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HereticalSkeptic commented on a post in r/atheism
theartfulcodger 18 points

Point out to your friend that his morals are those of a mere donkey: he does what's right only because he desires an eternal carrot, and avoids doing wrong only to evade the eternal stick.

Then remind him that you strive to do what's right simply for its own sake, and even in the absence of hope for an eternal reward. Remind him further that even though you fear neither judgement nor eternal punishment for committing wrongful acts, you also abjure doing that which is wrong or harmful - again, simply for the sake of NOT committing wrong.

Then ask him which of you demonstrates a man exercising his free will to lead a moral life purely for its own sake - and which is demonstrating merely the conditioned response of an unthinking beast that spends its entire life simply being driven along: one that remains incapable of distinguishing for itself, moral acts from immoral ones. Because instead of being taught critical thinking, it has grown up with its behaviour manipulated every waking moment: perpetually driven along its path by the dangling carrot and the brandished stick that make up Christianity's twin, false promises of eternal life.

HereticalSkeptic 2 points

Came here to say something like this but you said it better.

I like the donkey-carrot-stick analogy, going to steal that!

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BrokenEye3 47 points

From what I hear, he was missing a testicle and extremely self-conscious about it (and no, I didn't hear it from the song).

HereticalSkeptic 22 points

WW2 English school boy song:

"Hitler has only got one ball,

Göring has two but very small,

Himmler has something sim'lar,

But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all!"

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HereticalSkeptic 12 points


Integral to the story will be the background of many of the songs written in India and how they progressed through their initial writing, intensive rehearsals back in England and the release of the White Album on November 22nd, 1968.

Can't wait.

HereticalSkeptic commented on a post in r/todayilearned
HereticalSkeptic 0 points

who have all sworn never to have kids of their own so that his infamous bloodline dies with them

That's just silly. Hitler's personality was more a result of his nurture than nature - he spent the whole of WW1 on the western front. The shit he must have seen. Probably suffering from severe PTSD.

First World War

He was an infantryman in the 1st Company during the First Battle of Ypres (October 1914), which Germans remember as the Kindermord bei Ypern (Ypres Massacre of the Innocents) because approximately 40,000 men (between a third and a half) of nine newly-enlisted infantry divisions became casualties in 20 days. Hitler's regiment entered the battle with 3,600 men and at its end mustered 611...By December Hitler's own company of 250 was reduced to 42.

Yup, that would be some serious shit, getting 80% casualties.

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69_the_tip 4 points

Ok - I'm old, but not old enough to have a big appreciation of the Beatles. Never really understood why they broke up. I understand that little thing with Lennon, but if they were as huge as they were why not find another member and continue on? I am sure it's part of their legacy that they went out as number one...but I can't imagine why.

I'm not sarcastic - serious question for anyone that's a bit older than me, or knows about them more than I do.

Edit - awesome insight and appreciate the back stories. Sounds like it was a ticking bomb that was due to go off no matter what.

HereticalSkeptic 1 point

They had been together almost half their lives by this point starting in their mid teens. By this time they are all married with children, I think. Being "a bunch of guys in a band" might be the highest aspirations when you are a teenager but it is getting a bit old by the time you hit 30 and have a wife and kids.

Pop and Rock & Roll have always been a young man's game. I think The Beatles were all aware that there were a whole lot of innovative bands coming up just behind them and they would eventually lose their position at the top and become a bit of a joke playing their old hits instead of coming up with anything new (and good!). Pink Floyd's first album was in 67, Deep Purple's in 68, Led Zeppelin's in 69.

Show me any other band that did anything of value after they hit their late 20s. There are a few exceptions but they just prove the rule.

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kmmeerts 14 points

You eat the steak because you enjoy it, not because you need it. So I'm not sure I see the difference.

HereticalSkeptic 1 point

You don't have a problem with people who enjoy killing? You don't see how that might indicate something not right with their psyche?

Are you a sadistic psychopath too?

kmmeerts 1 point

I'm a vegetarian, so you can be sure I have a problem with it. However, just as much as I believe that people who eat meat don't enjoy the suffering necessary for that unneeded gustatory enjoyment, I believe that such hunters don't take pleasure from the pain they're causing, but rather enjoying the hunt, the victory against a force of nature (however artificial), or whatever.

When I play a boardgame and win, I don't take satisfaction from the (hopefully minor) sadness I'm causing the other players.

HereticalSkeptic 1 point

We are talking about the kind of hunting that this sub it about.

This hunter takes pleasure in the killing large tame animals.

He is one sick fuck as are all those like him.

There is no argument.

