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How did you calculate it? Since how long have you been playing the game?

Imo time played includes training

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Time played in career stats only counts online games.

You aren't banned from nothing though. Being disconnected from the internet, while not your fault, cannot be excluded from the ban process because a rage quitter can use that to not be banned by disconnecting his internet.

As well, you should have known to not be afk. It's not hard to not be afk.

It looks like AlphaConsole incorrectly calculates the Skill Rating once it gets into the negatives, because his account now shows he's just 0 on his RocketLeagueTracker profile. And yes, RocketLeagueTracker shows negative Skill Rating properly. I highly doubt the dude quickly jumped from -400 to 0. That is, unless this isn't a recent screenshot in the matter of the last day or two, but rather from like a week or more ago.

And yes, RocketLeagueTracker shows negative Skill Rating properly.

You sure about that? These guys are all exactly 0:

That's quite the coincidence.

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I've tested it literally like 2 weeks ago where an alt of mine was at -100~ish skill rating.

There is a possibility that RocketLeagueTracker changed their code recently and is affecting their Skill Rating display. I don't see how they'd mess up something that simple, since in Competitive Mu = MMR and Skill Rating = MMR x 20 + 100.

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tilt, boost + jump, double jump

I might be wrong and confused, but how do you tilt first without jumping, or do you mean hitting the jump button and then tilting?

Change your boost timing. If you boost early laterally on the ground, you will gain forward momentum. If you boost just before double jumping after tilting back, you gain more vertical height.

Got it, I'll keep this in mind. I'll have to perfect the tilt, and boost timings.

That video is quite good actually, makes a lot of sense, small things that could be important.

One tip for fast aerialing that many people miss (that's almost exclusive to controllers) is to hold your stick back on the ground before you jump (so you don't have to deal with the extra dexterity needed to go back and forth with haste)

I don't use controllers, but you mentioned almost, does that mean it can be somehow translated to mouse and keyboard? Is this related to the first question?

EDIT: Added quote block

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I might be wrong and confused, but how do you tilt first without jumping, or do you mean hitting the jump button and then tilting?

While you don't actually tilt your car before jumping, what you're doing is sending input that you've tilted before you jumped so your car can tilt ASAP after you jump. It's also less mechanically intensive.

I don't use controllers, but you mentioned almost, does that mean it can be somehow translated to mouse and keyboard? Is this related to the first question?

I mean, it's technically possible on keyboard and mouse if you boost first so hitting the lean back button doesn't hit the brakes, but that's a very specific situation. And technically, one can rebind their lean back button to something else, but likely isn't worth it. But for all intents and purposes, it's practically exclusive to controllers with the ability to lean back without being forced to hit the brakes.

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

While you don't actually tilt your car before jumping, what you're doing is sending input that you've tilted before you jumped so your car can tilt ASAP after you jump

it's practically exclusive to controllers with the ability to lean back without being forced to hit the brakes.

Ah got it!! Then controllers provide an advantage over M/KB. Would you say its necessary to play with a controller at higher ranks, like Champ/G.Champ? Any pros who use mouse and keyboard but are still great(I know for me champ is a long way to go, but I'd like to know)? And does that advantage make a really big difference?

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Necessary? No. Recommended? Yes.

Any pros who use mouse and keyboard but are still great(I know for me champ is a long way to go, but I'd like to know)?

There have been three notable players who have used KBM. They are Genocop, Torsos, and Yukeo. These are all really good players better than me.

And does that advantage make a really big difference?

Imo, yes. Fast aerials are more consistent this way. However, I'd say the stronger advantage is the analogue input the controller provides over KBM.

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Being nitpicky, but a rank is the single icon of "Diamond I". A rank is not a full set of them "Diamond I/Diamond II/Diamond III". These are something along the lines of a "Tier Set". Some people say "Tier" to mean this, but "Tier" is also just "rank" according to Psyonix's API that pulls data from the server.

I totally understand filtering for language/harassment isn't easily done, but the game could check for such gaps in ranks before letting people queue.

Psyonix did want to do a rank limitation of 3 ranks apart. It was planned to be released soon after Season 3. However, people complained about not being able to play with friends and thus never implemented it. They implemented something else instead.

What difference does it even have?

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Controller has analogue input and is objectively better because of it.

Controller, because it's objectively better to have analogue input in a driving and flying game.

