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15 points · 3 hours ago

I don't hate smokers, but I do think that if you know the risks of smoking and you start anyway, you're a fucking idiot.

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At least it makes a little bit of sense why someone who knows the danger of heroin would take up the habit and start an addiction; because it feels so damn good. But how the hell do people get into a heavy cigarette addiction? It smells and tastes like absolute shit, doesn't really get you "high" in the slightest, and whatever feeling you do feel from it is short-lived and fleeting. Help me understand.

We'll stay together just so we don't crush Reddit hearts. Lol

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"So you two stayed together for the kids?" ... "No, we stayed together for Reddit."

6.5k points · 1 day ago

How strange it is to think that if one of you stopped to throw away some trash, or tie a shoelace, you'd have not been in line next to one another and never connected.

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On the contrary, perhaps one of them stopping to throw away trash was the reason that they both happened to end up next to one another in line.

Yes, but can transfer within one week. Also i need a boosted Dota 2-account. My mmr is 1500 just because of noon team, so I'm supposed to be 6k.

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Ez solution, don't play with noon team. Wait for late night or early morning team and win

Was joke but K thx

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I know you were joking, but your joke contained a typo in it (noon instead of noob) Therefore, I made a joke myself. It's jokes all the way down!

I have this same cactus and some of it’s spikes have turned white too, so I’m curious as to what others will say. Mine has been this way for a while though, and the cactus itself seems fine.

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It's completely normal for the spines to turn a different color as they age, nothing to worry about.

Pup. mine did the same thing 2 weeks ago. Still waiting for a flower but new clones are great too.

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FYI, this particular clone of bridgesii will never flower so there's no need to hold out hope for any in the future. It is propagated solely by cuttings only.

How unfortunate, now they’ll never know. This could be the grace of someone important and the bodies are contaminated with DNA from the sewage.

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Wouldn't it still be possible to extract DNA from within one of the teeth (assuming any are left)?

Most clinics don't even take insurance at all. Mine's $96/week. I think the first week is like $120.

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Yep I asked about insurance when I first got on and the lady chuckled a little.

Have you two had a conversation about suboxone or methadone treatment? People who should by all measures be dead right now have somehow survived by going into treatment. I know I'm one of them. I would not be alive right now were it not for me going into methadone treatment.

3 points · 5 days ago

Do you honestly think heroin makes people do shit like this? I think you mean meth crazed

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Exactly right, if it were a suspect on heroin the chase would have never started because he'd be nodded out in the parking lot.

7 points · 5 days ago

They’re coming out with the body-cam show on the 19th. Should be more of these type of interactions.

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Do you happen to know the name of the show?

11 points · 5 days ago

Truck driver here. One of our trucks t-boned a civic with 4 teenagers in it on the 400 once. They reversed down the left lane cuz they missed their exit. Stopped put it back in drive and turned right across all three lanes right in front of our truck. At about 1am near Vaughn. By some miracle no one died.

Then they even tried to sue us lmao. We just handed the lawyers the last hour of data from the satellite systems showing us doing the speed limit and laughed.

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That's not the normal stupid, that's the scary stupid; they fuck up and then try to get others to pay for their stupidity.

that golden "armor" didn't really fit the shroom theme IMO

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Actually it does. Source

Not talking about the pattern itself, that looks fine. It looks like some kind of metal (like gold). I just don't think it fits. It makes the set looks more bland.

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I can't argue with that. I honestly don't like the look either, but it's definitely inspired by a few various species of fungi.

You want to give your parents an answer?

"You wouldn't be asking me if I was living out of my car and on the Ramen Noodle and Dollar Store brand soda diet."

What does this mean? They see you are successful and know that a woman will marry you for it. Simple as that. In fact you can tell them that. "So because I am successful, I'm not allowed to enjoy the fruits of my labor? It's all for some woman I haven't met yet? That's why you sent me to school?''

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This is the perfect response to that question.

