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Eh, it's just the internet. I like to think that /r/place is a pretty nice representation of how chaotic AND awesome the internet can be.

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I know. This is an even more disturbing Reddit social experiment than The Button was. I mean, factions were forming after just a couple of hours. Anyone working alone can't really make anything, it gets deleted seconds later. The all-out wars between a few groups are very interesting.

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What ever did happen to the button?

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Well, I guess it's just sitting there. I don't think you can delete subs, so the button must just be sitting there cold and alone...forever. Poor button.

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I think we should stop at /r/MonsterHunter's mural. I mean, they're already incorporating it into the Start bar, but after that there's lots of decent art right along the bottom of the canvas; it would make a lot of people very angry if we covered it up, and there doesn't seem to be a good excuse to do that.


The left end of the task bar is under attack! Mainly people trying to destroy the word Start, and Tom's button -- I can't maintain the chequerboard alone, so I'd appreciate if someone helped. I'm all for pushing on along the screen to complete the bar, but if we're not careful other people'll manage to destroy what we've already done without us noticing.


Let's fortify the start bar!

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

Yes, please!
I've been trying to maintain the button-shadow on the left hand side of Tom's button for the last half-hour, but some people are really determined to make it chequerboard (even though it clearly shouldn't be), and to stop people taking out the chequerboard over the rest of that button. I've seen some stuff being done to the Start button itself, too, but I just can't get over there without abandoning the button I'm already trying to keep intact.
Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Here's a basic render. The r/placestart leaders can decide where on the bar it goes, but this is a start. I can also make one with a different icon if needed, just send me a link to it.

Edit: Here's just the icons.

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The icon on the bottom one looks much better, I think.

I've been trying to convince my sub to do something, but so far only one person seems interested... Honestly, for an art sub they're very...lazy? Uninterested in playing with others, perhaps? At least with a group like this everyone's working for the same thing -- it's been nice, getting to build something that actually stays put for a change!

There are too many fics with a good Snape in them to think of right now. I'm just so surprised to hear that he died today... First Kilmister at the end of last year, then Bowie, and now Rickman? I suppose they do say that big deaths come in threes.

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All of them British, age 69 (Lemmy was 70, died few days after his bday) and had cancer. Wth is going on?

God we must protect Tim Curry!

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Yes! I was just saying to my friend that it was a conspiracy, with them all being basically the same age and all British. But please, not Tim Curry! If anyone can survive this new curse, it has to be Tim Curry.

I've got 98 pages of a story done but I'm close to scrapping it.

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What's made you want to scrap it? Did you lose interest in the idea, or is it just, you know, not working? What is it about?

It's a complicated story about a serial killer that turns out not to be a person. Maybe I'll finish it but my writing style has turned out to be too much like nonfictional reporting.

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That can work sometimes, though. There are plenty of faux-factual stories out there that have done well.

This makes me think of Dave Gorman and his 'Found Poem' segment, in which he has made a poem out of the post various idiots on the internet have posted in response to a particular news story (or such like). Love the spam poem! Spam should be forced to do some good in the world, especially considering how it keeps managing to get past my filters.

Wow! I've always wanted to be able to knit, but I've never been able to get the hang of the patterns. The wavy thing you've got going on there looks like it must have been really difficult. Lovely colours, too.

Personally, I'm not so keen. I think there's plenty of room for improvement (mainly because there always is, no matter how good you've got it so far).

Sidebar needs quite a bit of tidying up, and I noted that you accidentally forgot to set an 'upvoted' icon, rather than just an 'upvote' on, which means that if someone upvotes, then the 'upvoted' icon is completely different from your personalised 'upvote' one.

Obviously, you've got no thing. That's fine, that's a personal choice, but you'll have to find some other way to make it easy for people's eyes to pick out each separate post, especially because not all posts will have a thumb.

Also, is it mobile responsive? Will it work even if people are accessing through phone browser, rather than using an app?

Original Poster2 points · 2 years ago · edited 2 years ago

Well, right now, I haven't been able to find the time for it. Which is why there's only 30 minutes more work on it from last week. But I'm bound and determined to work on it for at least several hours tonight. After I go to the gym of course. Normally I have class tonight, but class was cancelled so I'm just going home after work. I should work on homework or housework--but I'm so burnt out because I haven't had a lot of time to do thing I really enjoy doing with everything I've been balancing and juggling (aside from volunteering but even that can get stressful) that I think I just need to do something selfish tonight.