Comment deleted1 day ago

I’ve been on this sub, on new, for years, upvotes don’t work like that.

Yes they do. It's called "Vote Fuzzing". Reddit admins decide to fuzz the vote number around, typically deflating them, so that people using bots can't tell if their bots are that successful. In 2016, they changed their vote fuzzing to be less harsh and be more representative of highly upvoted posts. Source. It's less effective now, but it's still there.

You are lying.

Not lying. Believe what you want, doesn't make you right.

just downvote me 4 times and you’ll feel right as rain.

Technically, I downvoted you 3 times, but separately on other comments, and not for the reason you think. I don't care about being right. You just behave like an asshole. Pretty sure other people think so too, considering you commonly say "fuck off".

Comment deleted1 day ago

Well, not exactly. It mainly deflates vote scores, not inflates them. So someone with 3 upvotes (not including the default by himself, so "4 points"), it could be deflated to 3 when refreshing the page or viewed by another person. I've had times where I upvoted someone in a comment and refreshed to see if he edited the comment or someone new replied, and the vote score was still the same. But I do think it's possible it does inflate them a little too by 1 point at low scores. Because remember, downvote bots are a thing.

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A champ can win a "stupid game" in diamond though.

That counts on you to be a designated carry every match.

If someone is truly a champ stuck in diamond or plat, they *should* be the designated carry. If they don't win the game, despite how stupid their teammate is, they don't deserve to be champ.

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I disagree.

While yes it's not your teammate's fault that you are stuck in a rank, I think that saying a Champion should be able to win a Diamond game with a stupid teammate is wrong. The most prominent flaw with this line of thinking is the prediction. As a GC, I've lost games to Champions I's and even Diamonds because I simply wasn't able to predict the Diamonds. Yet I have no trouble solo queuing up to Champion III/GC. Not only that, but there have been cases where my teammate, also Champion III/I, and I were on the same team in 2v2 and lost to Diamond II's simply due to the prediction. Doesn't mean we don't deserve C3/GC any less.

There is a quote by Mark Twain that makes a whole lot of sense:

There are some things that can beat smartness and foresight? Awkwardness and stupidity can. The best swordsman in the world doesn't need to fear the second best swordsman in the world; no, the person for him to be afraid of is some ignorant antagonist who has never had a sword in his hand before; he doesn't do the thing he ought to do, and so the expert isn't prepared for him; he does the thing he ought not to do; and often it catches the expert out and ends him on the spot.

Even when it was my C3 buddy and I, some games against D2 opponents were lost because of their stupidity. When going for a dribble, their dumb decision to dribble it right at me would catch me off guard because I'm expecting an earlier and high flick because that's what all players my rank do because it's a better option. When they go to hit the ball toward the wall, they hit it slow and awkward self-rebounding it, when I am expecting a power clear a direct pass from him to his teammate midfield or something. Or when the Diamond has a perfect passing angle to a teammate, he just takes a weak shot where I currently am, which shouldn't even work. And these is just for the opponents.

Imagine if instead of those opponents being blatantly "stupid" it was your teammate(s), while your opponents are coordinated enough to predict. You can try all you might, but if you can't predict your teammates, you will be making wrong decisions for the situations you're put in. Rotating back and the ball gets put on the wall beside you, while both of your teammates are back? Well screw you for going up the wall and trying to gain possession, because now your teammate is 5 cars lengths behind you on the wall already even though it was obviously yours.

All in all, one can solo queue to the rank they belong, but you can't expect them to be able to carry every match and win against lower ranked players. That's not feasible in any way, especially when one's playstyle revolves more around other players than it does controlling the pace of the game.

Oh my bad I typoed here. I'm getting at the idea that a champ player should be the designated carry every diamond game, and if they can't rank up they're not actually champ. I didn't mean to say that they have to win every single diamond game, just most of them.

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Fair enough. Still don't like the idea of "carry", since by saying that most people think it's being the mechanically perfect savior rather than the consistent backbone of the team.

It seems like no matter how much I try and work on my skills and fundamentals, it has no effect on the outcome of the majority of my games.

Fundamentals should always have a huge impact on your game. If you improve all of them, you will be a more consistent and stable player overall. It will allow you to "carry" the team. By this, I don't mean the traditional carry being able to do everything cool with ease. There is another type of carry, one that everyone should strive for. Being the backbone of the team. Being the solid defender. Pressuring when you need to. Be fast when needed, be slow when needed. By doing these right, it will be hard for the opponents to play around you or through you. Unlike somebody with great mechanics and piss poor positioning, or vice versa.

