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Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/birding
Heatedblanket1984 2 points

Nice find! What equipment did you use to get this shot?

Peregrineeagle 5 points

The cheapest spotting scope I could find and my cell phone camera. He was only about 15' from the road so it was pretty easy to get super close with the scope. I did have my DSLR on me too, but I only had a 105mm lens which only gets so close. Here's the best shot I got with my actual camera.

Heatedblanket1984 1 point

That's really cool! Thanks for your reply.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/television
l32uigs 25 points

Since when do people acknowledge tabloids as real news?

This shit's getting out of control. We've gone full circle back into the hollywood star era only this time it's not glamouris (apparently glamouris isn't a word? wtf - can we talk about that instead? it's far more interesting)

Heatedblanket1984 3 points

Stephen Colbert regularly cites tabloids for his comedy bits. It's worrisome to me because I know more than a few young adults who exclusively get their news from his talk show.

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SkipsH 3,721 points

MS Herald of Free Enterprise was the first one that came to mind when I heard about it. Was a drive on roll on, roll off ferry in the 1980s. The boatswain that was meant to shut the door was asleep and the boat sank in minutes killing 193 people.

Heatedblanket1984 1,393 points

From wikipedia

When the ship left harbour with its bow-door open, the sea immediately flooded the decks, and within minutes it was lying on its side in shallow water.

Although the immediate cause of the sinking was found to be negligence by the assistant boatswain, who was asleep in his cabin when he should have been closing the bow-door, the official inquiry placed more blame on his supervisors and a general culture of poor communication

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/The_Donald
_fuckallofyou_ 3 points

The only way a major cable network can stay on air after breaking that many FCC regulations is if they are being bankrolled by the likes of George Soros. Their ratings are in the shitter (Home Shopping Network has better ratings than both CNN and MSNBC). They don't make shit from ad can they stay on air? Someone is floatting the bills. Someone is paying the FCC fines.

Heatedblanket1984 0 points

From the very short article:

FCC obscenity regulations apply only to broadcast TV stations between 6 am and 10 pm, so cable networks can let it fly without any fear of fines.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/pussypassdenied
Heatedblanket1984 6 points

to Louis C.K.’s masturbating in front of people without asking

Is this accurate? I thought that he did indeed ask before doing the deed but the problem was the imbalance power between Louis and the women he was perving on.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/gadgets
landonmeh 11 points

Not trying to shill for apple here, aside from all other apple issues, I believe they dealt with this properly, and the underclocking was done for a logical reason (6s shutdown issues from around 2 years ago.)

At first I was pissed right off as anyone would be after reading the headlines, but after learning, and as other have explained more thoroughly in this thread, the underclocking was done for a reason, not out of greed.

Heatedblanket1984 -9 points

You just keep telling yourself that buddy.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/sports
fuzi0ndet -22 points

Depends on where you live if you ask me. Houston got a lot of bad apples from New Orleans after those floods. The reason I bring this up as I recall several cases of similarity in the metro-Detroit area.

The latest, a lady was abducted while riding her bike in Detroit. Raped repeatedly, driven around while they took money from her accounts, and dropped off some place.

Doesn't even have to be drugged right, could just be in shock. I mean hell, that kind of thing would have to fuck you up.

Heatedblanket1984 2 points

People don't realize how often this kind of thing happens. I agree with you 100%. I worked security at a mall while in college and someone would get abducted from the parking lot 1 - 2 times a month. And that's just the ones we knew about and investigated. Every once in a while a naked woman would be pushed out of a car and dumped in different lots too. We had a protocol for it and everything.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/HistoryPorn
nuzebe 88 points

Yeah. I remember tying a buddy up to a chair on the top of a staircase because we saw it in a movie. Totally almost killed the kid. In our brains we knew it was a movie but still I think we’re like, if the Hollywood stuntman can survive a fall down the stairs, I’m sure an 8 year old can too.

It’s like the brain is making incomplete connections at that time and the normal feelings of empathy get overridden by some kind of justification because of peer pressure and maybe the adults in your life supporting shit.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s until someone’s like 22 that they truly and properly matured and have all the wires running right in regards to impulse control and actually thinking of the effect on others. Part of it might be that that is also when you finally are on your own with the least effect on your life of others and you start being something of an adult.

I dunno, but yeah, kids can definitely be pretty evil.

Heatedblanket1984 11 points

The male brain continues to develop until 25.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/parrots
michaelcerda 4 points

Do you know what to do to find her?

Heatedblanket1984 10 points

I'm not a parrot owner but I like birds and enjoy looking at y'alls pictures. Out of curiosity, what's the protocol for a parrot that has escaped captivity?

[deleted] -16 points


Heatedblanket1984 1 point

I dont get the joke

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/birding
that_bee_chick 1 point

Quakers are hugely resourceful and intelligent - I have one as a pet. If it’s edible, they’ll eventually figure it out. Beautiful, loving animals. Noisy, but lovely.

