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And why should we think that access to the internet causes you to leave mormonism?

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Because most of us left the church via the internet, and wouldn’t have without it.

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Do yourself a favor and learn how atheists derive their morality.

Actually, Even John Rist who is an atheist admits that atheists can not have a moral framework without invoking a supernatural source. If you are going to come debate, at least educate yourself so you do not sound retarded.

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Well I don’t know who that is but I’ve studied enough introductory ethical philosophy to know that’s bullshit. For one example off the top of my head, utilitarianism is non-theistic means of determining morality. And by applying the standard of utilitarianism, Smith was acting immorally. There are plenty of other ways to determine morality without believing in an imaginary mythology. To suggest otherwise is to suggest that we are incapable of independent reason.

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Kink shaming is my kink!

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Damn. What a situation we have here.

The power of voodoo

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Who do?

President Nelson just gave us the solution to poverty: giving the church money. Ipso facto, Jeff Bezos should give all of his money to the church.

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14 points · 4 days ago

Can you imagine his net worth after all those blessings kick in?? I bet he’d receive an unexpected refund of $200 billion in the mail the very next day.

My MTC district was matched up with the sisters heading to temple square for role playing. That this group was chosen for a very specific set of physical traits was so obvious that it was embarrassing. Whoever chose them based on a picture had a type. We'll leave it at that.

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It was the Lard!! Pure inspiration!

I grew up in Kaysville, Ut. While I was there, our high school had the biggest seminary program in the world. It was a big school and all but a handful of students were enrolled in seminary.

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Seconded. Kaysville might actually be the most Mormon city statistically. I remember when I was in school the seminary had over 98% enrollment.

My wife pays tithing only on her income even though we otherwise share our income totally. That’s just how we split it out. She pays, I don’t. Works great for us.

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I would like to know the recipe.

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Did you reverse sear those things? Beautiful.

I thought reverse searing was only worth it on big cuts? What was the reason for doing on this when he could have achieved that in two minutes on the pan?

Edit: genuine question(s)

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Thick cuts, not necessarily big cuts. Reverse sear is a bit more precise and forgiving for getting a perfect medium rare.

What about the diver who died trying to help them? Ran out of miracle potion? Not enough to go around?

These scenarios are usually the same.

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Everyone only prayed for the kids and forgot to include him, so God was like “fuck that guy, not enough prayers.”

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Well fuck me, he’s right. It was true all along! The vague emotional feelings I had years ago mean all the evidence doesn’t matter! Thanks Light of Christ (LoCTM )!

It’s funny how they can never see it until after you’re an apostate publicly and not hiding it anymore. Then suddenly they can “see it in your eyes.”

I don’t know what it was, but that book dragged for me. It was really slow and hard to finish. Maybe too much military strategy stuff? I dunno. But the end did finally hook me and someday I’ll get to the second one.

And bed bugs. I thought they were a myth until I got a few

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265 points · 11 days ago

Fuck them. I’ve had them twice. They are the worst.

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How'd you get them the second time?

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Lived in an apartment complex and apparently my very elderly next-door neighbor had gotten some free furniture somewhere. We started getting bites which I recognized immediately so I called the landlord in a panic. They called pest control and apparently when they went into the old lady’s place they could easily see them crawling around in broad daylight. Fortunately the place was older and had cinderblock walls so they were able to kill the infestation after 3 treatments and getting rid of a lot of her stuff.

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Meanwhile there’s a blonde chick in the screenshot

Original Poster4 points · 11 days ago

From what I saw in the video, majority of the actors are white as white can be.

Bonus: the white actor that plays young Nephi said the Lord helped him become “large in stature” because he was skinny and thought he wouldn’t be cast as Nephi. The Lord made his muscles big!

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Oh please no. No.

Is Anderson Pens still good? I bought from them a couple years ago and was always happy with my order.

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Anderson is great.

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Your propane gets hot enough to get that crust? Damn.

I’ve tried to start Ansai Boys but my lukewarm feelings towards AG have kept me from actually reading it. I’ve got it on the shelf but it’s pretty far down in the TBR list.

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Anansi Boys is fantastic, probably my favorite by NG (and I never finished AG).

Something white and delightsome!

I stuck with the sweet stuff at first, gradually went to more subtle stuff later. Maybe a nice humble (i.e., affordable) sparkling wine? I love bubbles--I drink Alka Seltzer for the bubbles.

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Prosecco was the first wine I enjoyed, so I could agree with you.

Shredded hashbrowns or cubed? We need specifics!

I remember staring longingly at this irrigation canal (I think) in the middle of summer wanting literally nothing in the world more than to jump in, even though it was probably gross. I never wanted to swim so much in my life as I did during those two years.

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