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Zone your handymen to ~10 4x4 squares each. Less for higher traffic areas

Mechanics i just leave to roam, but make all rides set to 10 minute inspections

Always have music on for rides, both for awesome soundtrack and happier guests

Your prices should normally be the same as the excitement rating, try to have an onride photo section and price it to around $2.50

Try to have your paths loop back around so no dead ends

Queue lines dont have to be long like real life, but should still have some length, maybe between 7-15 tiles

Max out chain hill speed

Research shops and stalls first to be able to sell those balloons and sunglasses

Use the advertising campaigns, try using them at the start too to help the guests flow in and buy your stuff

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I always go double paths as straight as possible with wider shop section areas. Helps when you get 2k plus guests with the it's too crowded comment.

Watch youtube.

But main tips:

Big chain lift hill

drops, some shallow, some sharp

bank your turns to reduce intensity

Loop your coaster around its self to increase excitement

Always test with one train/car to avoid crashes

Brakes before the end of the ride.


if the channel gets hack, youtube removes them whilst they try to restore it back to the original user.

The name of the channel has changed

She deleted her content for various reasons.

I like it too. You could try making patterns that over lap each ring section so its less sectioned off and more flowing into one design but that is just different people's style preference.

Try researching more abstracts art forms. Try some no rubber/ free line styles and build up your piece. I would get a sketchbook just for practice and you could treat it like a secret diary so no one has to see it. Take part in a doodle a day challenge or something where it's not about being perfect.

You might get a love for less than perfect art.

just take a picture on your camera phone and edit it a little. So zoom in and adjust the brightness.

Maybe it was a horsefly bite?

How do I know if I've been bitten by a horsefly?

First off, you'll know about it pretty quickly. The bites are painful and itchy.

Horsefly bites develop into large, red, itchy, swollen bumps within minutes.

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I thought horse fly too. They go for certain blood types and once they are attracted to you they basically don't give up until they bite and will bite multiple times if trapped in a warm room.

This reminds me of Grimm. Oh I miss that t.v. show.

only when you make posts asking this question.

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Haha lol. I was thinking that.

Surface pro 2 are not that old. If you can't find the 2 get the 4 but they are very expensive.

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Hey there! Considering buying this 68 1675. According to the dealer its dial, movement, and bezel are original but the bracelet is a 67. I know I need to get educated on these but seems to be a solid investment. And that patina-holy crap! It's at an authorized Rolex dealer in California, one of the few who is authorized to sell both vintage and new Rolexes. All this to say that I feel good about its authenticity. The salesperson is going to forward me the original papers later today.

All comments welcomed, especially those saying I'm a fool for considering it. The price seems about right based on some searches: $23k and her first 'maybe' was they could take $1k off of it.

Your thoughts?

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Why are you buying it?

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I like its look and will wear it. The fact that it probably won't lose value helps.

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Fair enough.

Adobe sketch but it doesn't work on all phones/tablets You have to get the correct version.

You also need a big screen to draw anything useful. Most phones are too small.

You might want to check that they are actually Jehovah's witnesses first as the ones round us are Mormon missionaries and people confused the two but the Mormons are not big fans of Jehovah's witnesses either.

So the solution to keeping them away is to tell the Jehovah's Witnesses you're a Mormon, and tell the Mormons you're a Jehovah's Witness?

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No. I was just saying before you start arguing against their beliefs make sure you have the right faith as their beliefs are different. Similar but different.

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It depends what she likes. You could get a really nice leather journal but then you need to look at paper quality and colour. Also does she prefer dots or lines or blank.

Then she might not like leather because it's animal skin...



Welcome to my world. I love to create artwork and share them with the world. I have a YouTube channel in which I like to share my designs from plain paper to the finished look.
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