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Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/LifeProTips
mces97 47 points

I was going to put another LPT in here about pet insurance, but not about getting it. Most animals won't get sick their first few years. At least nothing major. My vet said to avoid pet insurance because even they hassle customers and try to wiggle out of paying. Instead, just put the 24 dollars (my vet actually said 50 dollars) away in a savings account. Never use it for anything. That's 600 dollars a year. In 10 years you got 6k saved. No worry about insurance and if your pet is sick and needs surgery, or a few overnight stays, you got it with no worrying about payment.

Heatedblanket1984 2 points

This is really good advice

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Heatedblanket1984 2 points

Shit, not me. Bought a home 8 years ago for 125k (with a 15y loan) and sold it earlier this summer for 240k. Am now in a home that i never thought would be attainable in my lifetime. Buying a home young and pouring money into the mortgage was the financial move of a lifetime for my wife and I.

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abrahamisaninja 4 points

Is kfc quality better in Japan? Anytime I eat there here in the us I feel horrible.

Heatedblanket1984 1 point

Popeyes is where it’s at. KFC is overpriced and crap. Grandy’s also has amazing fried chicken.

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x4000 19 points

It keeps going on deep discount, so it's likely picking up new people who missed the controversy. Those folks are probably why it has a mix of negative reviews in with the others.

Heatedblanket1984 4 points

What’s the cheapest you have seen it? It was $60 last time I checked.

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overlordpotatoe 5 points

How's life been? I think it's really interesting the period of rapid change older people right now have lived through and we should appreciate it more. I don't think there's been anything particularly comparable in the whole of human history and I'm not sure there will be again. Do you think things now are changing as rapidly as they did during other periods of your life? I'm only 30, so my perspective on it all is a lot narrower.

Heatedblanket1984 3 points

I’ve wondered this my entire life. I would think that anyone born after the industrial revolution has had a similar experience of constant stream of new technology while those from pre era lives lives that were fairly void of constant technological advances. I could be wrong though. Would love to hear a historians take on the idea.

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shapu 22 points
Heatedblanket1984 8 points

This is the video that came to mind when I first saw OP’s gif. I’ve always wondered how they happened to have such a variety of dead animals. Sheep, pig, cow, and a horse. Did they kill them all for the purpose of demonstrating the grinder? Or perhaps they stored the dead animals in a freezer until they had enough to justify cranking up the grinder? Or perhaps it’s just a huge farm and a few dead animals a day is normal?

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intraspeculator 98 points

That’s not it at all. America is ostensibly at the head of the western alliance. Breaking up NATO weakens America substantially.

Trump is simply an idiot. He’s obsessed with the trade deficit with other countries but what he doesn’t realise is that the reason there is a trade deficit is because America produces inferior goods. The oligarchs in control of the US have lowered standards so they can make greater profits, but what’s happened is that those inferior products only sell in the US and not in the rest of the world. Why would we buy lower quality stuff imported from America?

Heatedblanket1984 -30 points

Reddit 2018: preface any point with “trump is a moron” and get upvotes

andrewjs42 41 points

Prefacing it with the opposite would make you the idiot

Heatedblanket1984 1 point

Or we could rely upon the merits of our comments to persuade others to agree with our points. It’s incredibly immature and socially awkward to assert that “anyone who disagrees with what I’m about to say is an idiot” before stating an opinion or point. Folks get away with it in echo chambers on the internet, but do it in the company of real life people and see how that works for ya.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/whatisthisthing
DeadFoxTails 91 points

I agree with you man. You are making the right choice. She is endangering you and your daughter with her choices.

I'd recommend you delete this post, at least archive it

Heatedblanket1984 5 points

Side note: all these comments are archived. It is very easy to find deleted reddit posts on other archiving sites.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/gaming
loganmay1990 1,483 points

GrndPaGaming - I literally found him a couple days ago. He’s currently playing No Man’s Sky. Or “No Guy Buy” for some.

Heatedblanket1984 32 points

I was surprised to see that game on steam for $60 today. Made me pause for a minute and consider what I might be missing.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/shutupandtakemymoney
WhichWayzUp 25 points

I would lose it within a week.

Heatedblanket1984 7 points

Probably what they are counting on. At $150 each, they could probably honor their guarantee dozens of times per customer and still turn a profit. I’ll be keeping my money on this one.

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hAbadabadoo22 1 point

All soccer fans defend this crap. they all admit that it's wrong but then they go into fend it right after they say that it's wrong. to me it is the perfect metaphor for how pathetic humanity is these days how we're afraid of people hurting us because of something they typed online or we think that everyone's and not see that we don't agree with.

the entire modern generation from Brazil to Russia to China to Canada to America to Australia the entire populations of those places are made up of people that lie and pretend that they're being hurt because they're so narcissistic that they want the attention so of course the world is going to get behind a sport where the athletes lie and cheat and pretend like they're hirt, like they're little babies, because that's what they are that's what this entire generation is globally and that's what humanity is.

Soccer as a whole represents the darkest places in a human's mind it is the most disgusting metaphor for how s*** we are as a species.

Heatedblanket1984 4 points

Preach on, brother

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/OldSchoolCool
ImNotJustinBieber 8 points

So if other forces torture our prisoners, does that give us the green light to torture others?

Heatedblanket1984 43 points

I could explain the details of the Geneva conventions, uniformed vs non-uniformed soldiers, terroristic criminals vs combatants, but for some reason I’m not sure reddit gives a damn about those details.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/HistoryPorn
jamin_brook 4 points

Ocean's are fine, in fact they are getting bigger due to global warming. It just all of the stuff living in it that's fucked.

Heatedblanket1984 2 points

Your comment went flying over peoples heads apparently.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/CuisineRoyaleBR
zezimeme 5 points

I had times it did deflect bullets. It sounds like a hit but you dont lose any health

Heatedblanket1984 2 points

Same. I’ve been hit in the back, with armor on, and took zero damage. I kind of wish friendly fire was enabled so we could test just how effective armor is. Towards the end game, heavily armored players can be fairly challenging to kill.

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