61 points · 9 days ago

If I could eliminate my sexual libido once and for all, I totally would. Having to fap even just the little bit that I do (maybe once a week) is fucking annoying. Having to live with that little gremlin in my head having me check out women's bodies is annoying and I want to kill it without killing myself. I generally don't do this but if I'm not thinking I'm just staring at some lady's tiddies across the room, zoning out.

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I know exactly how you feel. I'm a recovering opiate addict who is on methadone treatment and due to the side effect of methadone killing my sex drive, I haven't felt the urge or need to fap in over 2 1/2 years (as long as I've been on the methadone). Sure if I see a cute girl walking down the street I'll give her a quick look but I don't even have lingering thoughts of sex or anything anymore. It's been a true blessing.

I'm only telling you my story for the sake of conversation, I don't recommend getting on opiates or methadone any time soon lol.

Comment deleted9 days ago

This is why I could never do undercover work for an animal advocacy group. If I witnessed any of that going on first-hand, it would end up with me being arrested.

Long shot: does anybody know how I can get in contact with him? The only animal shelter in my town fell victim to an electrical fire about 2 weeks ago and only 6 dogs were rescued. Firefighters were unable to rescue any of the cats. Lots of animals died and it was insanely tragic. The community has been raising funds in hopes of rebuilding ever since.

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This exact same thing happened last year where I live and it was incredibly sad. I don't recall how many animals were able to be saved but nearly all of them died.

This makes me feel so hopeless to be black in America. Sometimes, you don't wanna be paranoid, that every white person you meet is apart of some grand scheme to fuck your life over for no apparent reason other than the color of your skin and nothing else. I have had faulty things sold to me and my family, been denied apartments, jobs, and service because of my skin color. Even though I'm probably the nicest fucking person you'll meet in person, even my family says I'm oddly polite.

How do you not feel paranoid when you learn things like this? How do you know feel completely fucking hopeless and just want to give up and hide.

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I know it probably isn't much comfort, but at least know that for every person out there who wants to see you fail because of your color, there are numerous others who don't see skin color and only care about who you are as a person.

141 points · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago

Best example of this was the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, where the white residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma decided it was time to burn down the black side of town and show everyone who was boss. Their resentment stemmed from that fact that Tulsa's black community was unusually wealthy in spite of all the racist barriers to success that Oklahoma had thrown up, to the point where nationally the black neighborhoods of Tulsa were known as "black Wall Street". Soon after the riots began, it became clear this wasn't a spontaneous action, because the rioters were joined by the police and the Oklahoma national guard, which literally bombed black neighborhoods from biplanes.

Hundreds died, 10,000 African Americans were left homeless, and $31 million (in 2016 dollars) of property was destroyed. White Tulsans had in two nights virtually erased the most successful black community in the country. Then, for some 75 years the white media and government of Tulsa suppressed any and all evidence that the riot happened, or that "Black Wall Street" had ever existed. African Americans knew, but most White Tulsans born after 1921 had no idea the riots had happened until 1996, when Oklahoma instated a truth and reconciliation commission to mark the 75 year anniversary of the atrocity.

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Holy shit, just wow.

I'm not a cat person at all, but damn if this clip didn't make me want to take him/her home.

I hit a doggy a few weeks back. :( Tight road that wraps around an island. Little guy came out of nowhere. I avoided him best I could but pretty sure I still clipped him as I heard a little thud. I pulled off the road and looked for him but he took off.. poked around in the woods for 20 minutes, couldn't find him anywhere. I feel awful but there were other cars around and there was no way to avoid him so I braced for impact and slowed down and cried a lot. :(

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The important thing is you tried to avoid hitting the dog, and better yet, you actually cared enough to stop and look to see if he was seriously wounded nearby. You did more than what the average person would have done if they had been placed in that same situation.

27 points · 18 days ago · edited 17 days ago


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Ugh the comment before yours caused me to spit out half my drink and then yours finished the job.