Heatedblanket1984 1 point

My mom had a Quaker for about 15 years and he was so freaking awesome. Even after I grew up and moved out, got older, and only visited home once or twice a year, he would get extremely excited when I came to visit and ALWAYS remembered me. My mom eventually started letting him go outside and a hawk got him.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/birding
Heatedblanket1984 2 points

It takes time for birds to learn to trust and use a new bird bath. My most popular bird bath went unused for almost a month before they slowly began to use it.

Someone bought me a new bird bath for Christmas and I took advantage of the freezing weather by placing the new bird bath next to my popular one. I let the water freeze in the popular bath but kept it heated in the new bath. I was greatly rewarded by getting to watch my birds try to drink from the frozen bird bath, look over at the new, steaming bird bath, and then fly over there and give it a try.

I suggest just giving it time and making sure it always has water in it.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/birding
Heatedblanket1984 6 points

Summary: Different birds are attracted to a variety of types of food. They also eat from a variety of types of feeders. Food and water should be provided consistently. Either daily or just always provided).

Certain types of birds like to eat corn (sold as "cracked corn" for birds usually), but will eat other feed as well. There are lots of birds that don't eat corn so you should still be able to attract birds to your feeder. Upgrading to black sunflower seed is probably the cheapest and easiest way to increase the variety of birds that visit your feeder. "General bird feed" is usually mostly milo, and lots of birds do not eat that. You can buy mixes that already have a large variety of things different birds like such as peanuts, dried fruit, or meal worms, or you can make your own mixture. My current mix is 4 parts black sunflower, 2 parts general bird feed, 1 part peanuts.

Keep in mind that different birds feed differently. Providing food in a variety of ways can attract more birds. Small feeders, big feeders, trays, on the ground, etc. Also, be sure you're providing accessible water. If you consistently provide water and food, birds will eventually learn about it and visit every day. During the winter it's a good idea to leave an aquarium water heater in your bird bath to keep it from freezing. You can't let the water run out or it will burn up the heater, but if you're providing a heated bird bath with feed at this time of the year, then you will be especially popular with the birds! Good luck and feel free to message me if you have any questions about anything.

Here is a link to a visual guide that shows what birds are attracted to what types of food.

This is a link to a guide about what types of birds like to eat from feeders vs on the ground

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/birding
Heatedblanket1984 2 points

If you're near Shelton, WA and these pictures were recently taken then that is a red tailed hawk.

I think the bird you photographed in pictures 5 - 8 may be a peregrine falcon, but that's only assuming that the bird in your photographs is around the same size as the bird shown in pictures 1 - 4. The peregrine falcon is listed as uncommon for your area at this time of the year, but still probable. (again assuming you're near Shelton, WA and these pictures were recently taken.)

Edit: I don't think that's a peregrine falcon anymore.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/birding
tkaraszewski 3 points

Owls are tough. The last decent owl shot I got was this one in 2010.

Heatedblanket1984 2 points

That's really great and I'm super jealous! I've only seen owls a handful of times in my life, despite constantly looking for them. The very first owls I ever saw were three barn owls eating roadkill out in the country on a dirt road at night. As our vehicle quickly approached, they all simultaneously took flight and their collective wingspan was so great that I remember it completely blocking our view out of our front windshield. I was probably 4 years old when it happened, but 30 years later me and my dad still talk about it. Almost all of my owl witnessing experiences have been like that, though. See an owl, get 1 - 3 seconds to observe it, then it's gone. No time for photography!

Silentrabbit598 5 points

Life list?

Heatedblanket1984 8 points

A life long scavenger hunt of spotting and identifying birds, perhaps? Today I crossed off the White-crowned Sparrow (not my picture)off my own list today when he visited a bird feeder positioned 2 feet outside my bedroom window. It was my first time ever seeing one and they are listed as "uncommon" for my area so it was especially exciting!.

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Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/funny
OblvThorns 3 points

Thank you, probably the first time something has been answered on Facebook before Reddit (in the last few years)!

Heatedblanket1984 1 point

I think facebook is where a lot of this type of content originates. Redditors reshare on reddit content their FB friends created. Users of other social media platforms do the same thing. I steal from reddit to share with different discord channels for example.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/FortWorth
princeofparlay 38 points

This as well as lifted trucks with after market HID lights. They really should regulate how bright those can be. Most cars that come with OEM versions off the line are fine, but you can tell the older model cars that someone threw the brightest kit they could find when your retinas start melting.

Heatedblanket1984 15 points

Headlights have to be "aimed" when installed. The problem with the aftermarket lights blinding everyone is their owners didn't install the things correctly to begin with.

Heatedblanket1984 commented on a post in r/nfl
Helicoptering 4 points

What's the deal with the camera being on Dez as much as possible? Is there some controversy I don't know about? I haven't been following the cowboys

Heatedblanket1984 1 point

I only opened reddit bc i was wondering the same thing

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