Fundamentals are:

  • Rotation/Positioning
  • Decision Making
  • Lack of hesitation
  • Prediction
  • Mechanical consistency
  • Momentum management

Fundamental mechanics

  • Low-skill dribbling
  • Lobbing
  • Power shots
  • Aerials

Sure, there are sub-categories to everything, but many of these sub-categories aren't necessary. For example, "Momentum Management". Half flipping falls under this category, but it's not necessary. But nailing every landing and using powerslide to quickly turn when needed has far more of an effect than half-flipping in a small amount of situations.

When you add all of these up together, you get a well rounded player that can use multiple fundamentals to adapt to situations. Adapting in of itself is a skill and necessary, but one doesn't even need great adaption to apply all of these in their respective situations.

Just want to say you guys are quite actually shitty people at life and at rocket league. Who reports a team for playing with one less man?

They really aren't that bad. You broke the rules and got reported for it. Yes, they joined a team first, but you dug yourself a hole by joining that match. All you had to do was not join a team and wait for your sub. If you can contact them, tell them you're waiting for a sub.

Yeah, they started the match early, but maybe they got antsy. Maybe they thought you had 3 players. It doesn't matter, because people make mistakes and you made an even bigger on e.

If you’re that bad at the game, you should be in practice. NOT IN A DAMN TOURNAMENT cherry-picking wins.

If you're going to complain about rules on reddit, you should have read the rules in advance, not cherry-picking details to support your narrative. It doesn't matter that they joined first, that's less of an offense than joining matches 2v3. Joining early can be resolved by remaking a new server. But joining matches 2v3 (usually) is the result of not having a roster to play and people checking in anyway.

You guys are jokes of moderator. That’s all I have to say about you.

Frankly, if I was a tournament moderator, I probably wouldn't have done anything to reverse it either. You clearly should have known the rules before hand. And while it may be a gray area, one has to have consistency when upholding rules.

I just find it ridiculous that we got banned for playing a man down. Why is that even a rule?

Because it's a waste of time and illogical. This is a 3v3 tournament, not a 2v3 tournament. Not only that, but if you have two evenly matched teams with a man down, 2v3 is going to lose a bo3 or bo5. As well, 2 GCs shouldn't be able to play 2v3 for most of their matches just because they wanted to play in the tournament and they're winning against lower ranked teams. It's not in the spirit of the tournament.


Source: I played in a fair few amount of tournaments in Rocket League.

Original Poster2 points · 1 day ago

You make all good points man.

To clarify, we were only going to play the first game 2v3. Our sub was ready to go for the rest of the games.

Definitely a learning experience. Next time, I’ll be sure to stream/record everything and take screenshots. Had I done that, we could’ve DQ’ed the other team. I just didn’t think any of that would be necessary.

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Yeah, I've learned that people are assholes in tournaments more often. Oddly, RL6Mans somehow is more honest. But after an experience of an opponent team reporting the wrong scores, we had a debacle since none of us took screenshots. Since then, I've taken screenshots of end-game screens. Don't think I've experienced people joining early not waiting on a 3rd man, since my team was always ready to go, and the only time we needed a sub, we didn't have one.

All the tournaments recommendations for recording proof is not a light suggestion. Because of the problems, it's actually a very real suggestion that could happen to anybody.

0 points · 1 day ago

Lol this kid 'ex g2 and c9 sub' like that's something to brag about

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I don't think you get the point, I'm pretty sure Napp was a sub for both of those teams and he was firing shots at him.

2 points · 1 day ago

It's in his bio

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But someone was firing shots at Napp in the twitter feed for being a G2 and C9 if you scroll down a little bit on Napp's chain.

8 points · 2 days ago · edited 1 day ago

Deagle is more accurate than AK and M4A4 while crouching, but not standing, so he’s half right


Gun |Standing accurate range |Crouching
Desert Eagle |24.58m |36.46m AK-47 |21.74m |28.17m M4A4 |27.71m |32.43m

I'm garbage with formatting

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Gun Standing accurate range Crouching
Desert Eagle 24.58m 36.46m
AK-47 21.74m 28.17m
M4A4 27.71m 32.43m

Fixed the formatting

Ballcams unless man, I can't control my car or see where I'm at on the pitch with it on i hate it

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Ballcams unless man

You meant to say useless?