A lot of people I know thinks it is amazing I have the patience to do things like cross stitch or puzzles or things like that (and that I have as much patience as I do anyway) because of my ADHD--I owe it all to my grandmother, she taught me how to have the patience to do it and now I can't imagine not having the patience I do. (Though the ADHD means I have what seems like a bazillion projects going at once)

And actually, this is a pretty simple pattern compared to others I work on. I mean it is a big project and there are several different shades of blue....but it doesn't have quite as much different threads to work with as some I work on. I can't wait to see what it looks like when I get more than just one line, lol.

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I know how you feel about time. I'm pretty good at concentrating, thankfully, and I've recently realised that putting an audiobook on at the same time as painting can stop me getting bored and looking for something else to do. I like puzzles, but I try to lean towards free activities, at the moment, seeing as money's tight.

The meadow painting is literally huge, so it's taking forever. It's by far the biggest project I've ever worked on. What's your biggest crossstitch?

Original Poster1 point · 2 years ago

I haven't started it yet, since I need to buy the thread for it still, but this is the biggest one I have a pattern for When finished it will be 24" wide and 18" tall. The fairy one that will be 14" wide by 11" tall when it is finished. I've got several projects around that size, though most of the ones I do are around the 5" x 7" or 8" x 4" sizes.

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Do you have to stitch in the black? On such a big piece, with so much black, that seems like it would be awfully tedious. Hell knows, I wouldn't have the patience!

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Eh, seeing as this is empty (and I dislike empty things, 'cause they feel messy and pointless), I can let you rip into a self-portrait I did. I'm not one for painting (and especially bad at people), usually, but recently (due to great boredom) I've been giving it a go. The one thing I've learned is that a track pad is hell when trying to draw across a large area.

Here you go

Original Poster1 point · 2 years ago

You look so sad!

What kind of medium did you use?

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No medium--it is digital, after all. They don't really let you have paints in hospital, but laptops are allowed, so I whiled away the time chucking colour onto blank pages, then trying to form them into something halfway decent. Having never attempted digital art before, I had a hard time; I have finally grown confident enough to attempt buildings and things, though, rather than swirly messes.

This is one of the first things I did, actually, and I was pretty angry at the world at the time. Angry, and a bit manic from cabin fever--that's why it's all yellow and red. And that's not so much my sad face as my annoyed face (which is to say: my normal face, lol).

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The latest Black Mirror season also addresses that. It's pretty fuckin' freaky.

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Gosh yes! Not to mention that no one, even for the worst crime, should have to listen to full blast Christmas songs for a veritable eternity!

Original Poster1 point · 2 years ago

I think I prefer this one, too. I just don't like the concept as much now as when I wrote it.

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That's often the way, though, right? I find myself disliking work I did just weeks ago; and thinking that my current work is better (though I'll inevitably hate my current work in a month).

Original Poster1 point · 2 years ago

Yeah, that is true. I just think that I was thinking stupid a month ago and this reflects that. I think the concept is shallow, too.

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You wouldn't have found it shallow at the time, probably. It's just as you dislike it more, your connexion to it grows more and more shallow. Again, that happens to me. As someone looking at it for the first time, it doesn't seem as bad--I like some of the flow, but dislike certain parts of the repetition.

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The previous commented was right, you guys are definitely talented. Your music is very relaxing. I'd love to hear more!

3 points · 3 years ago

AFAIK, yes Doctor Who was the first.

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Dunno about that. Alice in Wonderland had its moments with things being bigger on the inside, and so did Mary Poppins.

Or this one, if Giant Squid/Hogwarts wasn't weird enough...

Was it that smut story, where a goddess comes influence the girls of hogwarts to creat a coven around Harry. Where he is sneaking around under invisibility cloak and finds out he can feel myrtle under that. So of course they have sex. Then because magic myrtle is pregnant. Because being master of death and fucking a ghost allows to create life. /s

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Morbid curiosity leads me to having to know...exactly what story is that? That's got to be one of the odder premises I've heard (including the Ford Anglia/Acromantula fic).

Hell, I've been past that title before and never did I realise... Terrifying, truly. I mean, it goes on into pretty normal (ridiculous, uninteresting and badly written) harem territory, but the Myrtle thing's just weird!

I'll just have to remember that curiosity isn't always a good thing, and that brain-bleach doesn't actually exist.

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Comment deleted3 years ago

Which never materialised. Shame, really--it was one of the first fics I ever recall enjoying.

Isolation really bugged me, with the bees that were biting people.

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Mutant, magical bees...or just normal bees?

