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Ven is crypto’s simp. Manipulated like a lapdog.

Downloaded latest version. Shows zero balance and transactions. How can I solve this?

I need advice. I have 26 NEO and want to climb to 100 ASAP. I can invest around 2k a month and I currently have a chunk to spend either on neo at the right price (for me 125 or lower) but also tempted to double my OMG or get in on VN which seems to be everyone’s favourite at the moment. What would you do?

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2k a month to invest? Holy shit. I have to pull some strings for $200

Plot twist: the YouTuber used his paycheck to buy crypto.

Well done bank #youjustplayedyourself

But what does Ja think about this?

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+1 for Dave ref

Baidu is bigger, but somehow their dogs don't look nearly as good as Trx Dogs design wise.

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Further, in Greek mythology, Ariadne is the daughter of Minos, King of Crete, and is accordingly associated with mazes & labyrinths. In Inception, Ariadne designs labyrinthine dream worlds.

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Ariadne also guided Theseus in the labyrinth of Crete with a ball of thread, just like she in a sense guided Cobb in the movie. No Minotaur though :)

Why should someone have the need to convert his neo to a neo-tether when one can just store it, hodl and receive gas? ⛽️

F bitmex, futures and the giveaway.

Crypto well spent

Tether is like any bank or country that prints more money. No backing nor holds true value. It will go bust. People should convert all their tether to crypto right now.

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