Frankly, I'd say learning to use Ball Cam gives you more awareness in general, especially when it comes to passing plays and where your teammates are (since it constantly swivels). As well, I can't see how anybody can be any type of consistent able to hit most aerials when the ball darts across your screen instead of consistently being in the middle.

The little indicator on the bottom is all you need bud, a quick shuffle to see where the ball is for a split second in the air and then the indictor to know when to fly, then after that it's all ball awareness to me it's natural at this point

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That "quick shuffle" is too much time, imo. Having all relevant information now is better than getting the information quickly in a split second. Especially because of your reaction time is added on top of that. The most important part of having Ball Cam on 95% of the time is that it allows you to see everything relevant at all times. Things like passing plays developing, or just a straight up power clear. Much harder to do that when your camera doesn't focus still on the target your looking for, which is the area around the ball.

Frankly, I'd say having the ball move across your screen decreases consistency because there is no consistent focal point to your target, especially with "FOV" changing perception as it goes from the edges of the screen to the center.

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/u/MissileBot wbd

You didn't lose MMR, since you already lost MMR from a previous match and your rank didn't update since then.

Can someone explain what makes this technique convenient to use?

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It is by no means convenient. It can be useful if you are given space and time to do it, but it is still not convenient. There are always something better you can use in place of this, which takes a lot of boost, difficult to reproduce, and requires time/space to do it before getting challenged.

it's because most people that play this game are scumbags.

95% of the time is the console players that don't respond (this is typical tho as they are mad that their game caps out at 15 fps and 640x480 resolution)

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Real nice generalization of a community and over-exaggeration on their platform. This is why the "pcmasterrace" mentality is retarded, and I use a good PC.

-3 points · 3 days ago

Wow, you really showed that open net what for!

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Wasn't an open net, someone was on the back wall ready for his initial touch. They were waiting because they expected power. I would have done the same thing.

It's just hard to see because he disabled nameplats and the gif quality is pretty poor.

I’ve had occurrences when I’m POSITIVE I should’ve gotten a reset but I don’t, I wonder if there’s an explanation for that. I don’t have time to read your linked thread. So I’m commenting now so I can find it again later

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For future reference, you can hit "save" on posts and comments. If on mobile, I think you just hold over it.

I just don't understand how you can have a bad kickoff. Just go at the ball and don't miss.

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There are kickoffs that are bad where one doesn't miss, I'll give you examples.

  1. Just drive at the ball from the closer diagonal spawn. This will easily cause a pinch by anyone doing a decent kickoff. This pinch's angle, due to just driving at the ball, will pinch at a 30°-60° angle depending on the exact angles of the players. This can easily not only head to your goal, but head to the same side your teammate goes for boost, making it difficult to fly for a ball that goes above and behind you quickly.

  2. Go goalside of the ball but doing a simple forward dodge toward the center. Likely to stall the ball in the middle, and unless you have a teammate cheating up, will give free possession to the opponents which could be cheating up.

  3. "Win" the kickoff toward the opponent giving them easy possession. Possession is dangerous, especially if they start to do direct passing.

  4. Falling for obvious fake kickoffs that give the opponent possession. Not all fake kickoffs are obvious, but when your opponent has already done it twice and you still fall for it in the same situation, then it's pretty bad.

And in 1v1, "losing" a kickoff is just straight up a disadvantage and always bad unless you were fortunate enough to land close and challenge.

There is so much more to kickoffs than going at it and missing. For example, if one spawns on the left diagonal close and a teammate in the middle back, he can go for boost on the left and the kickoff player will be able to "lose" it toward his teammate behind him, giving free position. You can force sideways pinches to make it go up a side wall if the opponent cheats up a lot and prevent that danger. You can force a kill on the ball for a cheating up teammate. All these little details can have a huge outcome.


However, I do agree that it's over analyzed. There are strategies to do and getting better at them is a must, but the way people circlejerk about kickoffs over and over and over again does put extra significance on them than necessary.