I just read the first few chapters of The Golden Age and then skipped to the last three. That's probably the most horrifyingly accurate piece of post DH fiction I've ever read. shudder

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What do you mean by accurate, exactly? Canon-compliant, accurate, or just realistic? I've not read it, so just wondering.

Both to some degree. JKR's canon tends to be of the 'fairytale' variety in that most things end up for the best. However, if we take a more realistic approach to the events after DH and before the epilogue we get something that probably resembles 'The Golden Age.'

Many of the characters in HP should be, and likely are, damaged people with more than just a few issues. Harry is the king of the hill in this respect. I think it doesn't need to be explained why he has issues or what those are.

In fact lets look at the epilogue for a moment. We see a bunch of Potter kids that look like they were named by their father. Now, naming their daughter 'Lily' is fairly understandable, or even their firstborn as James is also understandable. Those follow fairly common traditional naming conventions. Now we don't see any of Ginny's influence in the names of those kids. Even the middle names relate to Harry and his family. Where is her father's name? Her mother's or grandmother's? And lets not even get started on the middle Potter child. That brings up a whole other mess of problems.

What we can draw from the epilogue is that Ginny was, to some degree, uninvolved, decision wise, in the most important moments in her life. What does that say for the whole picture after DH?

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I've just started reading this fic over, and can certainly say that it has a strong element of realism to it. I'm only about half way through, so I can say little of how it ends, but so far it is addressing certain issues that I've often wondered about, and, too, showing how deep the scars of childhood go in the trio. More, it shows that the wizarding world is still refusing to change, and how power is a dangerous thing for anyone to have.

This indeed seems like a far more realistic journey to the epilogue (which I've never liked one bit). Just because things look perfect from far away, does not mean that they are.

It must have been...2009? I was sent a link to a fic by a Twilight-obsessed friend. I don't think the fact that there were thousands of 'what if' stories out on the web, just waiting to be read, had ever occurred to me before. I hadn't long gotten a proper internet connexion, anyway. Still, needless to say the Twilight fic horrified me as much as the original books had, but I quickly found that FFnet was huge, and full of Harry Potter fics, which were far more to my liking.

Other than when completely necessary (you know, food, school/uni, sleep (sometimes)), I have barely left my computer in the last six years. The level of devotion I have to fanfiction's sad, really, but an awful lot cheaper than buying books that I'm not even sure I'm gonna enjoy (which is what I did previously--more expensive than a crack habit, that).

3 points · 3 years ago

To paraphrase John Milton, "Better to reign in Muggledom than serve in the Wizarding world." How many wizards have, after leaving Hogwarts and having their trace removed, gone back into the Muggle world to act like god-kings lording it over the ignorant and gullible? I'd love to see a kind of wizarding Heart of Darkness where a wizarding official posted in the Muggle world has gone mad with power and is ruling over a local municipality like Kurtz over the Congolese natives. Should I write that? My attempts at fan fiction pace "Wizards escaping from East Germany" went down like a killing-cursed balloon.

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My attempts at fan fiction pace "Wizards escaping from East Germany" went down like a killing-cursed balloon.

Strange. That seems like a perfectly valid premise.

4 points · 3 years ago

"Needs more wizard" was the general consensus. It was really an over-ambitious project involving a lot of original characters and changes of location. A group of Eastern European and German wizards trying to get to the West (not as simple as apparating - how can one apparate to somewhere one has never been or seen? Plus some Dark wizards who would prefer people trapped behind the Wall) is the catalyst for a big story involving muggle expelees from Hogwarts, the murders of the police officers from the untitled 2008 prequel story, children in Cokeworth interacting with their magical-powered friends, the rise of the Death Eaters and a Dark Magic underworld in New England which grows beyond the control of the rest of the Pureblood community. Also espionage, muggle music (cultural interactions in wizarding schools, think Sirius wearing a Beatles shirt) and lots of period era focus. Sort of a magical world infusion of John le Carre, Raymond Chandler, the plays of Dennis Potter, the films of Martin Scorsese (particularly The Departed) and the influence of Pink Floyd's music though not gratuitously. The working title was 'The Mugs' but I considered renaming it to 'The Wizarding Wall' in reference to both Pink Floyd and the psychological presence of the Berlin Wall during the Cold War and its wizarding analogues. Hugely experimental and badly received. The prose and writing style got good feedback but the rest was seen as a form of desecration.

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And now I find myself highly interested in reading it! As far as I'm concerned, it sounds like my sort of story. What a shame that it was badly received.

