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For some reason I really dislike Four Tet, I'm not sure why as I generally like stuff in the genres he covers. I think it's perhaps that he is for some reason immensely popular, when his music is pretty average compared to similar artists who don't come remotely near to his level of success.

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Yah I see where you're coming from. This song and his work with burial stands out most in his discography for me, and although I can appreciate his other songs and the production quality, I can't seem to love it as I do this song.

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This is the audio equivalent of a mandala.

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Thats.. actually a really good description.

I actually made a playlist called ''The Ecstasy of Freedom'' for songs just like this. Some of the tracks people mentioned in this thread are already on there :)

All time fav. The dude who made the remix is probably your safest bet, both Voices and Ongoing thing by him are really good. Other than that, maybe songs like Mac Miller & Schoolboy Q - Friends or Isaiah Rashad - 4r Da Squaw. Finding a song with the exact same vibe is impossible though, cause its a god damn masterpiece

I have a ''Bass Massage'' playlist if you want to check it out! A lot of Eprom, Gesaffelstein & Malaa etc

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Ooh, this is going to be tough. Gonna be a hell of a lot of fun though.

  1. Rhubarb

  2. Stone In Focus

  3. Mookid

  4. 28 organ

  5. Cliffs

  6. Pulsewidth

  7. Xtal

  8. Flim

  9. Hexagon

  10. Yellow Calx

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Idk if any track will ever beat Rhubarb.

Dayum boi, from nz but never heard of these dudes, what’s their story OP?

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You tell me! I was just browsing the i'm on SMOKO playlist on spotify, randomly clicked a song and instantly felt the vibe. Skimmed through all of their songs and they are all super accessible and easy to enjoy, although Ride was easily my favorite

I list my accessories on my nsuns spreadsheet with the weight I'm currently using. If I hit 12-12-12-12 I up the weight by 2.5kg. Super easy. How it looks like

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6 weeks in on the 4-Day OHP +1 Version. Have only been lifting for about 4 months, did Phraks before jumping on nsuns. Not squatting atm because of knee problems, looking to start again soon

Bench: 115-150lbs (52.5-67.5kg)

OHP: 77-100lbs (35-45kg)

Deadlift: 187-242lbs (85-110kg)

Still rookie numbers, but with progress like this I'll be with the big bois in no time

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Deadlift 203lbs x 6 Looks pretty solid right?

Great song.

Doing nSuns 4 day. Can I do rack pulls once every week as an accessory or would that be too much on my CNS? Considering the fact that I'm already doing 17 sets of deadlifts + squats a week. Would it be better to rotate it so one week I'd do shrugs then one week I'd do rack pulls instead etc?

Ya I was wondering this too.

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60 kg

edit: should clarify, when a person says I benched one plate they mean I benched 60kg. However, literally speaking 1 plate weighs 20kg.

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