"The side slide" seems to require precision that literally no one below Diamond can do consistently. So this advice only really applies to the higher ranks in general. And by the time you reach GC, most players know that possession is good. But they also know having a god awful pinch to put your team in a difficult spot is a reasonable risk to take into considering when doing kickoffs. That's why the Scrub Killa kickoff is common at high skill levels, as it decreases the chances of those specific types of pinches. I can see your kickoff increasing those chances making it more risky in-general. Another upside to the Scrub Killa kickoff is that it conserves boost more than your kickoff, which is a huge plus for recovery, which is needed as the speed of play increase. Your kickoff doesn't really do that.

Also, the opponent easily could have caused a pinch in your example had he been set up to drive more center and dodged forward left instead of forward right.

Overall, while I do think that if mastered your kickoff can be effective at doing it's job, I still think it's much riskier than doing a default Scrub Killa kickoff.

Original Poster3 points · 3 days ago

I actually totally disagree with this. If the ball doesn't die, the guy in the middle still gets to apply immediate pressure to a ball that shoots off the side wall or in the air on the other side of the field. If it pops in the air behind the cheater, the person who got boost challenges while the cheater quickly gets back to net no problem. I can't envision a scenario where having someone cheat isn't the right call unless there is an intentional fake. Hell, even if the opponent staggered after both getting boost, they've still given the dribbler a little time to control it while the first challenger has to make up for a lot of space to get an early challenge and anyone decent at flicks can put it off the back wall without any threat of a backboard defense.

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I fully agree with this and couldn't agree any more. In fact, I'd go as far to say it's also wise to have a person go for boost on the same side as the kickoff user (boost left if the kickoff player is left) and the cheater goes up forward and maybe slightly to the right. That way, the person on kickoff can put it behind him easier to give possession to the boost guy, and if he fails at doing that and it goes the other way, the cheating up player can take it from that side of the field.

I can tell you take life way to seriously my friend

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I was just presenting factual information, but okay. I don't see why you needed to respond twice, the second to belittle me. Could have took the information and been on your way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Woulda coulda shoulda

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Alright, I see your immaturity in full measure now. Goodbye.

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Original Poster-4 points · 3 days ago

i dont think they are that complex. Sure there are a few different things you can try, but in the end, 90% of matches/goals is just everyone racing toward the ball

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Maybe not at your skill level, but they most certainly do become that complex in the higher skill levels.

I'm quite fond of "Not me!" I say it all the time in VC when my friends expect me to hit the ball. I think it helps, but at this point I'm not that sure.

Yes, but it doesn't always work and much of the time uses default camera settings when it shouldn't.

6 points · 3 days ago

Bet you it’s Octa-

...well look at that!

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It's funny, because people have always said that the Octane is the slowest turner and they feel so sluggish with it. I bet it was a bit of placebo going on with regards to how it was pretty low on the maximum turning radius' angular velocity (4.4% difference between the fastest maximum angular that is Dominus/Breakout). Of course, it's also just possible that people subconsciously pay attention to the different points of the turn and interpret it differently anyway, regardless of placebo.

I love you /u/Halfway_Dead. Your data is amazing. This absolutely explains why I always thought the Octane turns sharper in-general. It's because my subconscious and conscious mind was putting significance on the beginning the turn more than later in the turn.

This also explains why the community is so split on this objectively and subjectively. That their brain will be noticing the turns effectiveness subconsciously at different times. Not only that, but things like input lag and framerate changes these perceptions which vary by system.


I'm now really curious where Octane resides on the powersliding scale. The problem with powersliding is that there are a number of ways to execute a powerslide to change the results. For example, one could hold the powerslide button first before turning, and this would result in a slower angular velocity. Or one could powerslide the instant they reach 100% input (not angular velocity, but controller/keyboard input). Or one could powerslide a split second after reaching 100% input. This further increases the depth of complexity and adds a whole lot more work to test.

But, I do now have an answer backed by data. I sincerely thank you, as this was driving me crazy.

I've asked 3 times, they are ignoring it.

You know, in nearly every single one of your comments you seem to be trying your absolute hardest to defend Psyonix. (Even when they don't necessarily deserve it.) This behavior stunts the growth of the game imo as you try and deflect legitimate criticism for them. Most know this as "white-knighting", and it's about all I've seen from you.

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I think it's unacceptable that Psyonix hasn't released a public API yet, when it was promised 2 and a half years ago. There's no defending a broken promise as important as this (even though the casual playerbase doesn't care almost at all).


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