese, with the exception of some food, most white people wouldn't even notice. If white people demanded that of the Chinese it would make modern China unrecognizable."

She said they basically all stopped talking to her after that, but she didn't really care.

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It's interesting to hear that actually. I wonder how many people are aware of the isolationist history of a lot of Asia and how it wasn't actually that long ago. I'm sure people are aware of N. Korea anyway.

I can understand to some degree how the USA is a melting pot culture and China is the opposite. Also I can see how Hong Kong might be wary of Western Imperialism.

I think people by their nature like to enjoy other people's cultures though, because they are different.

48 points · 3 months ago

Social media was a mistake, the original poster shouldn't be getting anything resembling the level of attention he's getting for saying something stupid.

I don't need to spend 6 minutes of my life watching a retort to an idiot.

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Fair enough. The whole cycle is of outrage at the 'cultural appropriation', then at the guy, then at the fact anyone reacted at all. That's the cycle and you are part of it commenting here whether you like it or not.

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You can make an amazing chicken Kiev, or similar themed anyway.

All you need is a blender with bread, garlic, oregano and butter. Lots of cheddar cheese.

You just put the chicken in the baking dish and stick the crumbs on top. It keeps the chicken very moist and the topping is addictive as fuck.

No, he was the one Bane asked to stay behind so that it wouldn't look suspicious.

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