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I made a comment about that above. Sometimes that part of my brain is really switched off and I can't read/write at all. Sometimes I can but if I reread it its gibberish the second time. All the way over to me writing what's apparently an awesome novel.

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You see, this is strange, because I often wake up after having written something in a dream that makes perfect sense. Usually far more awesome than anything I might write whilst awake. I have read books of poetry in my dreams, and they're never gibberish.

Hardly any, which is sad, because it is my favorite pairing.

I told myself that I would not write any more epic length FanFiction, but in this case, I think I will. There will be no Lord Potter, His wealth (inheritance) will be very moderate (maybe the equivalent of a couple of hundred thousand US dollars, not outside the realm of what happens every day in inheritance cases), and he will not immediately become HARRY the GODLIKE.

There will be no Soul Bond of any kind. Period. I don't mind the concept as fluff, but this will be a more realistic look at things.

Will Harry be Powerful? Yes, this is Canon (diving off all the dementors with a single patronus).

If anyone can think of any other tropes that I should avoid, please let me know. If anyone is interested, let me know and I will post the link to the first chapter when I have it written. If you think I shouldn't waste my time, you can let me know that too. Doesn't mean I will listen.

Why am I rambling? I'm stuck at work with nothing else to do :(

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I'm sure it goes without saying, but the Ginny and Ron bashing, (plus optional: love potion) trope is to be avoided at all costs.

I don't really know of any really good, convincing and well-paced Lunar Harmony fics out there, so it should be interesting to finally see one that doesn't suck isn't fluffy, outrageous, and/or totally out of character. I look forward to what you come out with!

Read the smut version not on ff. It is way better.

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Do you know of a link to a non-FFnet version? I don't seem to be having much luck.

Original Poster2 points · 3 years ago

Would be happy to. It'll be formatted the same as the original post, a solid line marking every other stanza.

I Don't Know

Today I wear the tie you gave me.

I trace every stripe with my fingers delicately

Like I delicately traced them over your hips.

Yes, this tie,

The tie that with every fiber of silk

Holds my yearnings to see your smile once more.

I don't know why I still see you when I shut my eyes,

Stretching your body to reach the contour of my arms.

I don't know why I still leave your side of the bed empty,

As if you were on the verge of arriving and snuggling yourself under the blanket.

I don't know why I still dance with you in my dreams,

Watching the spectacle of your hair fluttering like the wings of a dove.

I don't know why I still read you love poems,

Hoping my words cross the void between us and reach your ears.

I don't know why I still gift your photo a kiss as I pass,

Marking the glass of the frame with the fog of my fragrance.

The only thing that I truly know

Is that I still love you,

With my heart and my soul.

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I'm sure something has been lost in translating it, but it is still quite lovely. I don't like to analyse other people's poetry, as you can never see quiet what the author intended to say, or felt when writing it, yet the temperament seems quite clear.

I don't know why I still leave your side of the bed empty,

This line says it all--though at the same time it means multiple things to me. (Possibly more than you even intended.)

As I said, I don't like to analyse, it ruins the effect of the poem altogether. I think I liked the first two stanzas the best, though it's hard to say why. They are...slow, honest, reflective...and eventually hope/wish filled. They just speak to me, I suppose.

Thank you for translating this; I'd've been sorry to miss out just because my Spanish is non-existent.

Original Poster1 point · 3 years ago

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. In general, whenever I write I do like to keep it relatively minimalistic rather than inundate the reader with details. For example, rather than say what happened, here I leave it at "leaving your side of the bed empty". Another short story I posted on here had a similar style. I think it allows the reader to find their own meaning and interpretation in the writing; something I read long ago for some lit class said that good writing should be a dialogue between author and reader, rather than the author spitting everything out at his/her audience. It leaves more up to the imagination, and leaves it up to the reader to bridge the gaps. And through that, I think the audience can connect with the piece on a deeper level, simply because they have to immerse themselves in the piece and construct their own meanings from it. I think that's what allows a text to "speak to you", as you put it.

Like I said, glad to translate it. Honestly, the translation came out pretty faithful to the original Spanish. Pretty much the only thing that felt lost in translation was some of the imagery. Spanish is very figurative language rich in images and metaphors; sometimes when translated that manner of speech sounds a little odd.

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spectacle of your hair fluttering like the wings of a dove.

This was the one that seemed to translate oddly. It's going to happen when translating into English--it's not a particularly descriptive or emotion based language, and things always seem to get distorted.

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