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LVMagnus 15 points

NO LUCK FOR YOU! Wally is already on our side, Jesse is gonna make a... Quick cameo in a few episodes, Eobard is one of our villains and Black Flash has had a much more relevant role and much more screen time on our side. The speedsters are already on our side!!! Resistance if futile, Beebo over all!!!

Henovo 2 points


Henovo commented on a post in r/FlashTV
iambpburke 3 points

Rebirth spoilers incoming





I don't know the exact circumstances but the strawberry Wally got lost into the Speed Force I believe during the New 52 which is when chocolate Wally made his appearance.

With the events leading into Rebirth, original Wally is trying to escape the Speed Force. He attempts to talk to Batman to escape and needs him to say his name (Wally), but Bruce couldn't remember him.

He tries Linda and same thing. And just as he is about to disappear forever when attempting to get Barry, Barry whispers "....Wally?" And then the panel shown in this thread is the next thing.

Wally reveals ten years of their lives have been taken from them (events of New 52 and time and space it occupies). Doomsday is only a few issues in, but the belief is Doctor Manhattan is responsible for the events of New 52 and Rebirth happening.

Henovo 1 point

Oh my goodness, that’s heartwrenching. Makes me feel angry we’re getting robbed of a Wally/Barry bromance.

Why did Linda not remember? Isn’t she his lightning rod in the comics? Who tethers him to earth?

keklefish 1 point

It's because he basically ceased to exist when New 52 began, everyone forgot about him, his relationship with Linda ceased to exist, he kids ceased to exist, and he only appeared again once Rebirth began.

Henovo 1 point

Okay, that’s nuts. Thanks for the explanation though!

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Henovo commented on a post in r/AskReddit
[deleted] 2 points

I was the opposite.. I really hoped he wouldn't die. Even if he was an ass.

Henovo 1 point

Why did you want him to live?

nix131 15 points

Andrea, TWD. That dumb bitch just picked the wrong side and fucked the villains for three seasons (literally) then finally, finally died.

Henovo 5 points

How does someone spend that much time trying to pick something off the floor? “Milton... are you still alive?”

I just got so angry from remembering that.

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Henovo commented on a post in r/arrow
MisterrAlex 6 points

I wish I could convince more people that. There's still a lot of people holding out because they thought Season 1 sucked. Wish they could give Legends another chance because Season 2 and 3 are phenomenal.

Henovo 1 point

The only problem I have with Legends is I don’t like shows that are pure nonsense. Fun? Sure. But Legends seems like pure 100% shenanigans and I could never get into those types of shows. I started watching but stopped midway of s1.

MisterrAlex 2 points

IMO judging the show off it's first Season is a huge mistake. It's by far the weakest part of the show and Season 2/3 are both strong. Yes, it does seem wacky and has pure nonsense, but behind it has strong writing, a insanely great storyline that puts Arrow Season 3/4 and Flash Season 3 to shame and a lovable cast filled with more character development than both Flash and Arrow combined.

Henovo 1 point

Hm, fair point! The Flash is my favorite of true 4 DCTV shows and I hold it in high regard (although I can acknowledge it has its wonky points as well).

I’ll definitely try to give it another shot. If nothing else then to mid season 2.

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ThorsHammerMewMEw 6 points

Well what’s your routine?

Henovo 1 point

What if you use OCM? Is that okay to use instead of a cleanser?

ThorsHammerMewMEw 1 point

Well in this scenario OCM is your cleanser in a sense.

Henovo 1 point

Okie dokie. Sorry for the semi stupid question lol.

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obrothermaple 7 points

The Painted Lady got things done a lot quicker

Henovo 1 point

I was not expecting an Avatar reference here.

obrothermaple 1 point

You think too small hermano

Everything is an avatar reference

Henovo 2 points

You’re goddamned right it is.

Henovo commented on a post in r/arrow
NotEvenJauuuwn 14 points

Not really, because this was an actual good episode, they're just mad because there was little to no Olicity in it, and because it had a lot of Laurel in it. Whereas the ones you mentions were actually bad.

Yeah, yeah, I know opinions and all that, but I believe that I'm speaking for the majority of ACTUAL Arrow fans (Not Olicity fans who claim to be Arrow fans) when I say that.

Henovo 3 points

That’s what he’s saying though. Them suffering from lack of Olicity = this Arrow sub suffering from Olicity s4, 3, and 6A.

Henovo commented on a post in r/FlashTV
mrwelchman 2 points

why is barry a-okay with ralph going in front of a court of law and masquerading as a dead man, but not willing to accept cisco vibing him out or joe's evidence or any of the numerous other ways he could have gotten out?

wake me up when the next season reboot happens. this one is built on a foundation of nonsense.

Henovo 8 points

Escaping means being a fugitive and using this way would clear his name? So he’s not on the run.

mrwelchman 1 point

except "fugitive flash on the run still trying to be a hero while clearing his name" sounds like a much more entertaining story than "ralph showed up as dafoe in front of a judge for five minutes and barry is set free no questions asked".

Henovo 1 point

Oh no, I don’t think it’s over just yet. I’m sure the next couple episodes will explain what’s been going on. But I agree your point could have been interesting as well!

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Henovo commented on a post in r/arrow
Luishenrique121255 4 points

Because Genevieve Cortese have as much facial expressions than Kristen Stewart.

Henovo 3 points

You know what’s weird I didn’t find her acting weird but then I rewatched s4 and I find she really struggles to emote properly.

Henovo commented on a post in r/Hijabis
usernamealreadygirl 5 points

Reer Somali marriages turn me off instantly for most of the time, there’s no violence or anything but it just looks cold and communication is soooo bad. We aren’t like our parent, HOWEVER, I don’t know what to expect with our generation tbh. It’s quite scary.

But my brother in law is the cutest, mashallah he adores my sis sooo much. There’s a balance in life some are cold, warm and even hot 😂.

Henovo 1 point

Lol Somali checking in. Definitely agree that Somalis are the least romantic people on the earth considering all their music is love songs. But your BIL sounds adorable so there’s hope for our generation to be different!

Henovo commented on a post in r/AskReddit
fartdawg 3,038 points

After I got a rejection from a job interview that I swore I had in the bag, all I wanted to do was sulk my house alone. She knew me and knew that I need alone time when I'm angry. She ended up ding-dong-ditching me, leaving a card, candy, and beer. Asked her to marry me less than a year later

Henovo 635 points

Omg that is the both sweet and hilarious lol.

projectionist981 5,564 points

I had to work on Christmas Day and she came to my job with a big plate of food and hung out. I realized that Christmas was when you were supposed to spend time with the people you were closest to and that she was basically saying she felt closest to me with this gesture. And then I realized that I felt closest to her as well.

Henovo 8 points

This is short and sweet. I’m happy for you (:

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