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HereticalSkeptic commented on a post in r/beatles
HereticalSkeptic -3 points

That is a silly poll - you can submit multiple times, probably why Paul "won".

If you ask this question of actual musicians, you would get a very different result.

The majority of responders to this sub have always had an almost cult like worship of Paul.

Alpha_Storm 2 points

Yeah because of course no fans of the others could do the same thing?

Maybe people like Paul because I don't know he's super talented, versatile, a fairly decent person most of the time.

HereticalSkeptic 0 points

My problem with this sub is that so much of the content is about Paul's career after the Beatles broke up. When being asked your "favourite Beatle" it should only be for the time when he was a Beatle, not the getting on 50 odd years since.

HereticalSkeptic commented on a post in r/Documentaries
HereticalSkeptic 2 points

Just started episode 1. Looks excellent. I was born 5 years before this came out but have never seen it in reruns. If the rest of the series is as good and as informative as 1 then this will be time well spent. I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand where we all came from. Thanks for posting.

HereticalSkeptic commented on a post in r/atheism
JoelQ 171 points

This article cites no poll or data indicating that "millions of people believe God made Trump President."

It's a quote from a controversial evangelist. You'd think this subreddit, of all places, would actually analyze data before quoting it like scripture.

HereticalSkeptic 2 points

If you take "millions" to only mean 3 million, then this statement is most likely true. 3 million is only 1%. You can find 1% of people believe the most ridiculous shit.

I would be willing to bet the percent of people who believe "God made Trump President" is more like 30%, or 100 million.

HereticalSkeptic 3 points

They believe this about every Republican President. Every Democratic one, not so much. Despite the fact that Democratic policies are far more Christian than Republican ones.

HereticalSkeptic commented on a post in r/DebateAnAtheist
kethmar 1 point

Those observations will still be true and reproduceable

That is an assumption based on faith. Physics on a base level very well could change, likely blowing us all up into basic particles.

Science is just statistics. We see something happen over and over and we assume it'll happen again. We then engineer things based on those statistics and watch them work how we predict over and over. It could still be an anomaly and not working for why/how we predict and stop at some point.

We don't know what we don't know.

HereticalSkeptic 1 point

But this is all that we do know for sure, so to for the best outcome, stick to it, there is no alternative.

HereticalSkeptic commented on a post in r/beatles
HereticalSkeptic -20 points

They didn't have raves in 1967. And John wrong the "I used to cruel to my woman" bit. So I'm calling fake on this.

droidleader 24 points

I think that's a common misconception. It's probably commonly attributed to him because he sang that part and he's infamous for hitting Cynthia. But the truth is that Paul wrote it, as you can see here.

John did write the "can't get no worse" bit, which Paul really liked because it highlighted the philosophical differences between the two of them. He said the sarcasm of the line was so 'John' that he wouldn't have thought of it himself.

HereticalSkeptic -3 points
HereticalSkeptic commented on a post in r/Christian
ReggaYegga 1 point

Have you noticed you are on ”Christians for Christians” message board, and even under topic for Conservative Christians... yet claiming I should explain my terminology and view point in detail to someone who obviously doesn’t have a clue? I should literally write an essay before I can use language that each and every one of my intended audience (conservative Christians) already understand?

I’ll make it brief. I’m not supporting totaliatarism in any shape or form. I’m not for outlawing gays or punishing them. I am for freedom of conscience. God gives freedoms directly, not the state. I am for the definition of marriage between one man and one woman because that is the definition not just according to Christianity but civil society in general. Traditional family came before religion, it came before government, and without there can be no civil, functioning society. You as a totalitarian think you can outlaw traditional views even though they were mainstream views just ten years ago.

What is becoming increasingly clear is you see no value in what Jesus taught, and you see no value in marriage. What means to you is being in direct opposition to conservative Christianity. Doing something because it hurts us, not fully realizing it hurts the whole society and yourself too. Marriage was supposed to be an outdated institution, until all of a sudden nothing else mattered than having gays marry in churches and dictating cakes and services for them. We see through you.

And, lastly you offer a humorously literal interpretation of what Jesus said. If I lived in first century Judea and met Jesus face to face on the shore of Galilee, I like to think I would literally do what He said and follow Him. But now, I don’t think I’m going to give all my money to some long haired social warrior who thinks Jesus was a hippie. That is not Biblical wisdom. 🤠

HereticalSkeptic 1 point

You aren't a Christian. You don't even know what a Christian is. You belong to a conservative cult that likes to think it is Christian so that it can exercise its bigotry, racism and fear.

And you are all obsessed with homosexuals. You know who else is obsessed with homosexuals? Other homosexuals. You really ought to watch out - people will begin to suspect.

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