29 points · 18 days ago

Some adults still believe in their own Santa. Can’t spoil it for them; hopefully they’ll figure it out for themselves.

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The "problem" is, they don't want to figure it out. It's much more comforting to imagine some superior being always looking over you, protecting you. Guiding you through this chaotic and uncertain life.

You get paid more for interracial. White girl/black male specifically. Some girls arw known not to do interracial. Basically girls have a profile that says their Do's and Don'ts. Alina Li said in an interview that she wouldn't do interracial, but she eventually did because the price was right.

If a girl doesn't really do anal, she'll get paid more to do it because fans know she really isn't into anal, so it's a rare act. Mia Khalifa doesn't do anal, but I'm sure many studios are offering her lots of money for it because people would pay to see it.

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LPT for a porn actress: List things that you are secretly really in to as part of your "Don't" list, and make more money for doing something you secretly enjoy.

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Original Poster0 points · 18 days ago

If anyone really enjoys theology debates and likes watching Christians getting owned please check out my videos that are labeled a conversation with.... I guarantee you will enjoy. I have Christians saying all kinds of crazy things on my channel.

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Checking out your channel now, thanks and good luck with this bullshit you're dealing with.

Oh fuck thumbing sounds crazy, not for me. I had like 300ug I think and I was high for way longer than I expected to be. I'll never do it again, once was enough, but I do miss the visuals. I took it at night too (which I found out later was probably a bad idea, it seems like it's nicer to take during the day), and honestly the night sky on LSD was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. It was like I could see everything, man.

But yeah never doing it again. Wish I could get the visuals without any of the other stuff.

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2C-B is a good candidate for what you're looking for. Even in moderate doses the visuals are fantastic, but the mental effects are very subtle and almost completely absent.

7 points · 22 days ago

I took acid once and started to get that feeling as I looked at the trees and sky moving together, but shortly after I thought "dude you're just being really over the top and pseudo-spiritual" which ruined it. I love how people gain so much from acid, to me it just felt like my brain was just looking for stuff that wasn't really there.

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The best way I can describe the mental effects of psychedelics to someone that has never tried them is that they allow you to look at things in a different light, but you won't gain knowledge you didn't have before.

For a real simple example if you know 2+2=4, when on acid you come to the realization that 3+1 also = 4. You already knew the answer but now you can view it from a different perspective.

The police did patrol for the GSK. He worked with them, which was one of the reasons he was able to avoid being caught for so long.

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Not only that, but police actually did stake out a neighborhood in anticipation for GSK to return (I believe he was known as the Visalia Ransacker during this time period). Well one of the cops caught him trying to break into a house, and he ended up fake-surrendering to the officer, only to end up shooting out his flashlight which damaged his eye pretty badly. This allowed GSK to get away and that was the very last time he committed a crime for 7 or 8 months. It was the last "Visalia Ransacker" incident as well. He then went on to become EAR/ONS/GSK.

This is so scary.

Coming from a pretty much safe country. Guns aren't allowed and crime is low. There are murders from time to time of course, but not anything like this. But US is huge.

The whole GSK thing is so scary. I can't even imagine living there. Did you guys have like night hours where you had to stay inside?

Also, how the hell did anyone think sketches of him would help? I get that a couple of them were good, but the creepy one with skymask one wouldn't give me a clue? :/ Some of them just looks so off and inhuman that I'm not sure how people would recognize anyone.

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I feel the same way about most sketches I see. I don't understand how someone can say "Hey, that looks like someone I know!" They all just seem so impersonal and inhuman like you said. And I don't know why the one with the ski mask even exists. Nobody walks around with a ski mask on all the time lol.

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I've always had a problem with the lack of focus on wildlife that isn't cute and fuzzy.

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I agree, and it doesn't have to be cute and fuzzy to still be fascinating to me. People need to find and appreciate beauty and intrigue in all forms of life, not just those that are fluffy and cute.

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