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HoleyBody commented on a post in r/AskReddit
YouThereOgre 330 points

On behalf of the word 'no' I'd like to thank you all for appreciating us for what we are.

HoleyBody 1 point

I would appreciate the sacrifice of including me in some hits off your kind buds.

HoleyBody commented on a post in r/Fuckthealtright
LabCoatGuy 25 points

Public Service Announcement:

The Right to Free Speech means the government can’t arrest you for what you say.

It doesn’t mean anyone else has to listen to your bullshit

Or host you while you share it

The 1st Amendment doesn’t shield you from criticism or consequences

If you’re yelled at, boycotted, have your show cancelled, or get banned from an internet community, your free speech rights aren’t being violated.

It’s just that the people listening to you think you’re an asshole,

And they’re showing you the door.


HoleyBody 2 points


the government CAN'T ...

Transcribe it correctly at least please

LabCoatGuy 2 points

If you want something done right...

HoleyBody 1 point

Good stuff

HoleyBody commented on a post in r/TVDetails
jrgolden42 118 points

The point I was making is that the hints are there super early on if you know what you're looking for

HoleyBody -20 points

Right, it's foreshadowing, not what I'd consider a "tvdetail."

delorean225 8 points

By definition, it is a detail (a subtle element that is not called attention to) in a television show that can be missed if you're not paying close attention. This is exactly what the sub is for.

HoleyBody -1 points

OK fine.

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HoleyBody commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
greginnj 3,976 points

Okay, think about it this way.

Imagine that you want to specify exactly where and when something happened.

So, first you have to put it somewhere on earth:

You need longitude (how far East or West from a specific place) and latitude (how far North or South from a specific place).

So you have two separate measurements you need to take to put something at a particular place on the earth's surface. (also up-down, if you want to worry about being above sea level).

For time, we usually have only one line we worry about : Past-Future.

What Hawking is saying is that in order to do certain kinds of physics, it might be useful to have a second line that behaves like our normal time-line, the Past-Future line, but is as distinct from it from it as the East-West line is from the North-South line.

So, just like the East-West and North-South lines are sort of similar in how we interact with them, but perpendicular to each other (but very different in behavior from the time-line) - the regular Past-Future line and the "Imaginary Past-Imaginary Future" line would be similar in the way they behave, but treated as "perpendicular" to each other in calculations.

Why "imaginary"? Because there's a kind of numbers called imaginary numbers, and you work with them by taking the normal number line, and putting another number line perpendicular to that, which is called the imaginary "axis" (another word for line).

So now you're probably wondering what it would "feel like" to deal with two different kinds of time ... at the same time. And there's no real answer to that, because we're only made to experience our one kind of time, and this "imaginary time" is mainly talked about to help understand certain physics calculations about the beginning of the universe - it's not something we could experience ourselves.

HoleyBody 3 points

While latitude lines go east/west, they measure north/south.

Longitude measures east/west.

greginnj 1 point

Thanks, fixed!

Even more embarrassingly, I spent some time thinking through this, and ended up making it worse - trying to talk about the lines as number lines, and also referring to the traditional view of "lines of latitude and longitude", all within the context of this ELI5 explanation.

HoleyBody 1 point

Good deal.

HoleyBody commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
asskickingactivity 248 points

Lil wayne? Not at all. Lived in a poor neighbourhood but had a good life pretty much. Was signed at age 9.

Edit: Ignorant of me to downplay anyone's life struggles without actually knowing. Truth is everyone's always fighting their own battles. We are all blessed regardless. Most of us are in the top 1% of the world.

HoleyBody 2 points

Why don't we take the other 99% and put them into the 1%?

HoleyBody commented on a post in r/Mario
HoleyBody 2 points

Pick up Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Mario is the ref in the game.

iPadBob 3 points

Yeah! It’s in my collection now 😬 There’s an unbelievable number of games that have Mario in it 😐

HoleyBody 3 points

Awesome! Yeah he's all over the place.

HoleyBody commented on a post in r/AskReddit
kiasrai 745 points

I've slowly been switching my undies over to Aerie and I like them so much more.

I also LOVE their wireless bras. I have 3 of them and they're pretty much all I wear.

Edit for typo. Post made before caffeine, plz forgive

HoleyBody 2 points

How does WiFi in the bra work? What does it do for your breasts?

HoleyBody commented on a post in r/NewBrunswickNJ
HoleyBody 9 points

I don't mean to sound like a dick, but this is the dumbest question ever. Is there some special NB only monster that eats dogs? Only NB houses can catch fire and trap a dog? Put the pipe down man.

a236kevin 6 points

My house was robbed with my dog in it in nb so theres your answer

HoleyBody 2 points

Again, that can happen anywhere, not just NB. Sorry that happened to you though; I love my dog more than life.

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