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Perso101 3 points

Let us know whether you got it or not afterwards, will you? :)

Hokum81 2 points

Papers came through... Got the job!!!

joos1986 3 points

I can totally identify with the shitty feeling of not being good enough. But dude, you manned up and faked it till you (more or less) made it.

Whether you get the job or not (I really hope you do!) you are a rockstar. Keep fighting, keep going at it. Your perseverance will pay off no doubt.

Hokum81 3 points

Appreciate your support. Thanks mate

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Hokum81 commented on a post in r/sports
RationalLies 1,628 points

The reaction of the 2 dudes in the black shirts is the best part of the gif..

They look like they are stadium workers, they've seen the half court attempts 100 times before.. But they react like "oh shit finally someone hit it!! No way!!"

Hokum81 0 points

Definitely had a last minute bet.... Ya owe me a forty!!

Hokum81 commented on a post in r/assassinscreed
NicoManDoesReddit 1 point

1) does the gladiator arena have leaderboards and is it replayable? The gladiator arena does have leaderboards and it isnt replayable (atleast i think so) 2) can you kill the elephants multiple times or are they gone for good after? After you kill them they are done and gone, you cant fight them again

Hokum81 1 point

You can do arena fights as many times as you like

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